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South African businessman urges immigrants against illegal acts


Amid Xenophobic attacks and killings in South Africa, a renowned South African business man has urged coming immigrants to stay away from illegal acts in other to enjoy the beautiful and enormous opportunities in the country.

In a statement the Founder and Executive Chairman of UMEH Group Ltd, Xolane Ndhlovu said though South Africa has a notably high rate of murders, assaults, rapes and other violent crimes, compared to most countries, it can be safe for all including Nigerians.

He said enormous battles are being fought among Nigerians in South Africa, such as the battle of power, territorial control, deals that went wrong, and gang-related battles and as a result, 70% of Nigerians killed in South Africa are directly or indirectly involved in illegal activities, and the killings are architected by fellow Nigerians.


“South Africans are paid by Nigerians to kill Nigerians. Some corrupt South African police are paid and used by Nigerians to fight their battles against fellow Nigerians,” he said.

“While there are those that become victims of police brutality against foreigners as a result of illegal activities. There have been many incidents where Nigerian nationals were suffocated and killed by the police during interrogation,” he added.

Ndhlovu said there are also, those that get caught in the fire, especially being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He noted that a few years ago there was an incident in Limpopo where a Nigerian national visited a friend who’s house was marked by South African Police Service as a drug house and the house was raided and this visiting guy was caught.

“He was tortured and masked with a plastic bag in the quest to pursued him to reveal where the alleged drug consignment was being kept, unfortunately, he collapsed and died on the scene,” he said.

“But I’m not going to shy away from the fact that vast majority of South Africans naturally hate foreigners (except whites).

This was where barbaric xenophobic rhetoric came from and fueled by some political leaders who shade fraud in making discriminatory and inflammatory remarks about migrants and foreign nationals,” he said.

He stated that these above-listed facts couldn’t be refuted by anyone, as it is the truth about what is happening in South Africa.

“Don’t pay attention to any other misguided information designed to pad the real truth about what is happening among the Nigerian community in South Africa,” he said.

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