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Academy tasks firms on capacity building


BusinessTo fill the vacuum left behind by those who were relieved of their jobs following massive sack of workers as a result of the country’s economic recession, Growth Academy (GA) has tasked firms to build their employees’ capacity on multi-tasks.

They made this known at the weekend in Lagos during the Academy’s Breakfast Forum where one of their facilitators, Austin Josheph said that the “survival of any firm in a challenging time like this is their ability to train their human resources to be creative, innovative and supportive,” stressing that this can only be achieved through capacity building.

Joseph sad that many firms could find themselves in a tight situation if the gap between the most experienced staff and the less were not bridged. Sighting a situation where those who know tend to monopolise it, their by making it impossible for others to learn or be carried along.

Speaking to The Guarddian, the Academy’s Business Development Manager, Wilson Kolawale said that to help firms maximise their already downsized staff strength by only building their ability to take on multiple task.

ut also transform those who feel that their job would be on the line if they teach another person how to do the job.

On the need to learn a bit out of one’s comfort zone, Kolawale said that Nigeria has leadership challenges today because everyone thinks a professor of Accounting does not need to learn leadership and influence. Eventually, he is made the Finance Minister or the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Governor, and he will then be required to lead, without been a leader.

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