Thursday, 21st September 2023

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and chronic prostatitis treatment needs Dr Allen’s Device

Urologists recommend medications and a prostate massage to treat chronic prostatic diseases: benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome

Urologists recommend medications and a prostate massage to treat chronic prostatic diseases: benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CP/CPPS). This is questionable as BPH drugs and courses of prostate massage can be harmful. And with Dr Allen’s Device, a unique prostate treatment, men can only feel better.

With no side effects, Dr Allen’s Device enabling Thermobalancing therapy can be used as monotherapy at-home, without risky medications, surgery and courses of prostate massages. Dr Allen’s Device is the only clinically proven product that truly treats the cause of BPH and chronic prostatitis, reducing the abnormal size of the affected prostate gland, relieving the annoying symptoms of these chronic non-cancerous prostate diseases.

About a prostate gland.

Men should know what the prostate is a small gland, which consists of the seminal vesicles and the ductus. It is responsible for the production of fluid that supports the functioning of sperm. The prostate is located just below the bladder and encloses the proximal urethra in the pelvis. Consequently, when the gland is enlarged or inflamed, it presses and irritates the bladder, causing lower urinary tract symptoms.

Massaging the prostate gland can damage the very fragile structure of the prostate gland, causing inflammation and stone formation in the prostate. In addition, massage may develop urethral stricture or the ingress of urethral microflora into the epididymis, which leads to epididymitis.

Medications for enlarged and inflamed prostate

Urologists are instructed to prescribe drugs for men with BPH and CP/CPPS, such as alpha-blockers and steroid 5 alpha-reductase inhibitors (Avodart). Sadly, all these pills and can cause serious adverse events and complications, such as weakness, retrograde ejaculation, impotence, and diabetes. As a result of these new problems, men become depressed, which significantly reduces their quality of life and makes life miserable.

Risks of minimally invasive prostate surgery, which is often used for BPH, include: urinary tract infection, dry orgasm, erectile dysfunction, difficulty holding urine, need for re-treatment and depression. Again, none of this makes men happy.

Does prostate massage have any benefits?

Prostatic massage is used to extract expressed prostatic secretions that has value in diagnosis of several conditions. This is the only positive function of this technique.

However, some studies are trying to promote prostate massage among men in the treatment of BPH and chronic prostatitis. For instance, an article “Evaluation of an at-home-use prostate massage device for men with lower urinary tract symptoms”, suggests that prostatic massage device is warranted.

Another article, “Clinical use and implications of sexual devices and sexually explicit media”, supports prostate massage for sexual stimulation. However, there is no long-term evidence of this, and men themselves stop doing this due to subsequent problems.

What are risks involved in receiving a prostate massage?

Attempts to make prostate massage a daily practice are not supported by either men or healthcare professionals. First, it is associated with a number of side effects:

  • Bleeding around the prostate
  • Damage of the delicate prostate tissue
  • Development of prostatic calculi
  • Acute epididymitis
  • Cellulitis, a serious skin infection
  • Spreading of prostate cancer, if it is already present
  • The occurrence and worsening of hemorrhoids
  • Damage to the rectal lining

Dr Allen’s Device is effective as it treats the cause of BPH and CP/CPPS

Please read the article, which explains how this therapy reduces the size and symptoms of an enlarged or inflamed prostate: “Innovative Thermobalancing therapy and Dr Allen’s Device for the first time employ body energy to treat chronic prostatic diseases effectively”, which is published in the leading International Journal of Quality Innovation,

Fine Treatment manufactures therapeutic Dr Allen’s Device and delivers it with free international delivery within 7 days via Royal mail tracking service. The price of the device is less than $200. For more than a decade, Dr. Allen’s prostate device has been successfully used by thousands of men with chronic prostatitis and BPH in over 100 countries.