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10 Important Skin Care Tips For This Rainy Season

You know that saying: “Black don’t crack?” Well, it can if you don’t take proper care of it. The rains are here and we have selected a few tips to keep in mind as you run around in this moist weather.

Use sunscreen.

SPF-15 Cetaphil Daily moisturiser

The clouds don’t stop the rains from damaging your beautiful skin, so use a reliable sunscreen with a good SPF.

Cleanse your skin.

Heimish All Clean Balm

Before going to bed at night, and even during the day, ensure that you cleanse your skin totally. Remove all the makeup you have on and release your pores.


Exfoliate your skin often, about two or more times a week, to rid it of dead cells. This will also open your pores and make it easy for your skin to stay moisturised.

PHOTO: The Oz blog


The humidity that the rains bring can dry your skin, and wouldn’t that be awful! Use a nourishing moisturiser to keep your skin moist, supple and healthy. For those with oily skin, opt for moisturisers that are water-based as they are a great option to help keep oil secretion in check.

Drink water


Stay hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day. Skin that doesn’t have enough moisture can look pale and dull.

Eat Well.

Eat wholesome meals which include good fats because they are essential in repairing damaged skin and also retaining moisture.

Let your feet breathe.

Wearing closed footwear will make your feet sweat, which in turn will lead to fungal and bacterial infections. Instead wear waterproof footwear like sandals and floaters.

DO NOT touch your face.

Your hands carry germs easily to your face, causing breakouts you can avoid by keeping your hands away from your face.

Tone your skin.

You must tone your skin and to do so opt for the non-alcoholic variety; these help even out your skin’s pH balance and also bring a glow to your skin.

Wash your hair.


While shampooing and conditioning your hair twice a week will suffice during any other season you might want to do so more frequently during the monsoons. This is because the humidity that is pervasive during the wet spell makes you sweat; and sweat makes it easy for grime and germs to latch on to your skin.

Tip: Wash your pillow often and make sure it is always clean. Dirty pillows make it easy for your skin to get clogged wit dirt, and this can lead to breakouts. Feel free to add your own skincare tips below.

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