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The inevitable panacea to man’s problems – Part 4


As I had previously stated, proper mind function is grounded on the rule of intelligence. The driving force of intelligence that connects the cause to effect is what is the Will — The Will power. You must have heard this cliché, ‘Where there is a will, there is always a way,’ many times.

As I told you in the previous essay, this fundamental statement has led to different results — positive or negative — in human life. This is a very important truth in the sense that as crucial as Man’s Will is, he has never bothered to understand the basic significance of how to methodologically direct it to get the type of result he wants in life.


If a man has paid critical attention to his Will power, his understanding of what it means would even have had a far-reaching effect in the true understanding of how religion to impact human lives. This is because it will give him a better understanding of the Islamic religion is. Islam in its cardinal principle means ‘submission to the will of God.’ You can see the cardinal relevance of the will in that principle.

Long before Mohammed came with this Islamic principle, Jesus had set a precedent in the Lord’s Prayer where it states: “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

On Jesus’ last day on earth, He made reference to the ‘Will’ when He said in the Garden of Gethsemane, “Father not my will, but you will be done.”

If human begins across the globe could pay more attention to the ‘Will’ rather than trying to make sense from religion base on their different myopic cultural standpoint, they would have since broken the vicious circle of religious folly and ignorance that have made life much more miserable than fulfilled. This is because the man would have realised that the will is all about God.

“Father not my will,” suggests that God has a ‘Will’ and man also has a ‘Will.’ If a man is created in God’s image, the logical inference then is that the ‘Will of man’ would be the replica of ‘God’s Will.’

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