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Scores killed in Taraba, as Fulani Herdsmen attack villages




Fulani herdsmen yesterday attacked Angai and Ndole villages in Gashak Local Council area of Taraba State, killing several persons.

Following the incident, a large number of the local population has reportedly fled to the neighbouring Cameroun Republic and nearby local council areas.

Though the exact number of casualties are yet to be confirmed by the authority, sources told our reporter that no fewer than 44 persons, have been feared killed with several numbers of houses and domestic animals burnt to aches.

Confirming the disaster, the Police Public Relations Officer, Joseph Kwaji, agreed that there was an attack by the herdsmen, but could not ascertain the numbers of persons killed.

According to him “It is true that there was an attack by the herdsmen, but for now, I don’t have the full details of the crisis, so I can not tell you the number of casualties now.”

Sources close to people who narrowly escaped the attack, told The Guardian in a telephone chat, that the herdsmen ignited the crisis “when one of them was prevented from raping a woman.”

Dissatisfied by the actions of the communities, the herdsmen were said to have began terrorist attacks on the people, which eventually led to the death of several persons. Concerned watchers have called on the state government to marshal out plans that would checkmate the activities of the herdsmen, which according to him “have been giving us sleepless nights in this area.”

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  • Chain Jee

    is there a govt at all or just a gang of marauders?
    where is the so called leadership?
    where are the military, mobile police and police?

  • Chucxsedya

    Boko haram has metermophosied into fuluni terror! Is that the plan?

  • Osanebi Osakuni

    At the peak of Boko Haran menace last year, the report was that they camouflage behind herds of cattle. Nigerians now know better that indeed Buhari’s kinsmen have been behind this litany of bloodletting and it is the reason that the illiterate has refused to make any comment. What a country?

  • Vexbabe

    i swear the Northern masses need education and Jesus, i don’t know why they are so brainwashed, that they can kill anything. Enter Army and fight for Nigeria, No o, its to kill your fellow statesmen. Na wa, God help us! They should do and have their Ranch, anyone we see outside their ranches will face ill consequences. It’s a pity that they are just making life hard for the few good cattle rearers out there

  • Has someone being arrested?
    There are numerous charges against them including attempted rape and murder.

  • And no one will be arrested and prosecuted once again for wanton destruction of life and properties. I certainly would not comprehend why people will so much lack in courage to defend themselves. Shame indeed.

    The earlier people appreciate that Buhari, their President will stop retribution to be paid by his cohort gangster, the wiser it would be for people to defend themselves.

    Teach those bastards bitter unforgettable lessons. Did we have this menace before you all stupidly voted for a criminal? His persistent quest for power should now be apparent. Serves you all right.