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Firm to address power challenge with renewable energy


Solar field

A China-based firm, Shenzhen Kang Ming Sheng Technology Industry Incorporation, has disclosed plans to deepen renewable energy penetration in Nigeria with a new manufacturing plant.

Speaking at the Conference and Annual General Meeting of the Nigerian Optometry Association in Abuja, Marketing Manager, Kamisafe, a Nigerian-based subsidiary of the firm, Mbam Goodluck Ebenezer, said there was a need to address the poor power supply in Nigeria with energy sources that are sustainable and environmental friendly.
Ebenezer, who stressed on the growing impacts of lights on the eyes, said the launch of a new reading lamp called Kamisafe would reduce eye related diseases, especially among children.

Though he did not reveal financial plan for the renewable energy manufacturing plant, Ebenezer said the project is a medium to long term plan that would support the company’s penetration in Nigeria and other countries in Africa.He said the focus was to deploy power supply especially in the areas of street lighting, supermarkets, and homes to tackle pollution explosion in the country.

“We are planning on setting up a manufacturing plant in Nigeria that would produce products like solar panels and solar streetlight. Specifically, we are in the process of entering into various agreements with different individuals and organisations, to set up solar street lights in some parts of the country, especially in Lagos, Onitsha, Kano among others.

“The world is tilting towards environmentally-friendly energy and there is no cleaner energy than what we offer. Instead of using generators and its attendant noise and air pollution, with your affordable solar panel, such as our 7.5 KVA panels, one can power his or her whole household. It can also power a supermarket.

“There are some supermarkets in Ikeja, seeking to acquire our 7.5 KVA solar panels, instead of using generators. Again, instead of using generators, we have lights and rechargeable bulbs that can illuminate the whole house.”Speaking on the new lamp, Product Development Director of the firm, Collins Nnaji, said the introduction of Kamisafe into the Nigerian market would enable the country reduce eye diseases.

Noting that children are especially at risk when it comes to the negative effects of some lights to the eye, Nnaji said the Kamisafe reader lamp would protect the eyes, and help to avoid fatigue as well as discourage insect.

“The lamp is different from other lamp in the market because it’s eye friendly, save energy, and has 100 per cent quality assurance,” Nnaji said.An Optometrist with Unimind Eye Care, Esegine Ogheneovo, who was also at the event, noted that the impact of light to human eye escalates prevailing eye diseases in Nigeria.Ogheneovo said the new product has high level of lumen, and could rotate 360 degree such that it could help in reducing the risk of eye damage.Another health practitioner, Ngozi Nwanekezie, noted that there were radiations that can cause fatigue or aggravate already existing problems in the eye.She stressed the need to prevent short sightedness in children with the provision of lights that are safer.

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