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Ethnic minorities endorse Jonathan’s re-election


northA GROUP of ethnic minorities, mostly from the North, has endorsed President Goodluck Jonathan’s reelection bid, saying that his ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presents the mix of minority-majority presidential ticket that contemporary Nigeria should support.

It said that the All Progressives Congress (APC) would present a majority-majority presidency should the presidential candidate and running mate get elected in the coming election.

The components are operating under the auspices of Nigerian Ethnic Minority Rights Movement for the Actualisation of Goodluck Jonathan’s Presidential Ambition in 2015 (NEMRIMAG), with headquarters in Jos, Plateau State.

They said in a statement: “The ethnic minority’s fears of domination by the majority ethnic groups would prove to be justified when the British left, and signs abound that this would be continued should we vote in a majority/majority ticket, which the All Progressives Congress has fielded.”

Signed jointly by NEMRIMAG President, Gizo Kuulyidamsu Jnr, and Secretary, Onya E. Samuel, the statement added: “We urge our people to rise against this domination and develop a fourth force (after the three major language groups of Hausa-Fulani, Yoruba and Igbo) that will counter this evil agenda against ethnic minorities.

“Over time, national narrative and political discourse took on an increasingly regional format, undercutting the influence of the minority ethnic groups, something we must work against as we approach another sinister attempt ahead the 2015 elections, lest we are left out of the equation again.”

The movement took exception to lumping all Northern Nigeria together and tending to ignore the precise interest of the small groups among the larger ones, noting: “The time has come for northern minorities to develop an understanding of their political power.

“There have been powerful and influential individuals from northern minority ethnic groups before, but under the satanic banner of ‘One North, One Destiny,’ or in the name of protecting the so-called ‘Northern interest,’ we the ethnic minorities have been used by the Hausa-Fulani to further their interests while we gain nothing.”

It contended that Nigeria could remain a strong and united nation if all ethnic groups enjoy fairness, as “ethnic and religious conflicts in Nigeria, especially in the North, are indicative of the quest by minorities for independence, empowerment, identity construction, and the fear of the majority of losing economic and political power, and cultural dominance.”

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  • Fernando Adeboye

    Northerners endorsing GEJ cos they have benefited from his administration. Good way to go Mr president. We have seen your achievement through out the country. #GEJ4naija

    • faith adams

      Than you bro.

  • Olusola Oyeniyi

    There is no ethnic group in Nigeria that is a minority but to the best of my knowledge in my over 60 years of age ,hence I don’t know where this theory of dichotomy among ethnic groups comes from .The fact is that Jonathan introduce such self centeredness principle just to win sympathy from low minded persons to kill the coexistence nature of the country that has been there even before most of them were born People of doubtful origin claiming Nigeria should stop this form of foolishness and let the country move forward and have the expected progress.I am a Yoruba man and I love all my Nigerian men and women hence Edo ,Ijaw ,Nupe and Tiv we are one in Brotherhood .

    • Buhari_the_Certficate_FORGER

      then that 60years of age was spent in complete ignorance

    • David Egbeama

      Distorted message. Would anyone honestly say there are no ethnic minorities in Nigeria??. Why then are there major ethnic and linguistic groups? In a bid to disparage Mr President, some people will go to any length to stand logic on it’s head.

      • Johnson

        It is APC tactics to turn truth upside down for the sake of their desperation for power. The more the lie the more I hate them. If they seize power, they will be telling Nigerians complete lies. No single truth from their mouth. The shame is that they claim to be educated, most of their supporters are educated illiterates, which is deliberate deception.

    • The Patriot

      Are you really 60 or 12?

      • Buhari_the_Certficate_FORGER

        His thinking and his testimony shows someone below 3 years 12 is an Upgrade

  • New Nigerian

    ..Expect more Non-Phantom groups like this to create a fake-momentum so they can attempt to rig the election. The number against Jonathan in Northern Nigeria is 35,000 – that is the number of dead people every tribe, religion, class, minorities or majorities that have been needlessly slaughtered under Jonathan’s watch….as recent as December he cancelled training of Nigerian soldiers to counter Boko Haram…so he clearly failed all Nigerians but he failed Northern Nigerians – across the board – in a sadistic, psychopathic ways……I did not think it was possible again to re-unite Northern Nigeria post Balewa given what have been going on…Jonathan have managed to achieve this monumental task of uniting Northern Nigerians again through the operations of the Boko Haram militia that was needlessly launched to genocide the North. So expect 95% vote for Buhari from the North. The 5% is to allow for margin of error.

    …And he has lost all Nigerians by being a mafia don only interested in converting our resources to his own while leaving everyone, including his home town people stranded and exposed to slow death through destitution.

    Now he is running around from pillar to post, looking inside-shoe, inside-cooking pot (like Fela would say), in palaces, in holy places, everywhere for something that he has lost already and he know sit – and it is human nature to run around when you loose something you never valued. Kind of like, when you loose someone who loves you and you could not love them back or worse return it with hateful actions and abuse until s/he moves on or God recalls her/him. Jonathan killed the love Nigerians had for him and God is leading Nigerians away from Jonathan’s abuses and hateful actions – this could be because of 35,000 Nigerians killed in the North+ other victims of insecurities in the land, or too much pretensions of being christ-like while breaking God’s laws (something that is now trivialized as corruption) or causing so much pain, destitution, destruction in the land or simply because God has answered the prayer of one sincere person (that is all it takes, one person – God always answer the prayers of the oppressed wether they worship him or not – be they muslim, christian or non believers. God created them and whenever they cry to him against oppression he answers).

    So in the final analysis, if Jonathan likes, let him sit in Aso Rock or even pretend he has won the next election – God has decided to enthrone for Nigerians new leadership who love them back ! …everything else is details….and that is why the whole world is rejecting Jonathan and his co-traducers because he who is rejected above the heavens would have no acceptance on earth.

    • PINCO


      • Shokoloko Bangoshe

        We northerners have completely destroyed ourselves, we have missed the road to investment, and South-west, having been in control of education over the years, the same South west is gradually taking over the political power that the north used to control.

        “This is because the people of South west are highly educated, but in the north, our boys are roaming the streets, smoking Indian hemp and taking drugs, without minding to go to school……,” the governor said.

    • Shokoloko Bangoshe

      We northerners have completely destroyed ourselves, we have missed the road to investment, and South-west, having been in control of education over the years, the same South west is gradually taking over the political power that the north used to control.

      “This is because the people of South west are highly educated, but in the north, our boys are roaming the streets, smoking Indian hemp and taking drugs, without minding to go to school……,” the governor said. so said the Kaduna state governor

  • Olutayo ariyo

    When people are preaching any of these dichotomies”Rotational Presidency, North versus South, Muslim/Christian or Christian/ Muslim ticket, and now Ethnic Majority/Ethnic Minority ticket or ethnic balancing thereof it only reminds me of the story of Solomon. The biological mom pleaded for the life of the child to be spared, knowing too well that a living child has the potential of becoming anything, including even a President of a nation. while the baby-snatcher couldn’t care less”.My Lord, we must divide this Child”- This was a kiss of death- knowing too well that nothing good can come from a dead child”.Why can’t there be a Muslim-Muslim ticket or a Christian-Christian ticket, A South-South or a North-North ticket or a Majority-Majority or a Minority-Minority tickets if any of such combinations is the one that we are very sure or confident of giving us very robust, patriotic outstanding, accomplished, bold and visionary leaders. Unfortunately all that the weak ones clamor for and making the rounds with unchallenged and drowning losers are these nonsensical primitive , unprogressive defeatist acts of imbalances that are the hallmarks of a people slouching towards anarchy, backwardness, and retarding forces that will continue to keep us a nation of lilliputian men and women. I am surprised these apostles of regressive attitudes have not preached the sermon of male-female balancing-we are waiting.

    • Assoc Middlebelt Ethnicnationa

      Olutayo, you do not know the experiences of some of us, the minor tribes (though we are more in overall numbers) in Nigeria. Yorubas, Igbos Hausas, and Muslims maltreat us administratively. Fulanis have been killing us without cause in Benue, Plateau and Southern Kaduna with no respite from the Fed govt. Indigeneship observance protectrs our rights but the NASS want to remove it from the Constitution. They want to create Grazing Reserves by forcefully taking over our farms and giving them to Fulanis. The Emirate system in the North is lording Islamic authority over many Christian communities. Tribes defeated in the Dan Fodio jihads of the early 18th Century are still being treated as slaves. you may wish to contact me on for more info. Thanks. Sec. ASOMBEN.

  • Latoya Lube

    Before you indicated interest to rerun for the election Nigerian unanimously endorsed you as their favorite candidate that is why only one nomination form was printed just for you.Sir the entire ethnic groups in Nigeria says welcome as the president of Nigeria again.And we commend you for all the beautiful works you have done for our dear nation .#GEJ4Naija

    • faith adams

      Nice one.

  • jay speaks

    we endorse GEJ,major or minor,re-election re-loaded,GEJTILL2019……

    • faith adams

      Together we will sing the songs of victory with GEJ.

  • kingsley obi

    This is a step in the right direction.

  • The candidate with the best track record, the leader chosen and ordained by the divine, a wise choice, jonathan is truly here for transformation

  • chinwe davis

    A step closer to victory,.

  • habib dauda

    GEJ has touched the life of every Nigerian, majority or minority that is why he gets all their endorsements, GEJ has so far displayed his love for every region, tribe and ethnic nationality in Nigeria #gej4naija

  • Enumah

    Congrates sir!

  • Kufere


  • Biggs Nem

    The PDP led-government has shown how much they want to carry Nigerians along, irrespective of ethnic differences. The President having come from a minor group gives Nigerians an equal take of the polity.#GEJ4Naija

  • Assoc Middlebelt Ethnicnationa

    NEMRIMAG President, Gizo Kuulyidamsu Jnr, and Secretary, Onya E. Samuel, please contact us on or 08037200640. We have same similar ideas and programs. J. Pam, Secretary, ASSOCIATION OF MIDDLE BELT ETHNIC NATIONALITIES (ASOMBEN)

  • Osanebi Osakuni

    I can feel the minorities in the North seeing this election as being between those killing them and the one protecting them. As Nigerians celebrate the defeat of Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen raised their operations in the Middle belt killing and burning down houses of minority natives. This endorsement has long been in their minds and I bet Buhari will seriously lose among the ethnic minorities

  • Amechi

    GEJ has politicized very institutions and group in the country. What we want is someone who can lead, focus and present administration has no vision. Someone seen, act, talk like a president and can tackle corruption.


    PDP has many bad people. But for now, they are the ones that should continue the leadership of this country at the Fedreal level. APC is a party of crooks and hypocrites who claim to be messiahs. They must be rejected. Jonathan’s leadership qualities surpass those of Buhari by far and far. Buhari is a hypocrite. He is being sponsored with stolen money from people like Tinubu and Amechi and Atiku and all the former party leaders of PDP who have served in PDP for 15 years and who after losing their platforms, have suddenly become saints. They will be disgraced next week at the polls. All those of them who are sponsors of Boko Haram will be confronted at the pools by the blood of the innocent that will be speaking against them.