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The simple secret to refreshing your old iPhone 6


Can you remember what you were doing 6 years ago? I often struggle to remember what I got up to last week. 2014 wasn’t a year that stands out for any particular reason but a hell of a lot went on. 2014 saw the rise of a brutal new terrorist organisation known as ISIS, things got uber-competitive at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, and a robotic lander called Philae became the first robot to successfully land on a comet. As if all of this wasn’t enough, California tech-giant Apple also launched its ground-breaking iPhone 6. The phone, complete with an entirely new aesthetic, was launched in September 2014 at an Apple Keynote at the Flint Centre for Performing Arts in California.

Both the iPhone 6 and its larger twin the iPhone 6 Plus were generally well-received by critics. A striking change from the rather blocky design of the iPhone 5, the iPhone was sleek, curved and brought about a new aesthetic that would stay with the Apple iPhone until late 2020. Critics were particularly complimentary about the improved camera functionality, improved battery life, and supercharged performance specifications. However, no Apple launch goes entirely smoothly and in late 2014 we saw the arrival of what was dubbed Bendgate, a debacle which saw both the iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus bends easily under particularly hard pressure.

Despite this, just three months after its release, the iPhone 6 had sold over 70 million units, exceeding its predecessor by over 30%. In the first weekend of sale alone Apple reportedly sold 10 million units, a level of sales unrivalled by any other smartphone. Apple has been extremely successful since its inception at generating excitement and growing a loyal supporter base, none of its rivals has been able to emulate this. Under normal conditions post-COVID, fans queue for days outside Apple stores, some even sleeping in tents, to be the first to get their hands on new devices.

Despite a whole host of new models having been launched since there are still a ton of iPhone 6 models in the second-hand market and being used by customers. Though these devices are now a little outdated, there’s a super simple way to refresh them, make them more flexible and more valuable. I am of course talking about the iPhone 6 Unlock process.

Why you should unlock your iPhone 6 now

First things first it’s commonplace these days for people to sell old devices to raise money to purchase their next smartphone. Technology is evolving quicker than ever and there’s a burning hunger amongst consumers to own the latest device which they convince themselves they need for their ever more complicated lives. So, whether you have an iPhone 6 lying around or own one that you want to cash in to purchase an upgrade unlocking your iPhone 6 will help you on that path. Unlocked iPhone 6’s is worth 20-30% more than locked devices and sell considerably quicker. Perspective buyers know how much more flexible an unlocked device is and so snap them up even in a crowded market. Buying a new device? An unlock will maximise the value of your iPhone 6.

What do smartphone owners want more than increasing the value of their device? To increase their flexibility and save money every month of course. Locked devices cannot be used with any network, only with the network to which they are locked. This means device owners cannot scour the market for a great monthly deal. The big networks have big overheads and can’t compete with the smaller SIM-only companies emerging in the market. Some of these SIM-only deals offer unlimited usage for as little as £10 a month, compared to often £20-30 with big networks. So, a simple iPhone 6 Unlock could save you £10 a month or as much as £200 a year depending on your network package.

So, if you’re wondering how to unlock iPhone 6 just head over to DirectUnlocks where you can Unlock iPhone 6 for as little as £20. They have over a decade of experience and with 24/7 customer support, you can easily track your order from start to finish.

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