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Robbers attack photojournalist in Lagos


Surulere, Lagos.<br />Photo/ Naijasky

The incessant hooliganism associated with Shomolu area of Lagos State reared its head when the photo editor of Security Express Magazine, Mr. Oluwasegun Falola, was attacked by armed men at his No. 17, Bajulaye Street, Shomolu residence. He escaped death by the whiskers.

The robbers who were armed with cutlasses had stormed his apartment at about 3:00a.m. Narrating his ordeal, Falola, who is still very much in pains, said he was sleeping in his apartment when the attackers unexpectedly forced his door open.
According to him, initially it was like a dream as he was too weak physically to stand as he had just returned from church vigil and needed to sleep. He was alone at home when the robbers came as his wife and children had gone to spend the weekend with her aging grandmother in Surulere.

As the robbers gained access into the apartment, Falola was immediately ordered to bring cash, but as soon as he told them he had no cash at home, one of them attacked him with the cutlass on his head. As Falola tried to defend his head with his left hand, the cutlass got his palm. His fingers were not spared as the sharpness of the cutlass rendered one of the fingers clinically dead.
As the photo-editor was gasping for breath with blood gushing out from his head, hand and other parts of the body, the robbers demanded for his bank ATM, which they collected along with his laptop, three telephones, video camera, computer hard drive and other valuables before exiting his apartment after locking his door from outside to ensure he did not come out.
Not done yet, the robbers whose number could not be ascertained, even though only two went into Falola’s apartment, went ahead to rob two of his neighbours.
With the fear that he might easily die as he was fast losing blood, Falola decided to take a survivalist decision by breaking his window and jumping out from there not minding whether he would meet the robbers outside. As he managed to escape from his compound, he ran straight to a nearby De-Bajo Hospital, where he was promptly admitted for treatment.
He is fast responding to treatment, though he is troubled that his life savings of N50,000 had been collected by the robbers with his ATM. He is still at a loss as to how possible it was for the robbers to have access to his account when they did not bother to ask for his pin number as at the time they took the ATM card.
It was only when he tried to withdraw money to pay his hospital bill that he realised that there was no money in his account anymore. Meanwhile, the matter has been reported to Alade Police Station but no arrest has been made.

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