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Presidency counters Tinubu on Kachikwu, fuel scarcity




Balarabe Musa, Okukpe, Babatope, Ekungba differ

The Presidency yesterday rose in stout defence of Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu who at the weekend came under scathing criticism by the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu over comments relating to the current fuel scarcity across the federation.

Kachikwu, who is also the Group Managing Director (GMD) of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), was reported to have said that he could not perform magic in solving the problem of fuel scarcity , a statement Tinubu considered insensitive and insulting to the sensibilities of Nigerians.

But the Presidency yesterday rose in defence of Kachikwu , saying the minister was speaking the truth when he said that Nigerians would have to wait till May for the scarcity to go away.

Presidential spokesman, Mr Femi Adesina on Channels Television programme: “Sunday Politics,” yesterday said the minister should not be crucified for telling Nigerians the truth.

He pointed out that Nigerians were unhappy with the statement credited to the minister because they wanted him to perform magic which would make the commodity readily available in two weeks.

Adesina, however, stressed that the truth which Nigerians should accept was that it would take weeks before the scarcity would go away.

Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Public Petitions, Mr. Uzoma Nkem- Abonta has upbraided Tinubu for his criticism of Kachikwu over the handling of the energy crises in the polity.

In an interview with The Guardian, Nkem -Abonta wondered why Tinubu chose to meddle in the affairs of the Petroleum Minister with a presidential mandate to fix the problem in the sector.
The lawmaker who represents Ukwa East/West Federal Constituency of Abia State enjoined Tinubu not to reduce a sensitive issue relating to the management of the petroleum sector into an APC affair

A member of the APC’s Board of Trustees (BOT) from the South West, Jamiu Afolabi Ekungba told The Guardian yesterday that the chastisement “shows that we are operating a progressive democratic government where what is important to everybody is that whatever any of the segments of government is doing is beneficial to everybody. It also shows that the APC is not a cult where things are done in secret while the country, like it was under the previous government, was being destroyed.”

Also reacting, former governor of old Kaduna State, Alhaji Balarabe Musa, said: “From my understanding, Tinubu is a leader in the party and by that, he has every right to speak out if he discovered anything that may likely erode the credibility of the party before the electorate.”

To erstwhile Minister of Transport and a member of the PDP Board of Trustees (BoT), Chief Ebenezer Babatope, “I am not bothered by whatever any of them says about the other. What is important is the fact that Nigerians are really suffering.”

In his reaction, a chieftain of the APC in Ekiti State, Olusegun Osinkolu, praised Tinubu for the action, saying it was in the best interest of Nigerians and the APC-led government.

Speaking in defence of Kachikwu, one-time Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs to former President Goodluck Jonathan, Dr. Doyin Okupe, said Nigerians abhor the truth.

Okupe on his Facebook account wrote: “The minister of State for Petroleum is a Nigerian I know by reputation only. When he was appointed I actually wondered why on earth will a man in his exalted international position and pedigree come into the murky arena of the Nigerian oil business. It can only be patriotism.”

Toeing the same line, an APC chieftain, Osita Okechukwu, while conceding that Tinubu had the constitutional right to criticise, however, added that the South East zone of the party did not subscribe to the call for his resignation.

Speaking in the same vein, the vice chairman, South-South of the PDP, Dr. Cairo Ojougboh, said no one should castigate the minister of state because he had only exhibited courage in telling Nigerians the truth.

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  • Jason

    Just look at Nigerians in their tribal elements: an incompetent minister being rightly criticized has been reduced to ethnic affair. Shame on these primitive animals and their incompetent leadership.

    • Arabakpura

      Can you suggest a competent minister to the federal government?

      • yinka

        The minister is competent but what he needs to learn how communicate like a pastor. He should be vague in his communication when dealing with and stop using certain word like “magic” or “guaranty” which are too brash. Otherwise, he will pin down with his statement. Regardless of his educational background or past private sector accomplishment, he is dealing with public and need to be careful. Tinubu was absolutely right to call for his resignation. Let us assume that the problem is not resolve by May, will he give the public another date? So, he need to be careful about making public statement.

        • Arabakpura

          Tinubu should then do more work because a lot of the current ministers deserved to be told to resign! Just that his parameter is based on public speech!
          If I were Tinubu, I would allow 2 months to pass knowing that the budget just got passed!
          Tinubu may have started something he may find difficult to stop without yielding part of his reputation!

        • Mathew

          He will not be held responsible after May, even after the end of the year. Mark my word, unless our refineries start production. There is no forex to import fuel at the moment.

    • BETICO

      Can you suggest the minister of finance, Kemi Adeosun as competence. A woman who has crashed our economy in just months. She is more incompetence than Kachikwu. Tinubu did not react to the menace of fulani hersmen in recent time. Kachikwu who have weeded the corruption in NNPC. I hope he is not affected by this man’s good work at NNPC.

      • Jason

        The entire government and leadership is incompetent and they cannot give what they never had in the first place . Arrogantly exhibiting crass incompetence like Kachikwu did with the statement is most nauseating . All the same , you guys , let’s brace up for coming hardship even as we take sides on sentiments.

      • Ralf

        Kemi Adeosun who said tht 16+6=24… I go die o!!..Hehehehe ?

        • Darl


    • Sunday

      Remember he PMB is the petroleum minister not Kachukwu

    • Tony Oshea

      Why didn’t your Mr T castigate the minister of power when NLC was demonstrating and Nigerians experiencing dwindling electricity supplies?Why didn’t he blast the Finance minister for to borrow your word “Incompetence ” in the budget “PADDING” scandal ? If Doyin Okupe and Femi Adesina spoke in favour of the minister of petroleum, it only demonstrates that Mr T’s supporters are obviously biased along parochial ethnic and tribal lines.A supposed leader of APC who could NOT get the audience of Mr president on this matter or bring his observations to the president,but chose to express same on the pages of newspapers only implies one thing-gradual degradation into irrelevance in his party APC.If anything Mr T urgently needs to apologize to millions of gullible unemployed youths who were deceived to vote in return for N5,000 stipend.Dr Kachikwu is a technocrat with a pedigree, NOT a politician,and therefore doesn’t need to learn how to deceive or embellish the fact as some APC leaders will do regularly.The honourable minister of petroleum has the full support and confidence of Mr President to conclusively execute his reforms in NNPC, as expressed by his CPS.

      • Truth Sayer

        remember that Fashola apologized to Nigerians. That’s what BAT is talking about. Kuchikwu or what’d his name is, was very insensitive to the pains and suffering of Nigerians. Basically all of them in power aren’t feeling d fuel scarcity. Even d garrulous Femi Adesina doesn’t feel d fuel scarcity. 2019 is upon us, Tinubu knows that 2019 is upon us.

        • Snipar

          So Kachikwu should have played politics rather than say the truth.,,,I guess something like ‘ There is no need to panic, We are on top of the situation. There is enough fuel in our depot , this scarcity is the handiwork of our detractors (PDP).

          • Truth Sayer

            It’s not about politics it’s about being sensitive, compassionate about the pains of Nigerians. Folks are suffering. It’s even appalling that APC has broken campaign promises.

          • abodes_124

            So, do not tell them the truth because they are suffering?

          • Emeka

            Does acknowledging the fact that the masses are suffering change the fact that the upper class has always enjoyed while the poor masses suffer? However, i know Tinubu not to be tribal in his thoughts and actions. Kachikwu may be, should have been more diplomatic in presenting his position while my friend Tinubu may have also had a conversation with the presidency or Kachikwu himself before going to the press. May be, he was passionate about the whole fuel scarcity. For me, in this past close to one year of APC administration, i score the government less than 30% in all areas of governance— power, financial management, petroleum management, legal matters, legislative processes, even the corruption issues(all we hear are echoes and no substance) so oga Tinubu is not venting on all that has happened. Why he chose to vent on this Kachikwu matter alone is what makes it suspicious. By the way, where is Lai Mohammed?

          • oduduwa

            No they expected Kachiwu to blame the past administration for the scarcity just like what lie muhammed would have done. They agreed in a meeting chaired by Tinubu that when ever there is any failure, they should blame GEJ and PDP because Nigerians according to them have been brainwashed by the lie master. Kachikwu made a big mistake of not blaming GEJ and PDP, he should be sacked.

            2019 is arround the corner and Kachikwu is talking about telling Nigerians the truth. Is he mental? does he think this whole new government is about performance? he should know it’s just about winning elections.

          • Nazerine

            That is exactly what they wanted him to say. But Kachikwu is not Lai Mohammed.

        • el nesher

          Hahaha.. Things should never be the same.. Yoruba’s are crying in the APC government.. Nice one

        • Ralf

          Kuchikwu or whtever his name is”… I see some stupidity on disrespect in this line..So Tinubu can b called “Thiefnubu ,right??

        • sammygrly

          yoruba tribalist, the low lives like you have turn your tribe into monster. what is Kuchikwu or what’d his name is? upon this, your opinion is biased pls close your mouth and let people with libra mind make comments here stupid boy

        • Iskacountryman

          2019 is upon you…not us…

      • akpo

        A Technocrat should learn some diplomatic language when he finds himself in government otherwise he will afflict the masses with hardship such as Kachukwu has done to us.Look at the hardship of queuing at the filling stations.He should have told his truth to his boss.He was not tactful in addressing the press.When you tell petroleum marketers that the scarcity will last till may,it implies they should hoard it the more.The first mistake he made was when he said the queues would disappear within two days.The second was that the scarcity will last till may! just few days after he made the first statement.It would have been better for him to remain silent rather than pollute economic activities.If he has experience queuing in a filling station to buy fuel,he would not made such statement.

        • Mathew

          The Petroleum marketers knows it better than you do, take for instances, the issue started from CBN and Forex, petroleum marketers needs to access forex at the official rate and supplier needs to be paid as at when due. All these combines together, determine the inflows of the products “petroleum” It is not about Kachikwu, he said the truth, he does not need to lie or pretend about it. It is at this instance that NNPC under PMB’s supervision is doing everything possible to arrest the situation by introducing inconsistence policies “try and error” and he is just a junior minister. The main minister is PMB. The truth is that the present government does not have economic team that can draw a good economic blue print. Honestly, they don’t have direction, if nothing fast is done about it, Nigeria will be worse than Zimbabwe. We don’t need to continue to live in deceit and propaganda. The election is long over. It is time to deliver on their mandate. This game of blame has to stop to move the country forward. Or else, they country will be plunged into anarchy and chaos. God forbid this great country going bankruptcy can as well lead into disintegration. Some group of people just gathered and agreed that power must be forcefully snapped, whatever it takes and with some angry and decamped PDP, they achieved it and agreed to fed ordinary Nigerians with the word “CHANGE” and we all bought into it. God bless Nigeria.

          • akpo

            Indeed, God will bless Nigeria.Any Nigerian who does not see reasons for change from Jonathan regime to the present does not wish this country well.The country would have gone bankrupt.Jonathan
            ate all profits from high crude oil prices of over $100 per barrel consistently for over four years.Not done,he went further to deplete the savings of about $46 billion he inherited from his predecessors.
            What a prodigal behaviour .

            Obasanjo was able to save over $67 billion with average crude price of about $60 per barrel.He used

            $20 billion from it to pay off our debt.So how come a man whose regime witness crude oil prices of over $100 per barrel could not save any money?

            From the foregoing,where do you want government to get foreign exchange for marketers to facilitate purchase of petroleum products? For me once the refineries starts production,the balance petroleum products necessary for our local consumption should only be imported by NNPC.Away with fraudulent

      • lakelash

        For the first time in history I am forced to comment along tribal lines; This issue is not about Yoruba and Igbo Mr. Tony Oshea, it is about individuals voicing their views on national issues. I can see a lot of tribal sentiments especially from the south east point of view. “Kachikwu or what is name” is a rude statement generally and not because the writer is a Yoruba or Hausa person.
        Please address issues and not tribes!!!

    • Joe Chucks

      You are the real core and mindless tribal bigot here. Every body knows that all the Bubu’s ministers are redundant and only Kachukwu is even trying to work and fix things at his ministry and you and that brown teeth goat are calling for his resignation and you had the audacity to come here and blame tribalism. Huh..why haven’t you and your brown teeth goat call for resignation of that clueless finance minister or even minister of power that has gone into oblivion?.

    • chiemex

      PMB is the minister of petroleum, that is the mistake Tinubu is making. #hypocricy.

      • Truth Sayer

        Read btw d lines. Tinubu is indirectly telling PMB that his govt’s posture and disposition to the plights of Nigerians will not augur well for the APC in 2019.

        • abodes_124

          The battle lines are gradually being drawn. We shall see

        • godblessnija

          Ma belle de sweet me as these APC people go soon dey exchange blows becos of lie and propaganda. Clueless nyama nyama people. U na Neva start o. Na People wey vote una e go pain pass and na them go sulfa pass

        • Mathew

          Then he does not need to ridicule the junior minster in the pages of newspaper. He should have arrange private meeting with PMB and talk sense into him, remind him that 2019 is fast approaching.

      • Kelly

        It’s not a mistake, he knows just pretending and acting a script. He is just playing to the gallery

      • Jason

        You are very correct and PMB is the real problem with his Jurasic policies but Kachikwu has made himself the soft target. He does not have to serve a government that has an ideological position that made his job impossible. If he is truly there to serve then he must have preconditions for positive results and if not supported with such , he must be professional enough to take a walk.

    • el nesher

      Because you are ignorant of what is happening at the same time refused to accept the truth and free yourself from slavery.. The presidency is backing him so who is tinubu,, Yoruba’s and cowardice.. Why can’t he talk about the on going killings in every part of the country to the president directly … Haha with which gut

    • Tila Ufuoma Best

      Incompetent minister!!! really?…I wonder whether you will perform magic if put there…as far as I am concerned, leave politics and everything else aside…this guy is one of the few ministers actually working…u expect that after how many years of corruption, chaos and rot in the petroleum ministry by every government that has come to power, he is supposed to just fix things within a week. Give the guy some space to work please. Note, I belong to no party, not his tribes man neither do I know him personally.

      • Jason

        Providing fuel to Nigerians is not rocket science so no excuses. The issue is the arrogance in ignorance of the entire leadership whilst trying to provide 1980s solution to 21st century challenges. Your Kachikwu is guilty as long as he is the face of government in the petroleum sector and especially working against his stated ideology when he took over. Just review all the various conflicting pronouncements he has continued to make since he was appointed (devoid of sentiments) and you will understand that even if you give him all the time , he cannot deliver for he does not have what it takes.

        • Tila Ufuoma Best

          Not rocket science huh?…at this juncture am tempted to ask if you work with the NNPC, perhaps you have some more information am not privy to. Listen Jason as much as i understand the pain and frustration Nigerians go through over this whole fuel thingy…the minister of state for Petroleum has come in with guns blazing, let’s give him the needed room to do what he needs to. A lot of the spectators always feel like they can play the ball better and know the right kicks and bends and dribbles to take while they watch from the outside, buh it’s only the players on the pitch that really do know what they are faced with. Give him a chance, remove the bias in ur mind and pain and passion u feel over this whole thing and u would see that he is taking NNPC somewhere…let him work.

        • sammygrly

          This guy is sha stupid, look how his comment is full with biased, all these low lives with low capacity of reasoning won’t read only and let sound mind make comments

    • Giadem

      To your tribalistic eyes, he is incompetent. Did you make the same call when the dollar value went up against the finance minister? Idiot. I go with the presidency on this. You people abhor the truth. You want to crucify a man for being truthful. Can anyone in your generation achieve what kachukwu has achieved? Rubbish South west tribalistic animal.

      • Tila Ufuoma Best

        Hi Giadem, you can make your points without the insult…everyone seems on edge over the issues of this country…buh let’s not do away with our humanity…we will rise above it all, we are Nigerians afterall. ..calm down biko

    • godblessnija

      You are real tribal bigot

    • oduduwa

      Hahahahahahahahaha is he the substantive minister? Is Tinubu afraid to talk to the real man behind this failure? Hahahahahaha… confused party, clueless government, absent president.

      • Ralf

        Thts d point…Daura illiterate bigot Buhari will deal mercilessly wit Tinubu, if he dare try…

    • Osanebi Osakuni

      The shame goes more to you and Tinubu for failing to direct your vituperations at the Minister of Petroleum; the Daura illiterate. Femi Fashina isn’t from Delta state where kachikwu hails from.

    • MUkintu

      Incompetent minister? You must be a demented and frustrated jackass. People like you who find it difficult to make a living take solace on the free pages of newspapers to insult people who are achievers in their own right. I had wondered why Kachukwu a distinguished international expert decided to soil his hands in a murky government of Nigeria. The other time it was Dr Okonjo -Iweala an Aruma Oteh. Now it is Kachukwu. The gutter people of Nigeria know how and where to pick their targets. Bloody skunks.

  • bangiso mhlabeni

    Ibe Kachikwu is an Ibo guy and that was why corrupt Tinubu blamed him.I weep for Nigeria.

    • Mobolaji

      Well, wether it’s Igbo,Hausa or Yoruba…no one is perfect. I do not no where you are from as you said “I weep for Nigerians”..every country has there own problems.

      • chiemex

        PMB is the minister of petroleum, that is the mistake Tinubu is making. #hypocricy

        • Mobolaji

          Thank you sir. Comment noted. Way forward is a solution not analyses.

        • guchy

          Mr Tinubu is not criticising the performance of mr kachikwu..he’s made reference to his comments about him not been a magician..get your facts right and I feel this administration has 3 more years and if they don’t perform we vote them out just as we did the last administration

    • guchy

      You should think before you write…people like you make Nigeria worse with your ethnic thoughts..if you have nothing to say then keep shut..

      • Mobolaji

        Thank you sir….well truly commenced.

      • Keen Observer

        @guchy Yeah I stand by you. Lets not wipe tribal sentiments here, lets be progressive minds guys- whether it’s Igbo, Yoruba or otherwise we all feel the excruciating suffering of the fuel scarcity very hard on us. What should be uppermost in our hearts be ”how to solve this scarcity” & move forward.

  • Sunday

    Let APC practice what they preach

  • OlalekanB

    when are we Nigerian going to be objective and see reason? , for a minister to address the nation that way should be roundly condemned. I see Mr Tinubu using the press release to help his party to deflect public criticism of the statement the minister made.
    in 2010 Mr Gordon Brown partly lost the election based on sentiment that he called a woman “bigot” of camera but was reported by fifth column in his campaign train, despite the fact that he was made to pay that woman a visit to apologise yet the British people still punish his party for it. it is high time hat our political leaders realise that they beg for the job and we must be treated as their employer. Can the Minister as employee of international company say to his board that I am not a magician? certainly not.

    • Emerson

      Mr. OlakekanB, there was never a time Tinubu was appointed to be spokesman for the Nigeria masses who are suffering the effect of fuel scarcity. Tinubu did not speak for the general public instead he spoke out of personal hatred for the minister. If not he shouldn’t have ran so fast to call for his resignation. The minister said the truth, why is the truth that bad to say now? Nigerian deserve to know the truth, political parties interests should be kept inside the pocket first. Would you prefer the minister say that the product will be available tomorrow only to disappoint the people? It’s better we know the truth so we know how to plan. If Tinubu have interest of the masses at heart he shouldn’t have move too fast to publicly condemn the minister and call for his resignation, there’s personal interest attached there. Don’t forget there are worst cases in the power and finance ministries. Why didn’t they get such public criticism and call for resignation? Let us all stop and rethink about this country, our actions and inaction, and think about what we really want. Thank you.

      • afamec

        Bro, they are intrested in political correctness while the minister has nigerians intrest at heart thereby tellin nigerian the truth.

      • black Amani

        @Emerson, na only you make sense for dis house,God go bless you. DR IBE KACHIKWU has come to stay anybody wey no like am make he go follow Tinubu hug transformer.

      • afolabi oluwadamilare

        do u av to be rude to tell the truth? who asked him whether he’s a magician or not? he could have soothed our boil by explaining the matter o. but like the ancient rulers of old, he rubbed it into our faces… like “what can you do?” chai! democratic autocracy… only in Africa.

        • Giadem

          You people abhor the truth. Lying generation of idiots

          • guchy

            I see you re just another angry tribalist..Nigeria isn’t bout you folks..its a nation..and if you’re tired..move to Togo

          • sammygrly

            low lives yoruba bigots are quick to call other people names. hypocrisies

          • afolabi oluwadamilare

            so Kachukwu can tell all of Nigeria the “truth” but I can’t say my own truth in this forum. He’s an hero, I’m a bigot?? see double standards cos of surname o

  • Ukoh Sunny

    All I’m wondering is why ain’t der no protest up till now, nawahooo if nah Gej era, haaa CNN would have even reported this feel scarcity every 2 hours apart……. I didn’t vote for buhari and never will,,,, what happened to that childhood slogan,,,, y’all gonna be leaders of tomorrow??? Hey it ain’t gotta be me or you but someone out there but all I’ve lived to see is the same old peeps, pls engine plugs in a car of 1983 can’t still run the engine smoothly up till now, 2019 we need new spark plug.

  • IK

    Wait o! Me thinks that there is more to this than meets the eye.
    Lai Mohammed said the economy was beyond PMB. No comment from the APC national leader.

  • Truth Sayer

    remember that Fashola apologized to Nigerians. That’s what BAT is talking about. Kuchikwu or whatever his name is, was very insensitive to the pains and suffering of Nigerians. Basically all of them in power aren’t feeling d fuel scarcity. Even d garrulous Femi Adesina doesn’t feel d fuel scarcity. 2019 is upon us, Tinubu knows that 2019 is upon us. He is a politician, unlike Buhari who is nothing but a dictator.

  • guy man

    In a democratic government, any body can criticize certain polices and the government has a right to refute criticism. These shows our democracy is on the right path

    • On point

      I totally agree, everyone have right to criticize the govt afterall this is democracy. Truth is Kachukwu wasn’t diplomatic in his utterances and didn’t give hope to Nigerians. I personally didn’t like the way he put it too. However calling for his resignation at this point publicly is overkill. I hope there is no personal score to settle with the minister.

      • abodes_124

        I think from now all such announcements should be made by Lai. He knows how to tell the ‘truth’ in a way Nigerians appreciate and praise.

  • Pius Odiaka

    Ethnicentricism is destructive anywhere anytime. It is not important whether Tinubu or the Yoruba likes only theirs or whether kins of kachikwu choose to defend theirs. What is important is the truth and the right plan to reduce the sufferings which Nigerians are going through presently. Everybody who appreciates integrity should know that Dr. Ibe Kachikwu has never pretended what he is not. We all know his track record even if Tinubu, who sponsors incompetent candidates for all the ministerial jobs in the country, refuses to acknowledges it. President Buhari brought Kachikwu into his government because the President truly meant to save this country if only the likes of Tinubu will allow him. This is no time for a continued rascally behaviour and double-speaking. What is important is a focus and the sincerity to save this country.

  • my kehinde

    The Break in supply was caused by incompetency and failure of logistics lets not glorify incompetency if he is working in the private sector and he failed so woefully in planning ahead to make sure there is no break in supply for such a very crucial product for the company he would have been sacked by now he knows it.
    It is insulting to insinuate to us that we should be lucky to have him that is arrogance of the highest order.
    By his incompetency he is causing the economy billions of dollars a day
    It is high time we start to make our representatives accountable and responsible to us he is serving us and we are not serving him this mentality has to stop .
    In any civilized society his resignation letter will be with the president now.

  • chiemex

    PMB is the minister of petroleum, that is the mistake Tinubu is making. #hypocricy

  • Casmir Nnaemeka

    This goes to the fact that Truth is bitter. He only said the truth. There is no gain sugar coating the the fact. Let them try and do something we have failed to ask the needful question of who and who are behind this dastardly act of hiking the price,just like the other case at hand the Fulani herdsmen. Who are they answerable to?

  • jakiel


  • afolabi oluwadamilare

    A truth is that terrorism grows bigger and bolder every year. But do u see Obama, PMB, etc saying they’re not magicians? Being nice is not optional when u’ve been appointed/ elected to certain positions. That’s why we’ve never had an elected Igbo president. Y’all next generation better learn how to present facts… or till Jesus come no Presidency or even Senate presidency for you.

    • Johnson

      @Afolabi…it is strange people like you are expecting Nigerian Leaders to tell lies. I do not see anything wrong with obvious fact the minister stated to Nigerians to enable them have realistic expectation. The ministers should be commended not vilified. We have said here time without Number that President Buhari is not a magician. Nigeria have huge problem, only a magician can fix all problem in a year. Please let us all support the President and his minister and quit tribal politics. This ministers is the best in this government…am surprise speaking truth is now a crime.

      • afolabi oluwadamilare

        Fashola made the same mistake during his first term. He wasn’t nice! It took Tinubu and others reprimanding him to get his head straight and for him to get elected second term. He finished his second term and became prob the best governor of all time. Kachukwu should go and learn how to talk so he and GMB’s administration will last.

        • sammygrly

          shut up your mouth , i don’t think the forum is for tribalist take your tribal restricted comment out of here, you have made no sense at all

    • chiemex

      PMB already said he is not a magician. Read newspapers

    • sammygrly

      Bigot right from his bigot mother’s womb, majority of your tribes that are wickedly into tribalism are low lives who has finished selling their father’s land to the igbo man and he in turn is angry . what did you get MR we cann never elect an igbo, a puppet VP that the hausa don’t even have regards for. foooll. low life tribalist. that’s how most of these bigots are from generation to generation their evil parents thought them to hate the igbos and neither did they love themselves.

  • Comfortkay

    President Buhari should remove any minister that cannot think “BIG” or perform from office. Nigeria has suffers too much in the last 16 years of democracy and there is no democratic value here. We either good people to do the job or we employ white people to do it for us.

  • Kunle

    Jagaban has again scored another excellent point in the political landscape of our nation! He has demonstrated that Apc is a party fully committed to the well being of our country and her citizen and not a dead and irresponsible party like Pdp that ruined our commonwealth without any of its members calling the operators to order even when it was soooo evident all of them were busy looting the treasury! Were there no sane member of the pdp when their leader and president said ‘stealing was not corruption’?! Tinubu’s calling on Kachickwu is a demonstration that the party is genuinely after the welfare of the people and am sure the good people of Nigeria understands and would support the Minister’s efforts at arresting the situation. Stealing is now corruption and everybody know better now!

    • chiemex

      Tinubu forgot that PMB is the petroleum minister not Kachukwu. #hypocricy

    • Mo

      Keep dreaming.

  • Giadem

    Why take a criminal like Tinubu serious? A man that looted Lagos state resources and still looting. Kachikwu has more integrity than Tinubu anyday. The international community knows that Tinubu is no match for Kachikwu. Thief

  • Giadem

    Why put mouth into their discussion. This dirty monkey. You are obviously looking for who to scam on the internet. Criminal.

  • Giadem

    I rather hear the truth and prepare myself than to be told a lie and deceived and take unawares. I am not yoruba, thats why i reason the way i do. I embrace life with a clear mind of truth. Yorubas are born liars and hate the truth. Thats why a criminal leader of their tribe who has stepped into awolowo’s shoes is angry that Ibe told the truth. The head shows what rest of the body is made of. Liars and deceivers.

  • Tinubu obviously should speak so that in future he can say I said something against the hardship the fuel scarcity is causing Nigerians but not with public hype and in manner that suggest the APC is at divisional war.

  • Daniel

    Chai, how long will this Egyptians administration(APC) will continue to be deceiving Nigerians with this their lies.
    Buhari, let covenant people of God to go their promise land, God is warning you seriously.

    • afolabi oluwadamilare

      Oga ur promise land doesn’t exist here on earth. It’s an age long fantasy. An Igbo nation will not be the end of Igbo suffering. It will still be fighting and suffering. Let’s put heads together and fix our nation. This not about Niger-Delta oil… it’s about strength in numbers.

  • afolabi oluwadamilare
  • Nicholas Afolabi

    Mr Adesina there is no harm telling the truth.but it should be done in the right frame of words.Nigeria is an opportunist society poeple are apt to making use of every opportunity that is available in my own oppinion thats where the Hon.Minister was way out of line.

  • Auta62

    Since the Bourdlilion discovered that he is longer welcomed in the ASO Rock Villa, to be heard, he chose to shout from the roof top, to attract attention. He has achieved this objective. Who say Jagaban is not a smart guy?

  • Gbogboade

    Adesina, the painful realization is coming home that you guys in the presidency dont know what you are doing; the enormity of the challenges we face to turn things around for the betterment of our people or the need to select iperatives which must never fail. You and Kachukwu or who ever else may prolong the fuel crise until December 2018. Its a shame you can write this balderdash.

  • New Nigerian

    Nigerians are frustrated. The frsutrations is being directed at who they see – Kachukwu is therefore the lighnn rod for the frustrations. He should take it in his stride. He can stand the heat. The real frustrations however should be directed to fishing out those who cut the pipelines leading to this problem.

    Guardian did an excellent piece today about pipeline vandalism, which is terrorism worse than Boko Haram, and what is costing the country. to which I commented. My comment here there is relevant here –

    The federal government MUST as a matter of urgency fish out and eliminate these terrorists with the same gusto it deployed to eliminating the scourge of Boko Haram. If not done, as soon as the pipelines are repaired, they’d blow it up again. And everyone that have ever participated in these crimes should be fished out and punished to the furthest extent of the law. Surveillance, including the use of drones, should be employed to eliminate these criminals by all means necessary. Guardian calls it “pipeline vandalism”. I call it by what it is. Terrorism. This terrorism is worse than Boko Haram. They have succeeded in shutting down the refineries – leading to acute fuel shortage, the generating plants leading to power outages and export from one of the terminals. These Terrorists are terrorizing entire population of Nigeria – this is why it is worse than Boko Haram.
    So yes, picket Kachukwu. Then picket Arase – he has failed to produce Tompolo or identify those behind the explosions of pipelines, picket the military chiefs and picket the president. Urgency must be brought to arresting the terrorism in the Niger Delta with the same gusto as that being brought to eliminate the scourge of Boko Haram!

  • Adetola Danmola

    Stop making everything political and tribal sentiment. Let him do his job.

  • Victor Hamman

    Tinibu you should mind your business. Kachikwu committed
    act of insubordination because he was only being frank
    to Nigerians but when your BOY, Minister for information
    and Culture said that Nigerian Economy is beyond
    President Buhari, you did not see it as an act of insubordination.

    You refused to describe the statement credited to Liar
    Mohammed (to the effect that Nigerian Economy is beyond
    President Buhari) as an act of insubordination because liar Mohammed
    is your loyal boy who is always giving kick back to you.

    Be talking as you like. Open your biased mouth wide as
    you wish but do not forget that, that which is good for
    the goose is also good for the gander.

    Nigerians and indeed the whole world is watching you
    and your associates closely. Your activities, utterances
    and clandestine moves against your perceived political
    opponents including, Saraki, Atiku, Dogara, Kachikwu,
    Fashola, Odigie-Oyegun etc are closely being monitored.

    You have to remember that very soon your quashed case
    in CCT will be reviewed as the recent judgement passed
    by the CCT chairman have created room for the re-visitation
    of your former case in the tribunal. Therefore:

    With this ruling Tinubu’s case could be reviewed. It
    is now left for the initial petitioner or any other
    interested party to file fresh petition against
    Tinubu so that he will be prosecuted following due
    judicial process. It is only when this is done that
    Nigerians and indeed the whole world would be convinced
    that Saraki is not only being witch huntered. Let
    the necessary thing be done for equity sake.

  • jostified

    Is it Tinubu? Hey, crucify him! H

  • jostified

    Is it Tinubu? Hey, crucify him! He wants to bring down PMB’s government because he did not get his wish to pocket all the juicy contracts and money-churning contracts! Errant bumkum.

  • Christian Dike

    The junior minister Kachikwu, spoke what he perceives was true and perhaps jocularly, if mr tinubu must criticize let his criticism be directed at the senior minister, Buhari who gives all the instruction, period!

  • Olajide Rasheed

    i’m in full support of what Kachikwu said although i do not like that fact that it would be that long (May) but then i prefer the truth from the people we voted into office.

    Please my fellow countrymen let us all try and encourage them to tell us the truth always regardless of the pain we may experience as a result of it. That is why i like PMB.

    Tinubu wants him to play politics with our emotions but Kachikwu would rather toll the style of his boss PMB by saying the truth and i will encourage him to continue saying the truth. He should just ignore Tinubu and PMB should try and come up with clear economic direction we know the damage is a lot bad but they should see the economic situation now as their problem and not that of GEJ or PDP anymore so as to start proffering solutions ASAP. The blame game and excuse of sabotage is unpopular.

    We have given you the power by voting you into office. so use the power we have given you legally to crush the saboteurs.

  • Ify Onabu

    Dr Ibe Kachikwu has put his reputation on the line. My fear is that he will end up being rubbished like Okonjo-Iweala. I really fear for Dr Kachikwu!

  • Albert Godspower

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