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Dogara, Bakare meet Buhari at Aso Villa


For the second time in less than two weeks, President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday met with the embattled Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara.

Unlike a fortnight ago when he forcefully bared his mind on the budget padding controversy and vowed not to resign, saying budget padding was not an offence, Dogara declined comments when he was approached by State House Correspondents on his visit to the villa.

He was accompanied by some lawmakers representing Bauchi State in the Senate.

Leader of the Latter Rain Assembly Church, Pastor Tunde Bakare, Buhari’s running mate in the 2011 presidential election, was also at the Presidential Villa.

Bakare who spoke with State House correspondents after the meeting which lasted for about 45-minutes, urged Nigerians to exercise patience with the present government, saying that it meant well for them.

“I came to see the President and he is doing very well, healthwise. That is all I came to do,” he added.

On the prospects of the administration delivering the change it promised Nigerians, Bakare explained: “When you are driving on a wrong direction, for example, you are going to Ibadan and you face Badagry and you get to Cotonou and you realise you have gone in the wrong direction for too long a time, then you turn back, there will be some suffering you have to go through.

“Pain is part of gain. No pain, no gain. The years of wastage and all that we have done wrong has finally caught up with us. All we are praying for is wisdom for this government to do the right things, so that gradually, we can begin to come out of the woods.”

He said it was too early to rate the administration’s performance, saying Buhari loves and means well for Nigeria and Nigerians and should be given some time to deliver.

On the budget padding issue, Bakare said: “I just returned to the country last Friday. I am still reading about it. I will make my decision when I have checked both sides and I will definitely speak on that.”

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  • vincentumenyiora

    Did you see the ‘new style’ in Rev. Bakare’s ‘Agbada’ – the hand extended so that it touches or terminates with Buhari’s hand! That is a new one, folks! I wondered how many saw what am saw – to quote Zebrudaya Okorigwe! The ‘swankiness’ I talked about Nigerian people – they do nicely in Babanrigas, agbada, Isi agu and Ashoke – all that without Industry in Nigeria, folks! Which way Nigeria – what do you think!

  • Efula

    Bakare is a politician in uniform. He is among those causing problems in this country and holding bible in one hand and gossiping at the altar of God. When they are outside, they say one thing. When they meet Buhari, they praise him. Soyinka went, Bakare and many more. Yet, no changes. Nigerians are not sending any of them to Buhari who does not know what to do.He want to be President and nothing more. Now he is.

    • Ato Hentop

      Efula, Did you study economics in the school? Where do you expect the money to come from when the price of crude has crashed compared to the past 3-10 years? I wonder why people like you just speak without first weighing the pros and cos,. This government needs time. If we are lucky to see the price of crude skyrocket tomorrow and the government is not able to change things you would be at liberty to criticize . I guess you are one of those PDP families who lost out from the scheme of stealing the nation blind, or you are just ignorant about how the economy works. I am neither PDP nor APC card carrier but judging by the economy of Nigeria, I have no reason to blame the government. For us to bounce back economically again there has to be some sacrifice. Many are angry with this government in that the culture of ” YOU CHOP I CHOP has be banished from the system. God willing we would get there if fighting corruption as the government is doing now is greatly sustained. PDP who knew what to do put this country in this mess we are into day. Had they saved for the raining day, though it would still not be Uhuru, but the pain would have been greatly mitigated. Efula, have you asked PDP where they got the billions they shared prior and after the election? I hate it when you take the fight to innocent people while you prematurely glorify the culprit.

      • Efula

        My name is easily identified. What about you. Ato Hentop. i am not a member of any political party. I have not even voted in the last 20 yrs. I am not an economist like you. But i am seeing clearly and i reason. When you made reference to PDP 16 yrs rule, you should also go back to those who rule this country since after the war. The fall on oil price is noted. But there is no reasonable government that will increase oil price from 86 naria per litre to 145 and expect it to be rossy to average Nigerian. There is no reasonable government whose minimum wage is 20,000 naria permonth and expect the populace to buy petrol at N145 per litre.In Nigeria, as soon as there are increase in petroleum products, every other things are increased. Its a mistake to think that only PDP are corrupt. Nigerians generally are corrupt. All governors no matter their political affiliations are corrupt.Bank managers are corrupt. All top government officials are corrupt. All members of APC are corrupt, Party leaders, University dons all are corrupt. Buhari who has ruled this country for many years as Head of State, State Governor, Oil Minister, PTF Chairman. He is also very corrupt but camelious.
        Everywhere in the world politicians are judged on their promises. Your Icon promised a change and that is what Nigerians need whether by hook or crook. I personally believe that those who looted the nations treasurer should face the bullet. But how can that be possible when a President is selective while those who are most corrupt are floating. If Buhari genuinely and truly committed to his war against corruption, let him start from beginning. Anything other than that is counterproductive The same PDP we accused of corruption are also those in APC. The same people funded his campaign. The same people are part of his Ministers. So who is fooling who.. The oil price is down worldwide there fore, the government should come to know their scale of preference. People cannot continue to suffer on the pretends that the oil price has fallen. This could hamper some projects but people who voted him for change should also benefit a little. Government is not making any impact whether you admit it or not.

        • Ato Hentop

          We are on the same page as far as Nigeria culture of corruption is concerned. I am not here to defend a Minister be it former PDP or APC. I know they are all stinking in corruption.
          My disagreement with you is about your belief Buhari does not know what to do. I don’t know if you are married or have kids, Have you found yourself in a situation where the money is not enough to carry the family through the month? That is what this government is facing as we I write. I am not working for this government. I am just being objective. Let look at the N145 a litre. Do you know Nigeria crude is sold cheaply on the high sea? Do you know criminal smuggle Nigeria crude to neighboring countries just that it was very cheap? Do you know the so-called subsidy was a scam? Do you know that it is the rich with fleet of cars and 6 liter engines were the people enjoying the cheap gasoline? My brother, what I am telling you is that be patient. I know it is hard now, but it is going to be tough before it becomes better. I’m businessman, for over 8 months I have not been able to bring in materials. I still hope someday things would be OK. I am from Niger Delta. I don’t want to stamp my name for security purpose. I am not a ghost. I wish you a nice weekend.

  • Efula

    Those who conspired to bring Buhari to power and those who voted him will continue to suffer untold hardship. Buhari is devil. and all his programs are dervish.

  • Rev

    Let us pray for pastor Bakare.