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Unveiling of African Future Leadership Magazine

By Chijioke Iremeka
19 November 2022   |   3:21 am
For many who want African stories to be voiced in African perspectives, African Future Leadership Magazine (AFLM) has come to serve this purpose and retell the history of the continent in afro-centric viewpoint.

Chairman, Editorial Board, African Future Leadership Magazine (AFLM), Cletus George (left); Editor–in–Chief, AFLM, Mr. Jim Rex-Lawson Ekoh; Publisher/CEO, AFLM, Mr. Mark Idiahi and Editor, AFLM, Mohammed Eroje during the unveiling of the Magazine in Lagos…recently

For many who want African stories to be voiced in African perspectives, African Future Leadership Magazine (AFLM) has come to serve this purpose and retell the history of the continent in afro-centric viewpoint.

According to the management of the publication, one paramount raison d’être for which the magazine was birthed is to correct the African history, which has been distorted over the years, making the Africans to believe what they are not, especially the White superiority over the blacks.

“I’m ecstatic about the fact of the debut of our maiden edition of the Magazine coming as it were, on the aegis of African Future Leadership Conferences. It’s the beginning of a masterpiece designed to redefine Africa’s narratives,” said the Publisher of the Magazine, Mr. Mark Idiahi.

Over the years, he noted, the African continent has been described as a dark continent and nothing could be more wrong than that, saying that AFLM is committed to retelling the African story and beaming lights on Africa’s unequalled potential.

He said, “What is most exciting for me so far is how the international community has embraced it as a unique platform of expression. Our mission is to promote excellence in leadership and enhance Africa’s leadership capacity and capabilities in all spheres of human endeavour, with a clear vision to be the undisputed medium on the continent leadership realities and growth.”

Idiahi noted that nothing was wrong with Africans, as non-African writers have made Africans to believe, saying that the civilisation originated from Africa and wondering why Africa has left this story of great civilisation to believe in another thing said by people without African interest at heart.

“These are the misconceptions and distortions that the Magazine has come to rewrite in an African way. Why are Africans leading all over the world, from entertainment to sports, even in sciences to education? We’ve had Africans breaking records everywhere in business and lot more.

“So, why should anybody tell me that something is wrong with Africans? I think the only thing that is wrong with a black man is leadership. And of course, Africa is a model of modern day civilisation. So, how did we lose it? How did we lose that position? So, we are here to set an agenda in redefining leadership, because that is the missing link.”

“If we can get the leadership right, we can get every other thing right because we have a huge deposit of human and natural resources. Is it a diamond? Is it gold? Is it uranium? Is it oil and gas? Just name it. Africa is endowed with abundant natural resources, yet the people are living in penury and abject poverty. That has to change,” he quipped.

Speaking further, the Chairman, Editorial Board of the publication, Mr. Cletus George, said the magazine for him, was a platform to retell the African experience and the African story in the perspective of Africans.

“Our stories so far, in published books of education and so on, have been by Europeans and foreigners, and of course, they will put their own interests before our own in telling our stories. So, they would downplay our importance and lift up their own cultural personality.”

According to him, the unveiling of Africa Future Leadership Magazine is a tiny intervention in the African space both educational and cultural, of which there’s hope that the society, the medium would contribute towards re-addressing the story, the historical importance, the historical significance of the African person.

“What about the African pharaohs. We were the ancient kings. We are the source of world’s civilisation. The major aspects of world civilisation came from Africa that was destroyed. They took the advantage of our innocence and welcoming nature.

“Missionaries came with guns hidden behind and ravaging our cultures, picking up all the valuable items, killing the kings, taking them away in chains, murdering so many of the pan Africans. All these stories needed to be told in the right perspectives. And that is why we are here.”

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