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‘Why elected leaders age faster, are sicklier’




Hypertension main disease of politicians, say scientists

WHY do elected political officers age faster and are sicklier than the rest of the population? Medical scientists say it is down to the level of stress they undergo resulting in perennial sleeplessness and attendant high blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes, premature aging and ugliness of the face.

They say many political office holders get so buried in their jobs that they do not stop for a medical checkup or a health vacation. Little wonder then some of them when incarcerated come down with chronic diseases such as cancer.

Scientists have also concluded that hypertension is the main disease of politicians. Unpublished reports suggest over 70 per cent of political office holders in Nigeria are hypertensive and are living with related ailments such as kidney problem, stroke and erectile dysfunction.

Bratislava doctors have come to the conclusion that the profession of politics is very dangerous for health. Leading Slovak cardiologist Gabriel Kamensky several years meticulously observed the health of members of the highest legislative body of the country. The findings were disappointing: parliamentarians literally “burn at work,” often suffer stress and lead a sedentary lifestyle. High blood pressure, obesity, smoking and alcohol consumption — are the main human companions.

Scientists from the German Research Institute for Health Insurance (WINEG) named the diseases most likely to be found among those who go into politics and decide to run for office. The most common and dangerous, experts believe, is hypertension, leading to the disruption of cerebral circulation.

They say that the common medical problems in the political leaders include diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the gastrointestinal tract, including stomach ulcer.

According to the researchers, the majority of the public and politicians are prone to hypertension. Experts still advised politicians not to ignore symptoms such as dizziness, tinnitus, headache, when there are changes in atmospheric pressure.

A professor of medicine and medical director of Medical Art Centre (MART) Maryland Ikeja, Lagos, Oladapo Ashiru told The Guardian: “Medically the first thing that happens to someone who takes up a new appointment or a top executive position such as directors, commissioners or minister is stress. The stress factors are the challenges of the new job especially the pressure of the office and making all appointments at odd hours. Such elected leaders have to attend many functions and parties and have a change in their eating pattern, which causes additional stress.

“The major culprit of stress in the human living anatomy is the adrenal gland causing adrenal stress and fatigue. Adrenal fatigue can progress to high blood pressure, diabetes, premature aging and ugliness of the face. When this is coupled with toxins and other environmental stress, it can progress to cancer.

Usually, as long as one is working and keeping busy, the adrenal will continue to adjust. Once there is a change like leaving the job or being detained the shock will provide the necessary impetus for a tip over to worse illness.

“Nigerian top executives do not relax. In many of my writings, I have alluded to the fact that many spend vacation on Oxford Street and other shopping areas, while relaxing at the museum or the zoo or theater is not common. Furthermore, many get so buried in their jobs that they do not stop for a medical checkup or a health vacation.”

Of what solution there can be, Ashiru said: “It is now a well-accepted fact that human beings especially those in executive jobs, political appointments or in senior civil service cadre should go, not just for yearly checkups but a proper health vacation of seven to 10 days after every 365 days of hard work.
They need it to regenerate and detoxify all toxins accumulated though stress, party eating or several air and road travels.

“The Modern Mayr medicine strongly recommend this to this group of high risk individual. It is when they go for such long days and years without a stop that they come crashing with high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and many other systemic diseases, which could have been prevented. Luckily, we now have such centres like the Mart-Life Detox and Wellness Centre practising Mayr detox in Nigeria.

“The saying is ‘don’t take life so seriously you never get out of it alive.’ So take time out of your busy schedule and regenerate. It’s like stopping to refill a radiator with water or topping oil in the engine before it gets over-heated or knocks the engine. Many are carrying terrible medical problems and are just pushing on and managing.”

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