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PDP is going into this election as one family – Iworiso-Markson


Daniel Iworiso-Markson

Bayelsa Commissioner for Information and Orientation, Hon. Daniel Iworiso-Markson, in a chat with The Guardian said the Bayelsa PDP is fully reunited after the challenges of its governorship primary. He said the party is set the win a free and fair election come November 16.

Bayelsa PDP does not look very united going into the November gubernatorial election; is your Governor bothered?
That’s not true. The PDP in Bayelsa State is rock solid and very united even as we approach the election slated for November 16. It will interest you to know that the ongoing reconciliation effort is yielding tremendous results as most of the aggrieved persons have been reconciled and fully committed to work for the victory of the party. We are even seeing more and more defectors from the APC moving in their numbers to join the PDP because they know that the APC is not on ground in Bayelsa. It’s becoming very clear that the PDP will win by a very wide margin if elections are free, fair and transparent.

That’s why we are calling on INEC to be neutral and impartial in this election. The APC lacks capacity to win even a councillorship election in Bayelsa without the support of federal might, coupled with the corrupt tendencies of some electoral officials, who may have been compromised and will allow themselves to be used to manipulate the outcome of the process. But we are confident that with Governor Dickson leading the campaign, victory is sure for the PDP. 


The emergence of the PDP candidate did not come with the full complement of a level-playing field, what with the local government election that threw up fresh delegates, whose loyalty became very obvious. How is the Bayelsa PDP dealing with this?
It’s very difficult to fault the governorship primary that produced our candidate. It was perhaps the most credible and transparent primary I have seen in recent years. The whole world saw the live broadcast of the primary on national television. Anyone who is in doubt can obtain a copy of the broadcast tape. You talked about the full complement of level-playing field, especially with the local government election that threw up fresh delegates, whose loyalty became very obvious. Now, what you must understand is that party politics is about structures and at every given point in time the man at the commanding heights of that structure will always have the edge. That’s how it works. Structures must be respected and everyone who is truly a party man or woman understands this fact. There is nothing illegal or untoward about it. 

Gov Dickson is accused of abandoning advice of elders of the party, including former Gov. Jonathan. Why was Gov. Dickson so sure he could go it alone?
It’s inconceivable that anyone will accuse Governor Dickson of abandoning the advice of elders. 
It’s most unfair for anyone to wrongly accuse him in such a manner.  Those behind such accusation really don’t know who Governor Dickson really is. I know for a fact that the governor had several consultative meetings with leaders and key stakeholders of the party leading up to the process that eventually threw up Senator Douye Diri as the candidate. At every given point in time you will find the governor engaging in regular consultations with every stakeholder in the party.

Governor Dickson by nature is a consensus builder. He is one politician who devotes a great deal of time consulting with various people, groups just to get their buy-in on this matter, especially as it has to do with the crucial business of deciding who becomes the next governor of Bayelsa State. I do know for a fact that he had several meetings with former President Goodluck Jonathan. People are just fond of making up stories and spinning of all kinds of lies against the governor out of pure mischief. It’s really very sad, very sad indeed. 


The former Speaker Isenah said he never reached any agreement with anyone to resign once Duoye Diri becomes candidate of the party. But that did not stop his impeachment. Don’t you think the Gov is taking on too many fronts so close to election?
I had rather not comment on this issue because we have gone past that phase. What is important is that the issue has been settled and we are determined to win this election come November 16. 

The committee put together by the Governor to reconcile aggrieved parties does not seem to wield enough gravitas. Shouldn’t Dickson seek help at higher and neutral quarters to quickly unite the party?
Again, that is not true. The Governor is not seeking help from anybody. But I had rather not comment on it. 

Despite his numerous pledges not to install an anointed successor, everything points to the fact that Dickson has actually succeeded in foisting a candidate on the party. Why this level of desperation?
I would rather not comment on this one as well.


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