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You are too old to run, Chukwuma tells Buhari


Most Rev. Emmanuel Chukwuma, Archbishop, Ecclesiastical Province of Enugu, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion

Archbishop of Enugu Province (Anglican Communion), Rt Rev. Emmanuel Chukwuma has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to shelve his second term ambition, saying he is too old to run.

He said that at the age of over 75, President Buhari should be serving as an elder statesman, giving advice and direction for the peace, unity and development of the country and not to engage in active politics.

Chukwuma said: “If at the age of over 75 he is angling to rule the country, at what age is he expected to retire? That to me is part of the problems of this country. Elders should know when the ovation is loudest, elders should know when to quit the scene and give opportunity to the young ones to try their luck. Given the opportunity, every Nigerian has something to contribute to the development and growth of the country, so let us not see the control and quest for power as a do or die thing.”


Speaking to reporters in Enugu, Chukwuma who is also the Anglican Bishop for Enugu Diocese stressed that Buhari has paid his dues and would be remembered for the great services he offered to the country, explaining however, that “age is no longer on his side as being seen in the way he is handling the affairs of the country.

“I think those urging him to run should reconsider their stand. They don’t mean well for the country. What is happening since he took over is an indication that the country needs a younger person who should move with speed and focus to get things right. He should know that at his age, he should be an elder. He has expired and should not continue to be the president. These young people are agitating to take over and should be allowed to take over. We are praying for the government and for all of us to return to God. This is an election year and people should pursue it with decorum,” he added.

Chukwuma who spoke on the security situation of the country, especially the renewed killings in Benue State by alleged herdsmen, said he doubted the sincerity of the presidency and security agencies towards protecting the lives and property of the ordinary persons.

“If our people are not protected with all the money being pumped into security, then something must be wrong somewhere. It is either somebody is not saying the truth or security has been compromised against a section of the country. If till now, the Inspector General of Police has not made any arrest over the killings in Benue, then he should resign. It means that the government is not serious. It means that this government is insincere. They should show us sincerity because the people are getting fed up with the entire thing.”

It has gone to the point where people could mobilize for reprisal because their government is not serious. If we allow it get this level, then it will be a sad end,” he stated.

Explaining that he doubted seriously that those killing people were herdsmen, he said: “I know that Fulani herdsmen are nomadic people and they are normally known for going about with their staff. Fulani herdsmen those days are not known to be violent but now it is strange that we hear about herdsmen moving about with gun to kill people. It is antithetical to the nomadic life they are known for. They have become more than terrorists and one still wonders why a government that banned the IPOB should not be courageous enough to ban the marauding herdsmen to end the incessant killings.

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