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Yoruba Ronu leadership denounces Buhari over self-glorification


A South-West social group, known as Yoruba Ronu Leadership Forum, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari and his cabinet members to abstain from self-glorification but to face the reality of their government that showcases incompetence and has failed to deliver on their campaign promises to move Nigeria out of its socio-economic and political doldrums since they assume power in 2015.

In a statement yesterday, President of the forum, Mr. Akin Malaolu, said that following the recent retreat President Buhari had with principal state officials, the group was concerned with the feedback of chest-beating that the five-year-old administration had done well.

“Rather than tell themselves some bitter home truths that the major policies heralding the coming of the Buhari-led administration are not working, the President urged his officials to embark on self-glorification of how well the lot of Nigerians has improved.


“As it stands today, the nation is still faced with our serious security challenges where life has become cheap and easily wasted, where hunger looms in the land as a consequence of insecurity, where rag tag militias run circles round the security forces.

“Rather than an exercise in dishonest pat on the back, what the situation demands is an honest self-appraisal, a plea for forgiveness for promising more than its capacity, and genuine willingness to retrace its faltering steps for more reasoned policies and programmes that can rekindle hope in the Nigerian dream,” the statement said.

The group, therefore, urged the President to reach out to honest stakeholders in the country to help him deliver a country where peace anchored on justice reigns.


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