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Getting Ready For New Love


SOMETIMES love is hard to find. For some, they fall in and out of love like its air they are breathing. Some have had painful relationships and for some, it’s been good for them. I’ve had my own fair share of good and bad relationships too and it hasn’t stopped me from falling in love again. 

  In the past, some of us might have hooked up with the wrong guy or we are still hooking up with the wrong type of men. But that’s all over now, and it’s time to bounce back! But if you’re like most singles (and “newly-singles”), you might feel a little daunted and maybe even a little scared about dating again, that’s completely normal. After all, it’s a whole new dating game which means  new rules, new guys, new everything. And you’re probably wondering: “Do I even still belong in the dating game?” If you asked me, my answer to you would be “Yes. Absolutely!” Your “one true love,” your “Prince Charming,” your “Mr. Right” is out there. There’s no doubt about that. He might be going out with someone else right now, but she’ll never be as good as you’ll be. You just got to wait your turn! He might already be looking for you; it is only a matter of time. 

 But the thing I need you to realise is this; while you’re waiting, while you’re still single, I urge you to get ready for your next relationship. And you can get ready in one of two ways.

  Now the problem with most single women is that they have way too much fun while they’re waiting for “Mr. Right.” Let me explain. Let’s say there are two single women, their names are “Ade” and “Fola,” and they’re both glam and fab.

  Ade is the typical newly-single woman. She just kicked her ass of an ex-boyfriend out of her life, and now she’s enjoying her new-found freedom: Partying, shopping, dating casually, watching movies, eating ice cream, and so on. And when asked about her relationship status, Ade would answer: “Oh, I’m just waiting for the right guy.” Guess what? That’s exactly her problem. She’s “just waiting.”

  In Ade’s mind, getting into a relationship means “game over.” She thinks it’s the end of her fun life. So while waiting for the right guy, she has as much fun as she can possibly have. But this is a huge mistake to make, because in Ade’s

subconscious mind, she’ll regret the idea of getting into an exclusive relationship with a guy. So she’ll subconsciously make choices and decisions that actually drive good men away. And if Ade ever does get into another relationship, it will be just the same as her last one, if not even worse.

  Do this for me, take a quick look at your own life right now. Are you over-glamorizing the single life? Are you giving off the vibe that you don’t want a man in your life?  Are you in the same danger that “Ade” is in?

 What I think single women should be doing in my humble opinion is what Fola did. Now the second woman, “Fola,” is a little different. Like Ade, Fola is “waiting for the right guy” to come along. But Fola doesn’t waste her time partying and shopping and carelessly flirting with guys. Instead, Fola works while she waits. She slowly and steadily replaces her bad habits with good ones. She advances her career. She reads books. She learns useful new skills. And most importantly she keeps meeting and dating single men. As a result, something magical happens in Fola’s life. As time goes by, she meets men with fewer and fewer bad habits, hang-ups, and past issues.

 And as time goes by, she meets men who are:

– More successful

– More mature

– More intelligent

– More respectful

– More attentive to her feelings

– More relationship-ready

– More understanding

– More giving

– More generous with their time

– More suitable to her needs and personality

 At this rate, Fola will keep meeting better and better men until finally, when her “Mr. Right” comes along, their relationship will be effortless. Imagine not having to work too hard to make your relationship work because, for various beautiful reasons, your relationship takes care of itself. That’s what’s in store for Fola!

  Now here’s a question for you.Who would you rather be like? Obviously, you’ll want to be like Fola, who keeps working and getting better at the dating game and ultimately gets rewarded with a romantic, lifelong relationship that takes care of itself!

  If you’re single or if you just broke free from a bad relationship and would like to try again, then here’s my New Year’s wish for you: I want your next relationship to be 10 times better than your last one.

 I want it to make your already happy life even happier. I want it to be strong enough to weather any storm that comes your way. And I want it to be with a man who’s 100% willing to devote his entire life to make you happy. Is that what you want for yourself, too?

  You need to start attracting only the smartest, most accommodating, and most emotionally-mature men into your life  while keeping the players, the jerks, and the cheaters well away. You need to always put yourself in a position of value and being precious. Then will he know how to respect you. He wouldn’t be able to resist pursuing you. You simply put yourself in control of his heart by being an unforgettable feminine being who knows her own value. 

To our happiness. Cheers.

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