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Why buying a Rolex is the next best thing to investing in the stock market


In a world driven by money, making the right financial moves is the ultimate key to long-term success. For those who enjoy the finer things in life, the purchase of designer items oftentimes brings an immense amount of immediate pleasure, as in the case of buying the latest sports car or a trendy top, but they massively drop in value after mere minutes of use or wear. Luckily for lovers of all things extravagant, the luxury watch industry market provides the opportunity to obtain an enviable accessory while simultaneously making a sound investment for the future. When purchasing a timepiece from a renowned brand like Rolex, consumers know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it will only appreciate in value over time, making Rolexes one of the most attractive acquisitions out there for high-end clientele in the modern day.

Though luxury watches have steadily been gaining popularity over the years, investing in a premium timepiece has been a tried and true practice for decades and decades. An original 1930’s Rolex Oyster Perpetual, affectionately dubbed “bubblebacks”, could fetch a pretty penny in the 1980’s and 1990’s — a huge jump from its original pricing, even when adjusted for inflation. Now, though steel Daytonas have a major grip on Rolex lovers around the world, one thing remains clear no matter the model in question: the value of a Rolex undoubtedly increases with time after purchase for a majorly worthwhile return of investment.


Still, finding the right Rolex can be a hassle for even the most connected watch aficionado, as the quest for rare dials and color combinations has created a massive demand not easily fulfilled. But for retailer Watch Trading Co., years of experience in the luxury watch industry and an extensive roster of contacts around the world has made finding the most sought-after investment piece for its clients an absolute breeze.

Thanks to the company’s attuned knowledge of market trends worldwide, Watch Trading Co. ensures fairly priced models based on the day-to-day demand around the globe. Through deftly shifting its inventory across its physical locations in Miami, New York and Hong Kong, Watch trading Co. seamlessly anticipates and fulfills demands before its clients even know what they want themselves. The company’s beloved trade-in option, available both in store or online, likewise allows patrons to easily cash in on their investment and put it directly towards a new watch without skipping a beat.

While more conventional ways to grow money longterm like stocks and bonds are wavering out of popularity, luxury watches are becoming more and more in style, both as an accessory and as an investment. To see what all the hype is about and make a sound financial choice today, visit Watch Trading Co.’s website and Instagram for more of the latest and greatest Rolexes available on the market.


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