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At Easter, cleric charges politicians, others on forgiveness


Idowu Fearon

Idowu Fearon

ARCHBISHOP of Anglican Communion, Kaduna Diocese, Bishop Josiah Idowu-Fearon has urged politicians and members of the public alike to embrace the spirit of forgiveness, embodied by Jesus Christ at this period of Easter when He died for the sins of the world.

Speaking with journalists shortly after the Easter sermon at Saint Michael Cathedral, Bishop Idowu-Fearon maintained, “There should be justice after forgiveness. In Christian point of view, if Jesus had not died on the cross, there wouldn’t have been forgiveness. So, I am appealing to President Goodluck Jonathan, Major General Muhammadu Buhari, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and any other aggrieved persons to forgive. But, there must be justice.”

Idowu-Fearon said: “this year’s Easter is unique because we held presidential election and it was free and fair without rancour or violence. If you remember in 2011 general election, there was violence after the election, we in Kaduna couldn’t breathe, we couldn’t move.”

“God answered our prayers in this year’s election, there was no violence, everybody is happy, even those who lost the election are happy. There were no catastrophic and destructive reactions. This is what makes this Easter celebration unique this year.”

“We have started doing things with moderation. Mr. President congratulated Buhari even before the result was finally declared when he knows that he was losing. That is moderation.”

The Anglican bishop however, pointed out that it would be undemocratic if the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) or any aggrieved party refuses to seek redress in court of law if it has any genuine case, reminding the congregation and Nigerians that in 2011 the opposition party, the then Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) went to court over allegation of being out-rigged.

Idowu-Fearon added any other political party not satisfied with the outcome of the just-concluded presidential and National Assembly elections could go to court to seek justice rather than engage in any bickering that may endanger peace and tranquility in Nigeria.

The Christian clergy explained that it was dangerous for the country and the people to assume that all was well; pointing out that the presence of peace did not mean absence of conflict.

Bishop Idowu-Fearon said, “I heard that Jonathan said PDP should allow things to be the way it is. I know in politics it is wrong, so, my advice is that if PDP is aggrieved it can go to court because Buhari went to court in 2011. If PDP has a genuine reason or evidence, let it go to court.”
“Honestly I advise PDP and other parties to go to court, so that the court will investigate, if they have a genuine case, let the law takes its course so that nobody will say we patched it up. So, let the court decide. I don’t believe in covering things up, and that is why I am different.”
He continued: “Peace does not mean absence of conflict, we have to manage the conflict, if PDP said it was out-rigged, because PDP also rigged, let it go to court if it has evidence, a genuine case that it was rigged, that is the only way we can have peace in this country. I don’t want to hear people saying we don’t want this Hausa people, we don’t want this PDP people, no, let’s do things in a proper way.”

“Even though they said politics is a dirty game, we must not be personal in politics; the pre-election campaign was too personal. It does not happen in a civilised society. So, I appeal to Jonathan and the president-elect, General Buhari to forgive each other in order to move the country forward. All those who are hurt should forgive, but they should seek justice.”

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