Monday, 26th September 2022
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Why Nigerians should adopt plant-based diets – Odika, animal rights activist

A frontline climate and animal rights advocate, Joseph Odika, hosted friends, MDS, civil society groups, non-governmental organisations, business moguls and friends on the grand finale

Vegfest Nigeria

A frontline climate and animal rights advocate, Joseph Odika, hosted friends, MDS, civil society groups, non-governmental organisations, business moguls and friends on the grand finale of a week-long event which he called ‘Vegfest Nigeria’.

According to him, Vegfest Nigeria is an idealistic movement that was created to fight climate change, animal abuse and exploitation and to promote better well-being for the people.

“For once, let us take climate change seriously. It’s not a joke. The ozone layer is depleting at an alarming rate. The signs are there already. Can’t you see?, ” those were his words during his presentation which he titled ‘Climate Action’.”

Vegfest Nigeria

According to Odika, immediate actions are needed to fight climate change, pointing at human activities as a major cause of climate change, such as factory farming, deforestation, and fossil fuel combustion.

He noted that first world countries like the United Kingdom, United States, China, and others are already fighting hard to replace fossil fuel cars with electric cars.

He also pointed to interventions from these countries to ban factory farming which is gradually recording a success rate. These nations’ efforts will become an effort in futility if other nations, particularly poor nations, refuse to fight climate change with equal measures. “In recent times, we have seen fundamental changes in the weather pattern. Particularly intense heat. Crop yields are decreasing exponentially due to perching radiation. This is a sign of famine. Low agricultural yields have been reported globally. This is one of the signs. The ozone layer is threatened.

Odika at Vegfest Nigeria

The major drivers are emissions from greenhouse gases and deforestation. The solution is quite simple. Replace factory farming with plants, plant more trees, phase out fossil fuel, and replace it with renewable energy,” said Odika during his presentation.

The Vegfest which started on May 16 to May 21, was characterised by several awareness programs addressing several issues like food safety, climate change, responsible production and consumption, hunger, and animal exploitation to mention just a few.

The week-long event which ended in grand style, saw in attendance the Director of Planning, Research and Statistics, Mr. Kola Badmus from Oyo State Ministry of Agriculture, who also delivered a lecture on sustainable agriculture, Major Ineme from the Nigerian Army Engineering Brigade 2 Div, Ibadan, Representative from the Nigerian – Swedish Trade Fair Group and notable Ibadan socialites. immediate past president of Rotary club, Iyanganku Chapter – Mr, TAMPAN Gov. Oyo State, Yeye Rose Odika.

According to the chief host, Mr. Joseph Odika, going Vegan is one of the major steps we need to take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – by growing and eating more plant-based food and ditching factory farming. This also comes with robust health benefits to humans and the environment.

“Factory farming contributes to ozone layer depletion through excessive methane emissions. We must quit this immediately and grow more plants. Similarly, fossil fuel burning generates huge amounts of carbon which also affect the ozone. We must equally act fast by replacing combustion with a renewable energy system,” Odika said, during his presentation and as a reminder during his speech.

The event was proudly sponsored by the Centre for Effective Altruism, Vegan Society of Aotearoa, Sentience media, A Well-Fed World, Peter Odika Memorial Foundation, and Colton Odika Conglomerates, amongst others.