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NINAS alliance for freedom, liberating constituent Nigerians

By Tony Nnadi
23 October 2022   |   1:58 am
It has come to the attention of Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination (NINAS) secretariat that some of our alliance partners in the self-determination campaign do not yet understand what NINAS..

[FILE] Coordinating Secretary, National Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination (NINAS), Tony Nnadi (left) and Head of Strategy, Chinedu Achunine, during their visit to The Guardian in Lagos….PHOTO: AYODELE ADENIRAN

It has come to the attention of Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination (NINAS) secretariat that some of our alliance partners in the self-determination campaign do not yet understand what NINAS is all about and how NINAS undertakings shall translate to liberation, freedom, restoration of sovereignty and independence for the peoples of the constituent component blocs of the NINAS alliance. It has therefore become necessary to make the following clarifications:

There is a clear strategy being implemented by NINAS to achieve the self-determination objective for all the constituent components of the alliance territory, in a safe and orderly process, to be ratified by referendums (and plebiscites where applicable).

That strategy is being worked concurrently in two compartments which, in the first part, all blocs of the alliance will act in synergy to enact a Joint-Jailbreak from the Caliphate prison we are trapped in, called “Nigeria”, as erected upon and defined by the so-called “1999 Constitution”; and the second part, in which each bloc takes charge of, and assumes responsibility over their own space and their sovereignty as retrieved from the rogue state currently operating as Nigeria in our various spaces.

It is important to understand that the said joint jailbreak entails the crashing of that 1999 Constitution upon which the Nigeria that illicitly and forcefully hijacked, confiscated and holds the sovereignty of all constituent components (including Yorubaland, Igboland, Ijawland, Biniland, Tivland, Urhoboland, Ibibioland, Biromland,Jukunland,  Ogoniland and all the others) is currently constructed.

Central to the strategy for crashing that 1999 Constitution is the shutting down of the voyage to another round of national elections in 2023 under that 1999 Constitution.

Let it be noted that the NINAS joint-jailbreak strategy as being implemented, simultaneously guarantees the success of the liberation campaign and the safety of both the campaigners and each of the blocs, before, during and after the liberation. It takes only a probing look at the history of the struggles for decolonization and liberation in Nigeria across the last 70 Years to understand the basis of these twin guarantees because we immediately see the disastrous results of previous solo efforts to break free of the monster we describe as “Nigeria”, both for the blocs and for the individuals that led the charge.
(Examples include Yorubaland/Awolowo; Tivland/Joseph Tarka; Ijawland&Niger Delta/Isaac Adaka Boro; Eastern Region/Ojukwu; Ogoniland/Ken Saro-Wiwa, as well as current “Biafra Restoration” and “Yoruba Nation” solo efforts)

It is noteworthy that the engagements of NINAS with key stakeholder-segments of the international community (especially the United States and the United Nations), were premised upon this joint-jailbreak paradigm in which the NINAS alliance of the rest of Nigeria, isolated the terror-tainted sharia caliphate bloc, having repudiated by regional solemn assemblies, the caliphate-imposed 1999 Constitution as basis of Nigeria. (The solemn assemblies were held between 2015 and 2018 in the three blocs of the NINAS Alliance).

The breakthroughs we had in the international circuit wherein the US in December 2019 placed Nigeria on a special watchlist for ethnoreligious killings and escalated a few months later (March 2020) to designating Nigeria as a “country of particular concern” (CPC), along with Iran and others was enabled by this joint-jailbreak strategy.

Similarly, the UN which in August 2019 sent a Special Rapporteur Mission led by Agnes Callamard, received and publicised the verdict of that special rapporteur which declared Nigeria’s Constitutional arrangements as “a Pressure-Cooker for Injustice”, responsible for the Widespread extra-judicial killings in Nigeria. The report also declared that Nigeria of 200 million population under that Constitution, was a danger to global security as it could snap, with catastrophic consequences that would include an unprecedented refugee crisis at a time global terror networks including ISIS and Al-Quaeda, were already converging in Nigeria.

Having done all these, what the said stakeholder-segment of the international community expects of us is that we back up our repudiation of the illicit 1999 Constitution (and the unworkable union if foists), with the rejection of further national elections under that Constitution. This electoral shutdown will create the logjam that will compel a transitioning that would of necessity, undertake the inevitable fundamental reconfiguration of the defunct federation of Nigeria, within the self-determination Imperative for trapped constituent components. Right now, that electoral shutdown is the only thing standing between us and our liberation. (Domino-1 & 2).

By the foregoing, NINAS wishes to alert us that most of what is being done by way of  solo efforts by both the “Biafra Restoration” bandwagon and the “Yoruba Nation” agitation groups, whilst unarguably on the side of “self-determination” actually distort and impede the implementation of the grand strategy of NINAS, which already succeeded in asphyxiating the Rogue 1999 Constitution, isolating and incapacitating its caliphate enforcers including the renegades from the alliance territories railroading Nigeria to 2023 elections. (We need not say anything more about the fact that those who are heading to elections in 2023 under the 1999 Constitution are offering a lifeline to the 1999 Constitution and the caliphate proprietors of unitary Nigeria even as many erroneously assert the Constitution will be fixed once their candidate emerges President of Nigeria).

This note of clarification and direction is intended to invite our compatriots in the liberation campaign from all alliance blocs, who agree with the NINAS joint-jailbreak paradigm and strategy, to readjust their efforts into alignment with the NINAS strategy framework as further delay may prove costly for both the liberation campaign and its drivers in each of the alliance blocs.
Nnadi is the coordinating secretary of NINAS.

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