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Attack on Buhari, PDP chieftain cautions opposition




Alhaji Shehu Gabam, a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), said President Muhammadu Buhari has good intentions for the country and urged the opposition to support him.

Gabam, Chief of staff to former Gov. Isa Yuguda of Bauchi State, made the call on Saturday in Tilde-Fulani, Toro Local Government Area, in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

According to him, President Buhari has a good intention for the country and there is no need for the opposition to start bombarding him.

“Well, I believe the president should be allowed to determine his own pace of speed and also determine his own cruising level.

“As an opposition party, we are monitoring with keen interest with a lot of maturity, and a lot of respects for him.

“He is the president of the country whether you voted him or not, he is the President of Nigeria.

“The institution of presidency must be respected, and I am among one of them who always appeal that everybody should respect the position of the presidency,” Gabam said.

“You can differ with him on issues, operational issues, policies and programmes, and you can take him up on any other issues, we should be decent and not rascal in our approach.

“As for me, nobody should insult the president, nobody should insult the institution of the presidency,” he stressed.

The PDP chieftain further appealed to the president not to run a government that is purely investigative, but run a government that will alleviate the suffering of the people.

According to him, there are too many issues this country is looking forward to for his proper attention.

“The President should, therefore, be sensitive to the needs and aspirations of the people,” he said.

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  • global

    Why didn’t you give such advise when Jonathan was being abused, his feet being washed away from Katsina? Tribalist and party less politician. Instead of you to keep quiet and be praying for the president to survive even in the midst of criticism,you now want to creat bad blood within your party. That was the greatest mistake of Jonathan. He thought you people werè members of PDP working with him not knowing you were tribal spies and political jobbers. Even if you decamp to APC, I will warn my president, Buhari to be weary of people like you because your likes are bootleakers. Is there any opposition party that will not speak out or wait till things gets spoiled before speaking out?

    • Mazi JO

      When a Government ignores constructive criticism, it is gradually riding into undemocratic clouds. And an Opposition that blindly fights is a distraction to progressive governance. The system; any system, desires an equilibrating meeting of minds to have a functional Democracy. Do what ever you have to do to observe them – the margins are there, else you domain in extremism by crossing those lines.

      • wovijide

        You should only advise someone whose comment needs such.

        • Mazi JO

          How do you know who does not need such comments? Are you assuming that everyone knows everything? We are not saying PMB does not know. But a little reminding will not hurt especially when done in good faith devoid of political leanings. Put out an advice not specifically for who is erring but for those who might flatter the errant by imitating.

          • Bobby

            I do not belong to any of the political parties but I can say this; having read through the comments section, your argument is on point. We need more people (especially opposition parties) to criticise constructively without any form of biase because that is the only way we can “CHECK” our serving politicians and at the same time, alleviate “bad blood democracy”

          • Mazi JO

            Please educate them on this one my brother. The sycophants will always think every criticism is offensive. They diminish the cautionary views of critical effects on policies. No human business comes in 100% packages. You made great sense my friend.

          • wovijide

            You seem to be quite smart. But remember that there are people out there equally gifted in that art. Point is that no point trying to obfuscate the point I made. It was not about President Buhari. Certainly your advice was not to President Buhari but to .global and that was the basis of my comment.

      • global

        Which criticism of PDP has APC federal government agreed to or accept. How can APC equillibrate with PDP whom they claimed destroyed the country for the past 16years? Except in corruption because none of them in APC or PDP is free from corruption. Those who domain in extremism are those who remain working for their region and religion without United Nigeria blood in them hence tribal and religious voting. When a Christian wins the seat of power Christians rejoice and when it is Moslem, Moslems rejoice. Bad blood democracy.

        • Mazi JO

          That’s what we are saying. Celebrate your victories with great caution, not ‘in your face’ to the rest Democratic partners. Find a balance to make sure things do not get out of hand for the sake of our National reference. ‘Bad blood democracy’ we must avoid by all means.

        • Mazi JO

          The equilibrium we are invoking comes from the thinking that APC will not govern strictly alone in its victory. PDP goes into opposition by the reason of the electoral process. Do you see where I am coming from? PMB has hit the tracks running. The opposition will follow to offer a relaying hand should there be extenuating circumstances. And that is what’ll happen conversely if PDP happens to have the controls. No one has accused PMB of anything for he has been saying the right things. We must by the same token spare the opposition for they are establishing a position for balance in policy matters, my friend. Get over it. It is only an opinion. Agree or disagree.