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SON confiscates N100m substandard energy saving bulbs


DG of SON, Osita Anthony Aboloma

DG of SON, Osita Anthony Aboloma

The Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), vested with the responsibility of standardising and regulating the quality of all products has seized two containers of substandard energy saving bulbs worth over N100 million, in continuance of its zero tolerance for substandard products while also safeguarding lives and properties ‎in the country.

The Director, Inspectorate and Compliance, Bede Obayi, explained that the products failed conformity tests conducted by the agency.He noted that importers of the substandard energy saving bulbs, which consume less power, are out to cheat unsuspecting Nigerian consumers. He maintained that after carrying out series of laboratory tests on the bulbs ‎displaying 85watts capacity, the agency discovered that the bulbs could only do 25 watts representing less than 30 per cent of the rated value of the bulbs. 

Obayi expressed concern over the continuous unscrupulous activities by these not well meaning importers, saying that the agency under its new leadership of the Director General, SON, Aboloma Osita, is out to safeguard and protect the lives of innocent Nigerians in the country. 

He however stated that its new Act of No 14 of 2015, has given the agency prosecutorial powers to prosecute erring importers of fake and substandard goods, saying that this would serve as a deterrent to other importers who engage in the illicit trade.

“Our new act has given us prosecutorial ‎powers to prosecute. This is why the new the Director General has said that under his watch, prosecution of these erring importers must be a priority.

This will serve as a deterrent to other importers of fake and substandard goods in the country to desist from the nefarious act. The act is out there to protect Nigerians. SON is out to say enough is enough to economic sabotage,” he added. 

In his words: “We have two brands of energy saving bulbs whose names are ART and Tonobo bulbs. The two containers of these bulbs were intercepted by our men who are policing the‎ highways and our intelligent officers at the port who alert our enforcement officers whenever they suspect a container.

“These bulbs are rated 85 watts, but when we took samples of these bulbs to our laboratory for testing, we discovered that they are only 25 watts which is less than 30 per cent of the rated value of the bulb. The unsuspecting Nigerian consumers are buying these bulbs thinking it is 85 watts not knowing it is just 25 watts. This is not acceptable by SON especially under the new leadership of the Director General, SON, Dr. Aboloma Osita who does not accept substandard in any way to come into the country.”

He restated the agency’s commitment to combating the influx of fake and substandard goods into the country, adding that there will be no hiding place for importers who still indulge in the act of short changing Nigerians of their hard earned money.

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  • real

    good for SON. however we can continue to seize and destroy all these substandard product for years and it would not stop until we begin to hit the funding of this import. we need to start going after those that fund the importation of this product. we need to hit them where it matter, which is their funding and profit. There is a need to start going after the source, we should not be allow this product to even hit our shores, because if it is cleared from the port, it is already too late. time to attack the source and the sellers of this product.

  • Peter O Peters

    Too many Chiefs, no Indians. Why not SON manufacture own bulb? How can you regulate what you do not know nor make?