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Talking to you, man in the mirror (1)


Image Source: Deviantart (madetobeunique)

Image Source: Deviantart (madetobeunique)

WITH the media hype, excitement, elite speaking from both sides of their mouth, the fear of the huge reptile ready to swallow all living reptiles that come its ways, the sit-tight leaders glued into the lounger, those who are supposed to direct the equitable thoughts of an average Nigerian, the ‘do or die’ modish of just finding means of feeding their stomachs; and the justification for the insurgency, all calmed down for a while for the political stakeholders to start the race to the finished line toward March 28, 2015, all in the name of struggling for the resources that belong to Nigeria and have to be managed by whosesoever Nigerians elect to lead them.

When Nigeria returned into Democracy 1999, it was a sigh of relief from the military, the profession that turned Nigeria into the Ancient period as witnessed today, and wants to continue using 2015 as a comeback tactic.

Take a look at yourself in the mirror if things have changed for better in Nigeria. It was the use of force against ‘We the People’. It went through many years of adjustments of correcting what went wrong in the past administrations just because the Heads rot, from head to toe. I am talking to you.

Take a moment; look at yourself in the mirror.

Your stained milieu that is full of loutish activities that shoot you into stardom. You continue to milk cow dry in the name of ‘I will die’ for the country. I am talking to you. You would stop at nothing to keep on deceiving and confusing the society. Crucify him today; at the winkle of an eye, the individual is your hero, talking with both sides of your mouth. I am talking to you; as you are supposed to enlighten the society to make dependable decisions on issues that affect their livelihood.

I am talking to the man in the mirror whose knowledge is supposed to liberate an average Nigerian from their unimaginable, inhuman status; to an enviable position of stardom; and you made a 360 degree turn to use that power to confuse the people in making equitable choices who lead them. You take advantage of their vulnerability to amass wealth, and turned the community to the property that belong to your ancestors; forced innocent citizens to continue with zero-zero-one, or, zero-one-zero formula, on a daily basis.

There is God o!

I am talking to you for your insolence to Nigeria by allowing yourself to become a security risk to the nation with your forked tongue. Tour tongue continues to disrespect yourself with uncivilised utterances that engender violence. I am talking to you as you are awaiting the People’s Court.

I am talking to you not on the touch line, and leave Nigerians to study your offensive body language. Unfortunately, you turned yourself to a masquerade that could not control his dance in the public market. Hence, you mistakenly flogged your own mother who is also a trader in the market. I am talking to you with your oil blocks, as you slipshod an average Nigerian plight, to replenish your oil licence which expires this year, to confuse the populace. Whereas the region where the oil is ‘siphoned’ from, is of the opinion that the licences for the oil block must be fairly distributed.

You sponsored the cash and carry media to indoctrinate the electorate to swing votes so as to endorse your oil licence. Unfortunately, you turned some Nigerians to chorus singers to celebrate mediocrity, stupidity, amoral followers. Nigerian media has its way of deflecting any outburst of news and speed on the train by misleading the world, unnecessarily balancing the piece of news for the electorate to make principled decision.

Who saves the country from the confused ingrate Confucians in the community? Because you have the power to indoctrinate them with the power of the mega million media information dissemination at your disposal you disorient some Nigerians. You blinded inward sense of some loudest few Nigerians and would not think of the impact of their irrational decisions what affect them and their children in future. Nigerians are at crossroads and confused which way to go, uphill, downhill, left, or, right, and you have all that it takes to give them the opportunity to decide which way to go but you block their wits of logic.

I am talking to you as you lead a Professional group to make their tents against an anointed puppet earlier, who eventually grew like Joseph the messiah of Egypt; and his opponent then was too old and a dictator. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and have a rethink your age being affected by amnesia with a seven-year deficit.

It is loud and clear that Nigerians are not incompletely happy with one party in control of the Central Government of 15 years and nine months (1999). The Nigerians political thinking is towards for better or worse of the indolent leaders, because they are the same.

• To be continued tomorrow.
• Femi Ajayi is a Professor of Policy, Management and Conflict Resolution, at Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State

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  • Ade_O

    Thanks for this beautiful piece. Just cannot wait for the remaining.