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PDP crisis: Makarfi faults factional chairmen for endorsing sheriff



• Ekiti PDP Disowns Abuja Meeting

National Caretaker Committee Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Ahmed Makarfi, yesterday, faulted the purported endorsement of Governor Seriake Dickson committee report by some factional chairmen of some state chapters of the party. He said it was another illegality perpetrated by dissidents within the party.

In a statement issued by its spokesman, Dayo Adeyeye, the committee said: “The alleged endorsement of the report of the Governor Seriake Dickson-led Reconciliation Committee of the PDP, at an assembly of 23 men purporting to be different state chairmen of our party was done by fake PDP State chairmen.”

“We wish to state without ambiguity that the action of these elements is a ruse, lies and a mere continuation of the impunity of Senator Sheriff and his dissident backers within the party.

“For the records, we wish to make it abundantly clear that many of those men are not elected state chairmen of our party, not at any time, even when Senator Sheriff was the recognised Chairman of the party. Many of those who attended the meeting and their sponsors are double dealers and in politics, such as we play in Nigeria, it is not uncommon to find those who will run with the hare and at the same time hunt with the fox.”

It would be recalled that a group of party chairmen under the leadership of Bayelsa State PDP chairman, Moses Cleopas, met in Abuja, last night and threw their weight behind the National Chairman of the party, Senator Ali Sheriff and the recommendations of the Governor Seriake Dickson’s reconciliation committee for a unity national convention to hold not later than August this year.

Meanwhile, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ekiti State has described the meeting purportedly held in Abuja Friday, by 23 state chairmen of the party as mere gathering of y strange people parading themselves as state chairmen of the PDP on the strength of their appointment by Senator Ali Modu Sheriff.

The party said; “No genuine state chairman of the PDP will associate with Senator Ali Modu Sherriff, considering the damage he has done to the party, except those he handpicked to buy legitimacy for himself.”

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  • vincentumenyiora

    I AM THINKING can somebody take you through this if you cannot comprehend the thinking! May God intervene in your political situation in Nigeria!

    If you ask me folks, I’ll say that you lost the opportunity in 1992 when you were advised that your best bet to organize Nigeria was through ‘No party’ approach, which America adopted in their own experimentation until they grew and gravitated to the idea or level of seeking for people with ‘like minds’ to form parties! So, clearly what is happening now in the country is that you have groups with unpredictable characters and or disposition – in it to fix it as it were to their thinking and not necessarily for the people’s benefit each acting at the behest of the un-informed citizenry of Nigeria – un fact on his cultural and or religious orientation/ appurtenances! And if you had followed the recommendations handed down earlier in the 90s bearing in mind that you were dealing in politics about the people and not for yourselves as to what you can get out of the pack, consider the amount Nigeria would have gained in all these in-fighting going on in almost all the so called parties! Yes it is said that out of the ruins of a revolution a nation State usually emerges but then does the dictum truly apply for Nigeria considering that we got out of the civil war since 197or thereabouts! You have a semblance of decorum in APC now for the obvious reason that it is the party borne out of conspiracy and intrigues – am thinking about the cross carpets and defections that trailed the birth of the party in government; but wait until 2019 approaches and on President M. Buhari’s doctor’s advice he considers that he may not carry on due to his health condition as a result, you may have the same effect of disintegration kick-in in APC and it’ll be ‘katakata’ again with possible revolting/ resounding consequences across the board!

    ‘No party’ arrangement, I and few others, told IBB has a purging effect on individuals wanting to serve the public and the laws as it did in 1987/88 particularly as in the system it is the public that determines who they want to serve it and not group of ‘scalawags’, for that reason individuals are put under the psychology to be seen to be of good behaviour and of course good character as such, the laws of the land will have such influence (grip) on each one of them against what you have under party formations! Think for a moment if you had ‘No party’ as you are now grappling with PDP’s in-fighting and the individuals are pitched against the laws you have, just conjecture what might become of the outcome of the unduly prolonged wrangling and the costs including psychological for positions in the party to date compelling old and founding members to leave the boat! I have heard commentators aver that with time things will simmer down but it will do so with cost and mistrusts, which is not in conformity with the idea of how to arrive at that dictum – ‘like minds’ principle if you can see my reasoning! Look, I am not your adviser only that as a concerned observer, I thought I could just remind you people about the mistakes in the thinking whoever is advising you people about politics in Nigeria!

    Worse scenario is that because you started in the political party stage holding the stick on the wrong end of it you’re left in the quagmire with the ‘Winner takes all’ misnomer of American elections and not administrative thus compounding the political problems in Nigeria the more. I do not want to expatiate on this rather I want to suggest that you find way to bring back the alternative since you cannot return to ‘No party’ system unless you have such an overwhelming powers to do this or like Cyprus has just decided (all party agreed) to effect a change in their own system, where you let ‘Shadow Cabinet’ arrangement be accepted as part features of you political setting in Nigeria than what you have in the ‘Kitchen Cabinet’ mendacity! Shadow Cabinet you know that the members should come from the voting processes whereas the ‘Kitchen Cabinet’ comes from that ‘winner takes all’ idea therefore not a true representation of the people but for the interest of a clique or cohorts!

    What is happening wrongly in Nigeria’s administrative back stage I have come to see it, is more because President M. Buhari is not truly a ‘revolutionist’ in the true sense the word is applied otherwise, yes, he talks about corruption not even ‘debauchery’ yet which is part bane of the society in Nigeria at work place and the High Institutions and worse still about the said anti-corruption measures, we now notice is being dealt with haphazardly – do some and leave some, kind of approach the case of Magu and Alhaji Babachir Davud Lawal come to mind immediately! You can see a good number of the flaws if were on that ‘Olympian height’ position and you’re able to look down on what is happening in Nigeria, you’ll probably see what I am seeing in the same light! Understand my thinking folks, I am in no way condemning what is happening in Nigeria through the policies but merely highlighting the oversights which is obviously occurring as a result of that cultural and religious influence or appurtenances I talked about in my opening paragraphs – it cannot be due to any other reasons so, you can bear me out when I talk about ‘wrong things happening administratively-back stage in Nigeria – you have loads of them!

    I fear that I I shall stop here and hope that those advising you people can work out ways to bring back the idea of a ‘Shadow Cabinet’ arrangement for Nigeria’s politics even in the present setting particularly since all the discussions in your (NTA’s) Good Morning and the like in the Channel TV – 24 or the 360 – DEJI’s program all fall by the wayside and not taken into account as it’ll be otherwise, if the discussants belonged to a party in opposition or the conclusions arrived at in the discourses came from the ‘Shadow Cabinet members assembled by a party in the Houses! I don’t know how many of you can see what I am driving at but sincerely a ‘Shadow Cabinet’ arrangement re-introduced or brought back to Nigeria’s political setting will go a long way in settling most of the vexed questions in the country making it possible for the State Houses to be even that much better and concisely placed on a development path arrangement/ economic curve! We don’t all have to think like Asewaju Bola Tinubu, Chief Akonde and or Chief John Oyegun even Governor Chekwas Okorie or Rotimi Amaechi Minister for Transport in their dazed designations in the political fields in Nigeria!

    I mean in Nigeria where politicians can cross carpets or do defections as they wish – we just heard that Sen. Ken Nnamani has also defected and (INEC with PhD Chairmen) looks on and you are not compelled to go for bye-elections to comply to set standards in political climes (as a means to sensitize the electorates psychologically and otherwise irrespective of their tribe or religion) and you say you’re doing DEMOCRATIC practice – na lie – keliya ne you are just manipulating and cheating the people; that is what it is to me! I class all that as mumbo-jumbo, folks!