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Contractors accuse amnesty programme director of corruption


A group of contractors with the Presidential Amnesty Programme has added their voice to the current rift between the Coordinator of the Amnesty Programme and his Director of Finance.

Three contractors who requested anonymity revealed most of the unethical activities of the Amnesty DFA.

According to them, the DFA Mr Ilem Iyam, has been allegedly collecting kickbacks from contractors, since late last year. They also frowned at the open disloyalty of the finance director, highlighting the possible involvement of the Accountant General of the Federation, Alh Ahmed Idris.

The statement “It is important that as citizens of Nigeria, we lend our voice to oppose unethical activities especially in our primary constituency; The Niger Delta Presidential Amnesty Office. First of all, it is gross misconduct for a federal civil servant to circulate official documents; unauthorized.

“A couple of documents have been flying around, circulated by Mr. Ilem. The documents released have no connection to Contracts, Payments or any form of funds misappropriation. They are simply lists of companies, with amounts attached to them. It is shocking that a civil servant will defy the Civil Service Code of Conduct and go against all work ethics, just to pull down his boss. The activities of this DFA only shows a broader game, which might involve, Alhaji Ahmed Idris, the Accountant General of the Federation.

“Many of our collogues have complained about Mr Ilem but are scared to speak out. He has numerous times, demanded kickbacks for payments, and frustrates the payments of those who refuse to play ball. As at late last year, Mr. Ilem was collecting 10 per cent of the total payment expected, from gullible contractors, before effecting payment. Now he demands 20% claiming that he has to defend his payments and also take care of the Accountant General. At first, some of us didn’t believe, but as events started unfolding and the DFA’s misconduct became public, with no disciplinary action, the possibility of a collaboration between the DFA and the AGF became clearer.

“For many years, this is the first time the beneficiaries of the Programme receive their stipends on time with no hassles. Files and approvals hardly get stuck in departments. The only place we have been having issues is the finance department. Once your file gets there, it’s a whole new ball game. Its either you deal or you wait for the next Inflow. Contractors have regularly complained to the Coordinator about the activities of his DFA, but he has always brushed it aside. Now the dust has settled and the true picture is clear.

“The most shocking part of this whole thing is the audio recording released to the press by Mr Ilem. The audio clearly shows a civil servant who is not only disloyal to his boss but also desirous to take over the position of the Amnesty Coordinator. This is the height of insubordination, and the silence around this shows a broader conspiracy to remove Prof Charles Dokubo. The right authorities should wade into this matter and salvage this situation.”

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