Friday, 2nd June 2023

Ramadan: Muslim faithful in Abuja express excitement, seek national rebirth

By Ajuluchukwu Brown, Abuja
24 March 2023   |   3:39 am
Muslim faithful in Abuja, yesterday, expressed excitement that the month of Ramadan will bring blessing and peace in the country.


Muslim faithful in Abuja, yesterday, expressed excitement that the month of Ramadan will bring blessing and peace in the country.

They stressed the need for national rebirth during the month of Ramadan.

Reflecting on Ramadan, a Muslim faithful, Isah Anas, said the month compels adherents to get into the spirit, tenets and essence of the season.

He said:  “Allahamdullillah, we thank God for the month of Ramadan. We sighted the moon Wednesday night. We thank God that this year we sighted it in Abuja. It is very rare to have it in Abuja. I’m very excited to see the moon. We hope the month comes with goodies for the whole nation, not only for the Muslim community. All the political crises happening within the country, we pray that God will take them away by the virtue of this holy month. And then for the economy, we pray that God will improve it this year.”

Another Muslim, Ahmed Abubakar Gumi said: “Muslim faithful all over the world, particularly in Nigeria, are excited because we have been waiting for the holy month to come. This is the month the Quran was built, it is very important to us all. The cash crunch will not affect Sadaka, because it is a long-term plan. Anybody that intends to feed people must have long prepared for it.

The only point where the cash crunch could affect Ramadan is in buying little things like tomatoes, meat, seasoning, and other items that don’t have a long shelf life.  My message for Muslims is that they should share the little they have and pray for Nigeria and the incoming leaders”.

An Abuja resident, also urged Muslims to always uphold the essence of the season even after it ends.

She said: “The season is all about praying, five times and sharing love. It’s a time when Muslims emulate the exemplary life of the great prophet. I urge my fellow Muslims to keep the essence of this holy month even after fasting. Let love reign among Muslims and non-Muslims.”

A food vendor, Joy Idara said: “The excitement might not be like that of last year, given that the country is not at its best, but there is still excitement. I fry Bean cakes (akara) every morning. Muslims are my major customers, as fasting has commenced I will have to start frying in the evenings to cater for them.”

I wish all Muslims a blessed fasting season. We hope for a country not divided by religion. I hope the fasting comes with the blessings that follow.”

The chief  Imam of  Nepa Road Mosque, Kubwa, Aminu Ismail Shira, who gave insight into the season said it’s obligatory for all Muslims who attain the age of puberty to fast throughout the month (moon) of Ramadan. He also urged Muslims to pray for the country.

On the effect the cash crunch will have on the season, the Imam said: “Sure the cash crunch is telling on us. People don’t have enough cash to buy commodities and when transfers or withdrawals via Point of Sale (PoS) are done, these monies are always hanging due to network issues.

“So, I call on the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to help reduce the hardship by printing more new notes and releasing old notes to end the suffering of Muslims during Ramadan and Nigerians at large.”

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