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Much ado about Ifeanyi Okowa’s critics (II)

By Areghe Prince Abugo
06 July 2015   |   3:06 am
                                                                                                  Continued from last Friday OKOWA’S predecessor…

                                                                                                  Continued from last Friday



OKOWA’S predecessor gave many air-conditioned buses and cars to transporters across the state but some politicians hijacked them for personal use. It is a financial burden if these beneficiaries are not paying back as stipulated. If they fail to pay, it is a disaster because you cannot run government on charity. There are many ailing state industries that are comatose in place of elephantic projects that have no economic relevance, there are many projects undone in place of few showcased ones, hence Okowa should be supported in his determination to restore values. When Alhaji Ibrahim Waziri of Great Nigerian People’s Party (GNPP) in the second republic preached the gospel of “politics without bitterness” he never knew he had Okowa’s Delta in mind, political contest or disagreements are not warfare.

We should move from this impotent barrenness to fertile womb where our diversity becomes our strength. Many strive on treachery and blackmail, Okowa cannot please these robotic goons at the expense of the people, we cannot live under ethnic clowns and chameleonic sycophants that Okowa’s critics employ. Few days as Governor, he made the executive office property of Deltans who can assess; communicate with him as when it was before he became Governor, this was rare. Okowa inherited many problems and as a woman hides her grey hair under artificial weaves, lipstick on lips, artificial finger nails, eye latches and lens to improve beauty, surgery on hips, while there is rot within, Okowa’s critics want him to continue in this deception that leads nowhere and blame him later for incompetence. His body language shows redemption, service and what we can give to our state rather than what we can get.

Corruption is endemic in our society; it is contagious because we deify it. Some traditional rulers scorn men of virtue to confer chieftaincy titles on political and social infidels for material rewards. Some preachers prefer prosperity in filth to poverty in clean hands, to build cathedrals that lack spirituality. The judiciary is infected with judges without conscience, as some olicemen are known for extortion and compromising investigations.

From the mothers that encourage their daughters to hawk their anatomic features to a political greedy pig is the chain of stench that drains our existence. We are all contaminated that Okowa must fumigate the state. The state belongs to all its sections; we should understand our differences to move on. This is how to create prosperity for our people in unity, identity of purpose.

•Abugo wrote from Uzere, Isoko South Local Council of Delta State.