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Frenzy Expectations Herald Christmas Season


santa-claus-rein-deer-cartoon-kids-christmas-wallpaperChristmas is usually celebrated on December 25 in order to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, who Christians believe is the son of God. His birthday is being debated by scholars. The word Christmas comes from the old English ”Cristes maesse”,or the mass of Christ.

To these set of people, it is probably that the Christmas date of December 25 was chosen to offset the pagan celebration of Saturnalia and Natalis Invicti. They even linked it to the celebration of the birth of the true light of the world at the time because this is when the days in the northern hemisphere began to have more hours of sunlight. However, in the spirit of the season, friends often exchange gifts in order to commemorate the birth of Jesus which is a mark of God’s gift to humanity.

To many believers ,Christmas is a time to think of Jesus as a baby in a manger .Even though for nearly 2000 years, debate has been raging on the identity of Jesus Christ, that is, who Jesus really is as Cults and sceptics have offered various explanations as some say that he is one of the gods, a created being, a high angel, a good teacher, a prophet, and so on; that has not snatched his true identity .For the contemporary man ,Christmas has come to stay as many associated the name to love as depicted in the manner which he humbled himself while on the planet earth with his human body .For this reason, it is not out of tune if households and corporate environments are decorated prior to Christmas day.

Going by the captivating look in the Lagos metropolis, many residents wish Christmas could be celebrated everyday .Many places in the metropolis now wear a new look in preparation for Christmas and new year celebrations. At various corporate offices in the metropolis, there is equally a glowing beauty at the sight of multi-colours twinkling lights, apparels, buntings, Christmas trees including other accessories used in decorating the structures. Some lights keep blinking while others continuously come down like raindrops.

Also, at the various markets in the metropolis, the frenzy continues, as residents move about to make their purchases. Various corporate shops are now doing open-air sales to attract buyers to obtain hampers and other corporate gifts. Also, crowds of patrons have increased in many fast-food centres, as families now take their members for entertainment.

The youths are also decorating several streets with buntings and fireworks for the festival while offices are decorated in order to lure customers to spend more time. When this step is taken, the customer will not be in a hurry to leave. The whole idea behind this is that the customer will spend more money on your articles.

Small businesses that retail food items, clothes, fashion accessories, decorative household items and gifts are usually more affected by this annual sales surge. However, not every retailer benefits from these bumper sales.

The reason for this may not be for the lack of quality goods or competitive prices but due to lack of effective business promotion strategies. It is therefore important for retailers to promote their businesses at this period in order to effectively maximise the advantage the period provides.

What about the less privileged in the society? Their stories are always touching whatever angle they are told from .For those of them who still enjoy the support and love of enlightened family members, there is a lot to be grateful for. But then, the fact that they suffer from disabilities and , at times, discrimination over no fault of theirs is a reality that sometimes resonates. For others who have been totally forgotten and abandoned by relatives, it is a double tragedy.

The practice these days is for some rich men to visit homes where these kinds of physically challenged people stay and donate food items but beyond this gesture, there is always an innate clamour by these gifted children to have permanent means of income yielding businesses than just a mere donation of food items.

As regards kids, it is a special day for they receive gifts that they have been longing for .Many children believe in Santa Claus, or Father Christmas, a figure who is believed to provide Christmas presents to children. Some incredulous children use to write letters to Santa Claus before Christmas day asking for a gift that they desire most. It is not out of place to exchange Christmas gifts among adults.

Many churches have special Christmas services, some of which include carols. Many even adore their interior as well as exterior with beautiful flowers. It may even include a crèche or miniature nativity scene while handful of other churches also televised for those who are unable to attend such carol service.

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