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Simple Ways To Provide A Comfortable Guest Experience

GUEST experience is top priority for any event professional. You could start making guests comfortable before the event. At registration, find out what their preferences are. That way you are not forced to guess what they are possibly into.

EVENTGUEST experience is top priority for any event professional. You could start making guests comfortable before the event. At registration, find out what their preferences are. That way you are not forced to guess what they are possibly into.

This could save you lots of money too. A tip would be to use online registration forms with a few questions that could help you cater for guests’ needs better.

Remember not to bombard guests with too many irrelevant questions so they don’t become too cumbersome for them to answer. Before the event It always goes a long way when VIP guests feel that they got their money’s worth.

Try calling them after registration thanking them for taking the time. Assure them that their seats have been reserved. You could call them a few days before the event to remind them that they have reserved seats and parking for the event.

One or two courteous calls can be well received. Anything more than that could be overkill. Be careful not to overdo it. Parking The minute your guests are within the venue vicinity, they need to start experiencing the mood of your event. Ensure that the parking is safe and well lit at night.

Guests shouldn’t feel like they just entered a horror movie scene. It’s good to ensure that the parking area is comfortable to drive around, with no potholes or a rocky surface. You can go the extra mile and print names of the VIPs on reserved parking stands. For a heavily packed event, get enough parking guides to effectively assist drivers.

The grand entrance Have happy faces to welcome and direct your guests to their seats. The right music and special effects create the perfect vibe for your venue.

Think about what colors you would like your guests to see when they first enter the place. Do you want bright lights or a dimmer setting? Make sure that the lobby area is clear and there is no trash or cleaning equipment lying around.

It makes you look unprepared and disorderly. Check-in shouldn’t be a hustle. Make it as quick and hustle free as possible. Divide seating areas and allocate names for each section so that when guests check in, they can easily locate where they are supposed to sit.

Gifts on arrival Sometimes waiting until the end of the event to give gifts can be a little chaotic. Some event organizers do so to persuade guests to stay until the end of the event.

This requires smart execution. You really do not want to create a situation whereby attendees are struggling for gifts on their way out. Make a sound judgement on the most convenient time to give gifts.

This is of course determined by the type of event you are hosting as well as caliber of guests. If guests will use the gifts during the event, you will obviously have to hand them over during check-in.

Ensure that you have extra gift packs nearby just in case one may need replacing. For example if the bulb on a torch pen isn’t working, you will need to replace it immediately.

Destination Events Destination events come with transportation requirements. There is a heart-warming feeling about experiencing the culture of a new place.

Make sure that when guests first land, they are greeted by unforgettable cultural elements. Is there a famous fruit or drink that the place is known for? Activate all their senses.

Expose your guests to local music. Book them in a hotel that shows the best expression of that culture and environment. With that in mind, make sure that their safety and comfort aren’t compromised.

If they have to travel from the airport to their place of accommodation, ensure that they do not have to wait at the airport for someone to pick them up. Call in advance to make sure all transport arrangements are in place.

Do not assume that everything is in order. Feedback is needed too At the end of it all, do not neglect to get feedback from the guests. Ask them to rate the services provided.

Allocate space for additional comments so that extremely satisfied or dissatisfied people may elaborate more. This enlightens you on what to keep doing or to change next time.

This also gives input on how satisfied your guests are with your vendors and service providers. For more tips on Event Planning, please visit our blog

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