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Onoh ‘lectures’ Phrank Shaibu on Tinubu’s revolution comments

By Guardian Nigeria
27 January 2023   |   7:40 pm
Bola Tinubu's presidential spokesman, Dr. Josef Onoh has replied Atiku Abubakar's media aide, Phrank Shaibu, explaining the stages of revolution and what the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate meant when he spoke about a revolution in Ogun state on Thursday. Shaibu had criticized Tinubu for saying that he will revolutionise Nigeria if he becomes the…

Bola Tinubu’s presidential spokesman, Dr. Josef Onoh has replied Atiku Abubakar’s media aide, Phrank Shaibu, explaining the stages of revolution and what the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate meant when he spoke about a revolution in Ogun state on Thursday.

Shaibu had criticized Tinubu for saying that he will revolutionise Nigeria if he becomes the president of Nigeria.

Irked by Shiabu’s hollow knowledge of dynamics in revolution, Onoh explained that the emergence and evolution of modern science since the seventeenth century led to three major breakthroughs in the human condition which formed a major base of Tinubu’s manifesto.

Onoh said it was sad that Phrank Shaibu obviously couldn’t differentiate between economic revolution and political revolution, regretting that Shaibu negativity focused on political revolution.

“First, the Industrial Revolution started in the late eighteenth century and was based chiefly on developments associated with the rise of the natural sciences. The second, the Demographic Revolution, began in the latter half of the nineteenth century and is largely the result of progress in the life sciences. The third is the Happiness Revolution which commenced in the late twentieth century and is the outgrowth of the social sciences.

“By revolution as used by Asiwaju in Ogun state, majorly in our nation’s economic theory simply meant breakthroughs, that if elected, will result in far-reaching changes in the main body of our national economy.

“If Phrank Shaibu hadn’t spent more time under his school mango tree during economics classes, he would have known that Asiwaju comments were based on the principles of economics.

“Obviously, Phrank Shaibu failed to understand that the chief driving force of any nation is its economic stability and revolution, hence he would have had the basic knowledge of the four industrial revolutions which are coal, gas, electronics, nuclear, the internet and renewable energy.

“From 1765 through the present day, we’ve seen an amazing evolution, we discovered different energy sources and later, digital technologies, which Tinubu as Lagos state governor tapped into and today created a massive revolutionary economic change in lagos to the envy of all other states in Nigeria.

“Coal transformed Nigeria’s economy from agriculture to industry of which present-day Enugu state, then the capital of the southern region, brought a massive industrial revolution through the mining of coal which started in 1900. Processes became mechanized and products were manufactured for the first time in Nigeria.

“During that period, the discovery of coal and its mass extraction, as well as the development of the steam engine brought the railways and metal forging completely changed the way goods were produced and exchanged. Railway transportation began replacing wagons and mules for moving around these goods within the county which the present administration has invested, heavily. This is revolution.

“The second Industrial Revolution was Gas in 1870. As the first industrial revolution was driven by coal, the second revolved around the discovery of electricity, Oil & Gas. The invention of the combustion engine went hand-in-hand with these fuel sources. Both steel- and chemically-based products entered the market during this time.

“Developments in communication technology got a jump start with the telegraph and later the telephone. Transportation grew by leaps and bounds with the invention of the plane and car. Mechanical production grew in speed through the advent of mass production, giving birth to Nigeria being a member of OPEC; facilitating the various airports we have in the county.

“The third Industrial Revolution brought Electronics and Nuclear in 1969. After another hundred years, nuclear energy and electronics entered the landscape. Nuclear power began in Europe, grew in both Great Britain and the United States, went into remission for years, and grew in Asia which today our partnership with China, Britain, etc, has ushered in tremendous progress which I advise Phrank Shaibu to go to Alaba, Onitsha, Aba international markets and Ogun state to get his answers.

“Fourth Industrial Revolution: Internet and Renewable Energy in 2000. As we continue moving through the fourth industrial revolution, there was a shift to renewable energy such as solar, wind and geothermal. However, the momentum comes not from the shift in energy but from the acceleration of digital technology. The internet and the digital world mean a real-time connection within more and more components of a production line, both inside and outside facility walls.

“As the development of the Industrial Internet of Things, cloud technology and artificial intelligence continues, I advise Phrank Shaibu to conduct research on Tinubu’s achievements as governor of Lagos state. He will discover that he had already embraced that revolution before now and today a virtual world has merge with the physical world with Predictive maintenance and real-time data which has led to smarter business decisions for a myriad of companies around the world and not only Lagos.

“Finally, Mr Phrank Shaibu ought to know that revolutions are necessary for changes in society, even if they do not always work out. BOLA AHMED TINUBU (BAT) manifesto for Nigeria is a total positive and revolutionary change for our great country which will place Nigeria once again in the forefront of fast emerging economies in Africa and the world.

“The success of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s revolutionary ideas as contained in his manifesto, if elected president come February 2023, cannot be measured by its total accomplishment of one goal, rather, it should be measured based on the impact it leaves and the implications it has for the future of Nigeria which is totally different from Mr Phrank Shaibu’s concept and interpretation of revolution.

“Sadly having a Dubai-based candidate with an international postal and residential address, who contributed to plundering our nation’s commonwealth, not limited to selling of our national assets at ridiculous amounts and rendering thousands of Nigerians jobless while operating a heavy-duty national asset, liquidating Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), changing bus conductors like a bureau de change, it’s only natural that his thought process will only gravitate towards and conceptualise only a violent political revolution that will divide Nigeria in a failed attempt to misconstrue Tinubu’s statement which is common amongst failures.

“Like a barren woman who would rather ask the king to divide an innocent baby amongst two claimants rather than hand the baby over to the real mother, the PDP presidential candidate, his manifesto, his dreams for Nigeria and his representatives, especially Phrank Shaibu and other characters associated with them who would rather hope for an Arab spring effect rather than a united Nigeria are barren of positive ideas and economic revolutions that will change our country.

“I’m proud of my country, I’m proud to be a Nigerian, hence I urge Nigerians to drop tribal, religious, emotional, selfish intrests, vindictive sentiments and vote for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and together we shall renew hope for our great nation.

“I advise Phrank Shaibu to enrol and seek assistance in any university in the Department of Socioeconomic Studies and not the Department of state security services,” Onoh advised.