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‘Restructuring only solution to Nigeria’s challenges’


Bishops Oluwafemi Iroh of Christ Unity Ministry and Asuquo Inyang of Ahaban Evangelical Mission, Abuja, have called on Nigerian leaders to urgently consider the demand to restructure the country before the current challenges go out of hand. The clerics also emphasized that unity is the only antidote that can cure the ills plaguing the country.

In separate recent interactions with The Guardian on the state of the nation, although both bishops expressed hope that the country would definitely overcome her current predicaments, their submission was that the demand for restructuring must be given consideration, which can only be achieved in unity.

Inyang called on Christians to unite and think as one to address the problems confronting the country. He said, “It is very essential for the body of Chris to come together. If we go by the scripture, the rising spate of insecurity in the country is terrifying and there is a need for Nigerians to have a common front if we must overcome it. As long as we continue to see ourselves on the basis of ethnicity and religion, it would be very difficult for us as a nation to triumph.”


Although he said there are strong indications that the alarm once raised by former President Olusegun Obasanjo that some forces are trying to Islamise and Fulanise Nigerians are there, he noted, “we can only address and overcome it when we speak in unity as the body of Christ. Christians must have an understanding of what God is saying about the situation in Nigeria irrespective of the fact that we are going to triumph.”

Iroh on his part said Nigeria has no alternative solution than prayers and restructuring. While he agreed that President Muhammadu Buhari could not have been elected without being ordained by God, he cautioned, “he must, however, be ready to rule base on Almighty’s directives if he hopes to succeed. There is no doubt in my mind that Nigeria is still going to be great.”

Iroh said the present structure of government is not the initial will and purpose of God for this nation, adding, “We got it wrong when some of our leaders truncated the First Republic arrangement and imposed the unitary arrangement. God is not seeing Nigeria the way we are currently but as it was when we obtained independence, and not until we return to that structure, I doubt if we can move ahead as a nation. There is no other way out for Nigeria except it returned to true federalism. It is absolutely impossible for one man, the president, to speak for over 200 million people of diverse ethnicity, religion, and culture.

“Some people might claim we have governors in states. I believe that when Nigeria being properly rearranged, wonderful things would begin to happen. The country has all the endowed natural resources but until our leaders, including President Buhari, see it the way God wants it, we will not excel.”He said the current democratic dispensation, which we have practiced in the past 20 years has failed the country. He added that the body of Christ must unite. Iroh also said a divided church cannot fix a broken nation.


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