Sunday, 17th October 2021
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Adeleke: A life of philantropism and service

By Olumide Lawal
19 September 2021   |   3:03 am
For everything, it’s season and for all human beings, there are various destinies set for them and in the process, some hurdles to cross.

Senator Ademola Adeleke

For everything, it’s a season and for all human beings, there are various destinies set for them and in the process, some hurdles to cross.

Yes, Senator Ademola Adeleke, has passed through life’s vicissitudes with candour and a large heart. He was rather learning the ropes through the mentorship of the iconic trail-blazer, his late brother, Senator Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke and the mercurial humble go-getter, Dr. ’Deji Adeleke.

Both of them gave him every support he needs to stand tall in his various callings, politics inclusive, very remarkably. They both entranced him into the big public life that enabled him to face life’s challenges with great courage. Never quitting, whatever the odds, thus forging a formidable business and personal lifestyle for greater successes in life.

Senator Adeleke has been a colourful personality since his youthful days, one never to hurt a fly, mastering his moment and never letting off his guards. A very dynamic and resourceful individual, Adeleke charged the political landscape of Osun State in so short a time that he tested the murky water of politics.

To Senator Adeleke, life is a sunny fire, and fire is a real wild beast, which can devour everything in motion. He is prepared therefore to face whatever challenges the future places before him.

He believes God alone is the master planner and His plans never fail. But it is still this mystic motion of our living that is propelling him to immense joy to make service his objective. The passion is moving him to give opportunities to the less-privileged through philanthropism without let or hindrance.

He is triumphantly back among the loving people of Osun State, whom he has sorely missed for some time now, out of his resolve to search for the proverbial golden fleece, out of his own personal resolve, as there was no time limit and age to knowledge acquisition in all spheres of life. He is back for good. He is back in peace. He brought peace and love with him.

Senator Nurudeen Ademola Adeleke is back home and extending the olive branch to all. He is ready to use his good upbringing to identify with all and sundry as his door is open to all at all times.

Adeleke enjoins all his teeming well-wishers, supporters and friends to continue to conduct themselves in a peaceful manner and avoid rancours, but rather embrace politics without bitterness, which his late brother and political mentor played throughout his lifetimes, and which also is the anchor of his own political endeavour.

Senator Adeleke appreciated everybody who was there for him. He advised his ardent supporters to abstain from foul and caustic languages in their dealings with fellow politicians of whatever persuasions. To Adeleke, his concern is ‘love to all.’

It is the true wish of Senator Adeleke to see that there is absolute peace and happiness that is immersed in God’s boundless powers of love for humanity.

Senator Ademola Adeleke’s life has achieved glorious accomplishments, that assembled all the disputations of life into great giant strides, that is imbued in God’s unending grace of love for family and teeming admirers, the world over. What a life of charm! For Adeleke, it is a triumphant homecoming. Home, sweet home.

Olumide Lawal was Special Adviser (Media and Publicity) to Late Senator Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke