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Prof. Uba: The first indigenous vice chancellor of Bauchi State University, Gadau

By Adamu Yalwa Gabi
01 December 2022   |   12:09 am
Misau LGA, of Bauchi state Northern Nigeria is an Emirate which received its monarchial flag from the Usman Dan Fodio caliphate, dominated by the Fulata-Borno ethnic groups and had produced several outstanding public servants, including a one-time Minister of Housing during the Shehu Aliyu Shagari's administration, Late Walin Misau Alh Ahmed Musa, the likes of…

Prof. Uba, the vice chancellor of Bauchi State University, Gadau.

Misau LGA, of Bauchi state Northern Nigeria is an Emirate which received its monarchial flag from the Usman Dan Fodio caliphate, dominated by the Fulata-Borno ethnic groups and had produced several outstanding public servants, including a one-time Minister of Housing during the Shehu Aliyu Shagari’s administration, Late Walin Misau Alh Ahmed Musa, the likes of the first chartered accountant in Northern Nigeria and former president Nigeria Stock Exchange, who was mistakenly appointed as the chairman Daily Times Newspapers instead of Governor of the CBN, former chairman Arewa Consultative Forum(ACF) and Bank of the North, Alh. Aliko Mohammed the Dan Iya of Misau and another technocrat who was once the second chairman of the State Board Of Internal Revenue from the area after the late Wali of blessed memory and a diplomat that attained the position of Nigerian Ambassador to Burkina Faso, Amb. Babaji Umar, a kingmaker in the Emirate Council and traditional title holder of Wazirin Misau is a closed associate of Gen. Sani Abacha.

It is also home to London-based international business tycoon, from Hardawa town my namesake who was the guardian to children of who is who from the state studying abroad and that of our former Governors inclusive, Late Adamu Magaji Abubakar a member of the royal family and elder brother to the immediate past District Head,so also an ally to the then Sokoto born Nigerian President. A person who had a particular street in London, the capital city of UK named after him out of his prominence, self-sacrifice and prolonged stay in the midst of the white men of a developed country.

From this same blessed town did the man of the moment, the inimitable Prof come. For those without the full knowledge of the Professor of Microbiology’s parental background,his family house known as Haj.Ladi’s residence which is situated on the outskirts of Hardawa enroute my own home town Gwaram Ta Kari is a place where people especially the women folk from our axis trooped in their numbers as a stop over to either answer the call of nature or quench their thirst while waiting to board another commercial vehicle to reach their final destinations.That reminds me of the olden days cordial relationship which existed between my grandmother and Haj.Ladi Uba whose kind hearted nature in giving a rousing/comfortable welcoming face is unquantifiable and missing compared to the current attitude of our present women status;May all their gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

As the captain of the ship who technically manipulates and controls the steering beneath the sea level far from where a canoe can reach to have a soft landing without capsizing,I will not be wrong to say leadership skills is a thing of inheritance, Prof.Auwalu Uba was lucky to have being endowed with his inbuilt qualities of such a pedigree right from the scratch by given a listening ears to his subordinates with lower educational standing or even an illiterate simply because to turn the fortune of academic excellence in a friendly manner is a watch word that fully settles on his lips without undue stress.

I know all the achievements recorded by the buldozer in projects execution, and when it comes to managing public funds set aside for a specific target by ensuring he does the needful, not because we hailed from the same area but that of my curiosity in investigative reporting behind the scenes. Perhaps,such kind of investigation which is very risky,capital intensive and time consuming may have probably consumed my mentor if he was found wanting, as there is no compromise with fear or favour from my side as a young journalist striving hard to get relevance by sourcing some of my financial reports from the external forensic auditors and other sister agencies, but unknown to him in an effort at fact finding before arriving at a good jury decision in any writing on corruption or fraud related matters, which according to the rule should spare no one no matter the relationship between the writer and the person whose action is to be exposed for public scrutiny and to serve as deterent to others if found wanting.

At a recent 2022 AGM and Book Launch titled Community Relations Strategy:A Primer For Public Relations Of Corporate Players in Developing World organised by the Bauchi State Chapter of the Nigerian Institute Of Public Relations where Prof.Uba was invited as the Book reviewer, more than half of the participants the author of this piece inclusive had little or zero knowledge on the professional guide that the number of words coming from the mouth of any book reviewer should not be less than minimum of 500 and not to exceed maximum of 1000 words;where the Professor’s speech instantly became another topic of discussion to the mammoth crowd making the charismatic and giant Guduri man a role model to even the dignitaries on the high table as they were seen clapping their two hands with smiling faces.Thus,sending a full signal as a basis or wish to step their foot into the shoes of the Hardawa born Micro-biologist.

As you prepare to round off the 5 years tenure in office with contentment as the first substantive Vice Chancellor of BASUG from the state with numerous achievements that are visible in all the three campuses situated at different zones of the state especially the issue of bringing an end to the infrastructural decay, producing quality products that can compete favourably with their counterparts across the globe and facilitating additional courses that were long needed in the apex institution,not only the staff and students of Bauchi State University,Gadau but the university host communities have no option than to miss your unique followership skills by refusing to act as only a leader but as also their servant with tolerance, and forgiveness to forge ahead without arrogance and pride in running a kind of one Army Goverment which neither seek or take advice from any body but initiated an inclusive and open door policy type of piloting the affairs of a thirteen years old university by wholeheartedly serving with best of your ability.

The traditional tittle holder of Wakilin Ilimin Misau;meaning the Ambassador of education in the entire Emirate of Misau and Dambam LGA’s confered on him by the first class Emir and retired super permanent secretary who served as SSG under both the military and civilian administration,Alh.Ahmed Sulaiman Mni for his magnanimity and contribution towards educational growth of the benefactor of the son and soil of the Sokoto empire is nevertheless another symbol of academic excellence or mark of honour whose foot prints will no doubt remain in the sands of time for history and posterity to judge just as nobody can deny the saying that” If you think education is expensive try ignorance”

As a man who assumed the mantle of leadership at a trying time for the University and transforming it to a world class learning environment with a nitche in believing that power belongs to God Almighty,we shall live together to celebrate another appointment in the near future not for ego but for the benefit of humanity and enhanced productivity.Glory be to Allah Professor Auwalu Uba for justifying the confidence reposed on you by the Bauchi State Government as well as leaving a landmark victory painted with a golden colour not the silver plated type which can easily fade and get

Gabi is a journalist. He wrote from Bauchi via