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Sultan cautions agitators against secession


Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III

Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III

The Sultan of Sokoto, Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar has cautioned those agitating for secession to desist from it in the interest of the country’s unity.

He spoke in Enugu at the grand reception organised by the state government in honour of the Rangers International Football Club.

The sultan said he was committed to the unity and indivisibility of Nigeria, adding that those clamouring for a separation were making a huge mistake.

He said: “God didn’t make a mistake by putting together a country called Nigeria. He had reasons for that; hence those clamouring for a division should stop it.”

The monarch warned politicians and leaders to desist from using religion and ethnicity to divide the country.

He said Nigeria would continue to flourish with the contribution and skills of the different ethnic groups, religions and individuals.

He said there was no way the country could break up because all the ethnic groups have intermixed across the country.

“We have Igbo people everywhere in the country and they are industrious and we have Hausa people who have not lived anywhere else except in Igboland. Also, we have Yoruba people in different parts of the country who are contributing their quota to the society.”

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  • John Okolie

    You are delusional. God didn’t put us together and never meant us to be together in one country. If the price of togetherness is pogrom on Igbos with metronomic regularity, then we have to go our separate ways. We are not begging you or anyone for that matter, for a forced unity, we don’t want it, we do not desire it , it is not good for our health. The reasons you have given are not enough to justify your so called indivisible one Nigeria, it is not natural.
    Shove off.

  • chukwuokikeabiama

    Raghead coming to Enugu to insult Igbos. The Enugu Governor gave him the platform to do so and celebrate him. Dancing on the graves of Ukpabi Nimbo massacre victims and unarmed IPOB youths.

  • chukwuokikeabiama

    Stay in Nigeria with your slaves. Count me out, slave- driver.

  • chukwuokikeabiama

    Get out of Igboland immediately.
    Deluded, power-obsessed, deceitful, bloodthirsty, retrogressive parasite. Zoo specie.

  • Ezekiel Okeke

    If Republic Of Biafra is a mistake as he said, the mistake is Biafran not his or any other. If the foreign bandits who drew the map etc. called Nigeria is God as he said, his stories are fairy tales. Biafrans are natives on their native land own by God who gave them freedom to choose and they have chosen to exist and handle their affairs under Republic Of Biafra- it is irreversible. Why
    Igbos are prone to attack- Sultan of Sokoto. The excuses and stories
    are insult to Igbos and eastern region of Republic Of Biafra. The palace
    made fulanis think they are king over the north via war victory of
    caliphate, by so doing can mess up in the north etc. When such nonsense
    called grazing bill, army want to set up cattle ranch everywhere etc.
    are mentioned, what do he expect the kids called herdsmen to think? If
    you have your money, you get AK 47, if he claims not know how it
    happens. Caliphate mentality is out-dated mentality in the north how
    much more extending it beyond the borders of the north. The same
    mentality misled Buhari to always think use of force via military, by so
    doing abuse the military, soldiers etc., and unfortunately to him, it
    is about Biafrans- warrious by birth, not the northerners they defeated
    via caliphate. Even the caliphate victory is hijacked by fulani but not
    only fulanis fought it, but all northerner who believed in the
    revolution. It is all history- the present reality is Republic Of
    Biafra, which they are to respect by cordial separation now or do not
    respect it, which means separation with war, and then meet in battle,
    result after one month of war will decide.

  • Oge Chi

    the last i checked ,,, its the right of every human to seek for self determination … its not a crime nor by force to keep people together ,, the people decide on what they want because they elect you as a president ,,,, not Nigerian government decide for them ,, Nigeria has lived for more than 50 years with nothing good to show for it ,,, Nigeria corruption, murder, impunity , abuse , ethnic violence ,,, etc .. with all this,,, why do you think Nigerians the igbo will want to continue the one Nigeria fraud which has been nothing but humiliate them … we biafrans in one voice and one love regret one Nigeria and demand for our country that was taking from us by the colony … that country is nothing but biafra .. in biafra we stand ,, in biafra we shall die .. all hail biafra …

  • Ogbonnaya Okike

    In the first place it wasn´t the Almighty God that created Nigeria, but the handmake of the evil Britain. It is true that you find the Ndigbo not only everywhere in Nigeria, but allover the entire universe and contributing immensely to the development of those areas.