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Group asks S’African govt to stop xenophobic attacks


#xenophobia attacks: The protesters passed through neighbourhoods that are home to many immigrants (Al Jazeera)

#xenophobia attacks:

AN international civil rights group, Neo-Black Movement of Africa (NBM), has condemned the recent xenophobic attacks on fellow African migrants in some parts of South Africa and urged its government to bring to book the perpetrators.

The non-partisan, non-religious and pan-African organisation, which has as motto, ‘Justice and Equality for All’, said the principles of democracy, equality and social justice should be upheld in the former apartheid enclave to safeguard the lives of all. The group made the call during a peaceful protest march it held on May Day.

The march started from 1004 Flats’ Housing Complex to the South African Embassy, both in Victoria Island, Lagos. The march was designed to create awareness about acts of human rights violation or ill-treatment, both locally and globally, meted to fellow Africans.

Members of the movement were dressed in white shirts and black trousers and sang peaceful protest songs while also displaying placards with various inscriptions: “We are Africans; Stop the killing,” “Say No to Xenophobia” and “Say No to Apartheid”, among others.

They also made several demands such as protection for both the lives and property of foreigners and Africans living in South Africa and non-violation of human rights, provision of amenities for displaced persons, adequate compensation for victims of xenophobia and allowing the law to deal with offenders, among others.

National President of Neo-Black Movement of Africa, Mr. Oristebemigho Eyeoyibo, later told journalists: “It is sad and embarrassing news the killing of foreigners who are fellow Africans living in South Africa for the flimsy reasons being given.

I hold in contempt the looting and subsequent attacks suffered by our brothers and sisters in South Africa, who, not too long ago, we helped to rescue from the stranglehold of white minority apartheid rule.”

Eyeoyibo recalled the past years when Nigeria made various selfless contributions to free South Africa from apartheid, stressing: “It’s saddening and disheartening today that instead of appreciating us, they now attack and kill Nigerians. This does not reflect the love we showed or have for South Africans.”

Eyeoyibo urged the South African government to immediately halt the attacks, put their acts together, train her citizens, provide job opportunities and welfare packages and empower them to curtail their inferiority complex before their fellow Africans.

He added: “We, therefore, reject xenophobia or any form of insecurity and mal-treatment henceforth. We also want the world to know that it is not only by compensating the affected or displaced persons but finding the root cause of the problem to proffer lasting solutions so as to avoid future occurrence.

“In over 50 countries world-wide, such demonstrations by our members had been taking place simultaneously, indicating that there should be an end to the violence, killings and destruction.”

A member of the group, Mr. Destiny Haruna Muhammed, told The Guardian that NBM was a law-abiding, hardworking and enterprising group with the mission to foster justice, peace and love among African people.

He noted that the movement would strive to eradicate all forms of discrimination, oppression, intimidation, corruption, neo-colonial tendencies and other vices in society to create world peace. In a similar vein, another member of the group, Mr. Godlove Iserhien, lamented the dastardly xenophobic acts in South Africa, and advised that such negative tendency should be eradicated.

He maintained that the word “xenophobia” and hatred for fellow Africans were alien to Africans, adding that the continent was known for being hospitable, accommodating and peace-loving.

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  • JK JK

    Good to see NBM channel its resources into good course, please keep up the good work.

    • Uche Tobias

      Channeling it’s efforts into an image laundering campaign while exploiting a problem for it’s own aims. All surrounded in a cloud of spewed up bullshit. NBM, good work.

    • Idris Aloma

      spreading lies and bullshit is considered good nowadays? well no wonder naija is so fucked up. Why don’t you assmen look at your own filth for a change. Especially in your case when you point one finger there are 4 pointing back at your worldwide killing and scamming mafia.

  • Adeyemi Adeleye

    Good upfront from the membership and leadership of the movement. But I want to call the editor’s attention to the picture above that those aren’t the members of Neo Black Movement. If a well depicting image is required I can present or you can email the organisation for the right image. To avoid wrong depictions which can mislead the beaming readers.

    • Uche Tobias

      Good spot sir but I see how you could tell so quickly. Your great non-partisan, non-religious and pan-African organisation, which has as motto, ‘Justice and Equality for All’, leader in the principles of democracy, equality and social justice…. doesn’t accept women for members.

    • Idris Aloma

      that’s right, because the members of the great “movement” weren’t out there protesting. They were too busy killing and scamming around the world.

  • Miyake

    Nice 1@NBMofAFRICA.

    • Idris Aloma

      oh yes, very nice indeed. NOT. Wonder how many students were killed by this great “movement” while they were pointing their dirty fingers elsewhere.

  • Nicholas Omozuapo Emuekpere

    Thumbs up to the leadership initiative…….NBM is back on track…..I am proud again.

    • Uche Tobias

      lol Mr. Oristebemigho Eyeoyibo jibbers about some fake goal you guys dont have and suddenly you are so proud. Well done sir.

    • Idris Aloma

      “back on track” because a few of your top yahoo boys are spreading lies in the media again? LOL it sure takes little to make you assmen proud.

  • Uche Tobias

    This is just another blatant incursion into the media world by the Neo Black Movement (NBM) for a) image laundering purposes and b) to help further their asylum seeking goals. Also a great example of the NBM saying one thing while thinking the opposite and exploiting the whole situation for their own good. Nothing they ever say is true and it always has an underlying hustle whenever possible. The NBM worldwide mafia network exploits anti-homosexual sentiments in Africa and has an interest in blowing up the reports of it whenever it arises or doesn’t arise.

    Many assmen are fraudulently exploiting their country of residence’s stance towards homosexuals been persecuted in their home country. Specialist NBM lawyer(s) work tirelessly preparing NBM member asylum cases and provide them with the scripts needed to convince the necessary authorities they have had family members killed and are at risk of been murdered if they return home. The lawyer(s) provide the NBM members with lists of gay clubs that the NBM asylum seekers needs to say he frequented and provide them with a fake sexual history to present to help their case.

    Many assmen also are simultaneous engaging in 419 advance fee fraud targeting homosexuals in romance scams and 419 advance fee scams.

    So when National President of Neo-Black Movement of Africa, Mr. Oristebemigho Eyeoyibo next time tells you he’s “sad and embarrassing news the killing” as him how many homosexuals the NBM have hustled this year so far… ask him how many temples, churches and charities the NBM have scammed…. Ask him some real questions like whether or not he is sad and embarrassed about the hundreds of killings associated with his own organisation. Ask him about the murders in campus and the cult wars all in the name of his organisation. Ask him why despite declaring he would stop the murders and killings they have increased and propagated, during the term of his leadership, as “freedom fighting”.

  • Idris Aloma

    just WHAT is wrong with some Nigerian journalists?! Please get your 3 brain cells together and check the facts. This so-called “international civil rights group” NBM aka Black Axe is ILLEGAL in Nigeria, and for good reason. You all know what atrocities this lovely “movement” commits on a daily basis. Need I remind you of the incessant cult wars involving this great “movement”? Need I remind you that NBM has formed crime cells in almost every country over the world? And then this foolish newspaper gives them an outlet to spread such lies? Seriously? So NBM thinks it’s appropriate to speak up against the atrocities in South Africa while their own atrocities go on and on every day? How about you speak up against that, Mr. Eyeoyibo????? What a joke!