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When Your Fancy Shatters Other People’s Peace


Most people cherish very tranquil environment. And this is not strange. A tranquil environment helps the brain to reflect and rest in absolute brood.

To a lot of individuals, the business of sleeping cannot be consummated in a place laden with noise. Such individuals only end up with pounding headaches as a result of the disturbance of their sleep cycle.

Tranquillity does not affect only sleep in a positive way, it also helps the thought process in absolute serenity, and great ideas are generated and nurtured. Above all, tranquillity promotes peace and life with complete harmony with one’s creator.

My business in this piece is to examine the role of animals when it comes to keeping our environment in absolute tranquillity. I will use the dog as a model.

A lot will contend that the barking of a dog contributes negative noise to the environment and perhaps irritate people; yet, others will see this from a positive perspective of the dog announcing his presence to potential thieves and or calling for the attention of his benefactors. Or how else can the dog “talk” and raise “alarm” when he/she is not gifted like us-men?

It is known from creation, that dogs bark, with some breeds being more adept at it than others. It is their own form of communication either with themselves or with the wider world. But just how good is this form of vocalization as music to the ears of people? For the dog owners, whose only intention of keeping their critters is for the noise, it just doesn’t matter. This may also be true of owners who keep dogs for particular purposes that are beneficial to them. This set will not really mind the “little irritation”.

However, where does one leave the neighbour in this whole calculation? He does not own the dog; he does not need the dog. The dog serves no obvious benefit to him and yet the dog does not allow him his peace. Of course, he becomes severely irritated and could be suffering untold hardship because of this- albeit, psychologically and medically. He cannot be crucified if he expresses his distaste for these canine noise makers.

It is apt at this juncture, to preach the virtue of being a little bit considerate of other people’s feelings before settling down with a dog in your home. If you don’t have a big compound all to yourself, why do you keep dogs in a compound housing four families outside your flat? At least your dog as a member of your family should be domiciled within your household.

It is my highly considered opinion, that, dog owners should not disturb and disorient their neighbours with their fancy and if at all, a dog must be brought home, the opinion of the neighbours should be canvassed for and appropriate understanding reached as to the potential benefits of having the dog in the compound.

If this is not achieved, I think the potential owner should be patient enough to allow all concerned to see a need for the introduction of the pet.

In more advanced societies, nobody is allowed to disturb the peace of the other with their animals. For those who dared, they have had to pay fines and had their “unruly animals” sent to animal shelters for proper comportment. At such times, owner and animal become losers.

I think it is just right to allow neighbours have their peace of mind. At the same time, nobody can deny you, your right to satisfy your own desires; it is just that a thin line of compromise must be drawn.

•Nasir is a veterinary doctor

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