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Fanta Reinforces Market Dominance With New Campaign


FantaDESPITE the infiltration of many fruit-flavoured drinks in Nigeria’s carbonated drinks industry, Fanta, from the stables of Coca-Cola Nigeria, has retained a substantial share of the market squarely on the strength of its character built around emotional levers and close-knit bond with its consumers through play, fun and excitement. These attributes, which resonate seamlessly with its target audience, have proven to inspire brand loyalty and emotional connection with the Fanta brand.

“The key attributes of the Fanta brand are play, fun and excitement. Our new campaign brings these attributes to life in a unique way and connects even better with Fanta consumers,” Marketing Director of Coca-Cola Nigeria Ltd, Patricia Jemibewon said during the launch of its new communication campaign held at the Federal Palace Hotels, Victoria Island, Lagos, recently.

The campaign themed “Play it better” was unveiled amidst excitement at the chilling ambience of The Marquee with participants engaged in various games and activities. The campaign, which is billed to run throughout 2016, is expected to feature an ensemble of four radio and television adverts, a cinema material and three out-of-home executions. The radio ads will be translated from English into Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba and Pidgin.

Jemibewon said the overall objective of the campaign was to inspire magical moments and play in the world.

Five years ago, Fanta unveiled a thematic campaign predicated on play as an intrinsic component of a happy, maximised life with Todd, Tristan, Maude, Sun, Gigi, Floyd, Andy and Lola as brand characters. With its rich history as a product that emerged from the awful World War II, Fanta has grown from simply challenging the Max Keith team’s imagination to inspiring its sprawling global consumers to imagine and re-imagine happiness and play in new, fun ways.

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  • Benjamin

    A fool at 40 remains a fool for eternity. OHANAEZE shamelessly came out to vomit trash in defens of their betrayal and sellout.

    We the IPOB sees from afar and have uncovered ohanaeze’s ploy in sabotaging the the struggle for the actualization of sovereign state of Biafra.

    Let them keep deceiving themselves because of the crumb that fell from the Islamic ZOO NIGERIA’S TABLE. One thing is sure, OHANAEZE have handed over an everlasting chain of slavery to to HOUSA/Fulani/Yoruba conspirators with which their children and not Biafrans will be chained for ever, before long, they will see the damages they did to themselves and to their generation on born.


    Ohaneze just spoke the truth on how they had aborted the visit on the actualization of Biafra. The visitors came to Igboland to ascertain the perception of Ibos in Nigeria. The true meaning of the visit Ohaneze, is to determine the opinion of the Ohaneze on the Biafran cause. Now you Ohaneze just accepted the fact that you guys had betrayed the cause due to your ignorance and selfish mindset. May death befall you all members of Ohaneze and tour families.

  • Eyes Justice

    The whole IPOB reasoning, for whatever propaganda value it may serve, I
    am sorry, sounds astoundingly ignorant and even stupid. WHITEMAN coming
    to give you independence! Clearly, the majority of duped biafrans are
    still being made to believe they are under colonialism in a whiteman`s
    world. Neo or economic colonialism yes; but certainly not the illiterate
    biafran world-view of the universal political supremacy and moral
    superiority of the Aryan race. If you think the whiteman loves you that
    much, try going across their electric fences as a REFUGEE or someone in
    need of immediate help. Just, how I fervently wish Mr. Trump becomes the
    next US president so some of these idiots will know what the average
    whiteman thinks of them.

  • Moi

    Let us dialogue and engage one another meaningfully. Let us be logical and strategic in all our utterances as a house divided among itself cannot stand. Nd’Igbo already has enough enemies that will last us a life time if not for the grace of God. The battle of self determination is not one to be taken carelessly. We must use our best brains and from what I see, the upper and middle classes are not part of the struggle which makes it dead on arrival. We cannot be a people led from bottom up. It has never been so in Igboland. It must be from top down. We must articulate our position before canvassing for support. How would a Biafra nation benefit an Igbo man or woman better than a better Nigeria? Should we struggle for a better Nigeria where regional autonomy and true federalism is entrenched without the shed of more blood? Let’s be clear, Nigeria will never let go even if the oil wells dried up. So it’s beyond making noise; put on your thinking cap and strategize for a common position. Many Igbo families now have cousins, nephews, in-laws, nieces and associates across the Niger. Would this class of Igbo support this endeavour? Can Nd’Igbo remain perpetually sidelined in the scheme of things, economically, socially and politically? How would the Igbo respond to so many gang-ups of other ethnic groupings against Igbo interests? I hope we can begging to think along these lines now before it’s too late.

  • KWOY

    It is also obvious that the “Great Satan” (Ahmadinejad’s appropriate description of America) is on no other mission other than to douse the Biafra struggle so that Nigeria will continue to be an estate of the West! But of is true that their mission was sincere but Ohaneze played a sabotaging role, that they should ne viewed as the first enemy of the Igbo race!

  • 3rd Marine Commando

    Thanks be to the god of Biafrans, now a deliverer has been born, who, like Cyrus of old, definitely will fulfill the wishes of heavens for the downtrodden poor victims of the so-called indigenous people of Biafra and would carve them at last their utopian nation. May you want to know who that is? Our own dear igwe and nze Modu Sheriff of the PDP!


    the greatest threat to the future of Igbo Children in Nigeria is ohaneze.