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Only a credible leader can halt political crisis in Anambra, says Nwosu


The political climate in Anambra is as a result of the suppressed development of our democracy and failure of the leadership not only in Anambra but the entire nation. Since former president Chief Olusegun Obasanjo sought to control the leadership of the National Assembly, things have never been the same. This infringement started the problem in our democracy. Every governor resorted to muzzling, other arms and tiers of government. This gave rise to the culture of impunity, which has pervaded our democracy. That is what we are seeing in Anambra but the reality is that the state must conduct an election to replace the incumbent irrespective of all uncertainties.

Because of the fraudulent election of 2007, ADC today does not have a ward councilor to its credit and before we fall into the class of disrepute, it is incumbent on the leadership to prove that the party is a veritable platform for any one to stand for and win election, and a credible organ dedicated to nation building. We have therefore set up machineries in the wards, and councils, and the state party is knocking on doors and preaching the gospel of change. We have made change for a better Anambra the mantra at the moment. I would want to emphasise that I built APGA, I made the party a winning machine, and I introduced all the wining concepts, messages and issues in the 2003 election in Anambra. I defeated the incumbent, governor, Mr Peter Obi at the APGA primaries. I polled 90 per cent of the votes, but between Chekwas Okorie and our national leader Chief Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, something went wrong and I was denied the candidacy. APGA won the election. I am the only founding National Executive member of APGA who developed the party in his state and won the governorship elections. Ever since I left APGA, the fortunes have dimmed. I am a political party builder.

It is easy to accuse the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), but the media have been working hard to rig the Anambra election in favour of some candidates. This is unfortunate and scandalous. Some newspaper and television houses have declared the Anambra election result before it is held.

What is the ADC offering the people?

One of the compelling reasons we are in the election is because of the confusion that has overshadowed the state. There is a failure of leadership and every person involved is at loggerhead with the other. There is too much hostility. We cannot allow all these to continue to polarise our state. There is a need for a politician with sound knowledge, a consensus builder, who is at peace with the will power to champion the transformation of the state.

I have been involved in the formation of major political parties, including the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) and ADC. I was the founding national treasurer of APGA, and the National Chairman of ADC. I am certain our people are tired of armchair critics, bedroom solutions to our woes. The need to provide Anambra with visionary leadership prompted ADC to be involved.

My agenda is to create 100,000 new jobs a year. The people are happy with the potential of my proposed ‘Things Fall Apart’ Museum to bring about 500,000 tourists into Anambra; they recognise this can boost the economy of the state beyond imagination. The businessmen wants to associate with my Anambra Development and Investment Corporation ADIC, which will position our traders, farmers and businessmen to compete and excel on a global scale. The people welcome change, because they love my ideas of theme park, sports extravaganza, and cultural carnivals. Anambra will host the world biggest masquerade festivals. We want our people in the Diasporas to unfold their mega worldview on the state. Anambra people hate being in the news for kidnapping, political thuggery, and armed robbery. That is why they are embracing our Change message. While other former and serving governors, create and spread strife, and anguish for the people, I will create and spread great opportunities and prosperity; I will set clear signposts for evaluation.

In Anambra it is goodbye to governors who see only the Federal allocation and the big markets as revenue source, and no vision. They want to become the global centre for commerce, industry and tourist, as I have proposed. They want all those who have soiled their hands with the people’s resources to go away. In Anambra, Change is our mantra and it must come to pass.

The ADC is a good brand any day to uplift the state. It certainly can be better and greater than it presently is. We may not be visible nationally now but the Anambra governorship election is actually a single race election. It is only because we are in Nigeria that the media is focusing on it with unlimited intensity. In Anambra ADC is setting the pace and the tone of the campaign. We are raising the concrete issues. Other candidates are copying from us and they are trying to spy on ADC. The truth is that we have very weak and corrupt institutions generally. There is no electoral reform or constitutional amendment that will correct our present situation without us working to change our mindsets, attitudes and rebuilding and empowering our institutions.

How can Anambra get out of this political mess?

The people of Anambra will defeat the paper tigers. Our people want change. In the market they talk change; in the motor parks, schools, and everywhere, it is change. They resent the imposition of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and they are not ready for anyone to take them for a ride any longer. These people may be prominent in some other areas, but unfortunately, they are part of the failure in Anambra today. Our people are asking questions, they want to know how Dr Chris Ngige, Prof. Charles Soludo, Peter Obi, and Ekwunife became billionaires, in the midst of poverty just because they were or are in government. Anambra people are wiser, instead of being distracted by these individuals and get caught in a bandwagon effect, they are asking the hard questions and seeking change.

ADC is not regarded as among the contenders in the coming election…

My candidacy represents the change that our people want. I have better and relevant experience and pedigree. I have built brands in business and politics. In politics, I have on the job experience working with various political leaders. Hon Charles Adigwe’s creative ingenuity, Dr Chuba Okadigbo’s depth and vivacity, Dr. Alex Ekwueme’s calmness, Jimmy Carter’s transparency and forthrightness, General Yar’Adua thoroughness and Nelson Mandela’s selflessness, these are some of the mentors whom I have been privileged to learn from or mentored and coached by. I have worked with some of the best brains in this country and I am prepared to serve and not rule the people.

In business one of my companies is the clear leader nationally in its line of business. Our business has to do with motivation; inspiring individuals to greater achievement, and corporations to recognise the power of the human resources to experience continuous growth and profitability; and we are exceptional in corporate branding. At this time Anambra needs a craftsman from the blacksmith and metal works town of Awka, and a peoples’ person who is at home with all. I will be committed to making a rapprochement as the governor because unhealthy politics is killing our state and my service orientation will empower me to serve everyone for the interest of the state.

The home state of the late Nnamdi Azikiwe cannot be said to have ineptitude, and corruption running in its veins. This election should be the turning point, and our elite should be careful. Some people have asked me what I was doing in a race of billionaires. I do not have the billionaire’s ambition, my ambition is to implant my grand transformational vision on the soil and in the people of Anambra; money and leadership are not the same. Mandela is not a moneyman; I want to be like him.

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