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Jonathan denies alleged N2tr campaign expenses


President Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan

THE Presidency yesterday denied a report in one of the national dailies, (not The Guardian) that President Goodluck Jonathan spent N2 trillion as campaign funds in the 2015 general elections as mischievous, false and embarrassing.

It also denied that Jonathan had raised a committee of five persons to carry out an audit of how the funds for elections were disbursed by party members.

In a statement in Abuja, Presidential spokesman, Reuben Abati said the reports were part of the deliberate attempts at undermining the Jonathan Presidency, maintaining that nothing of such existed.

According to Abati, “The President has not set up any committee as alleged in that story. It is also not true that the Presidency and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) used state funds, or spent N2 trillion during the campaigns, “noting that the innuendoes are wrong-headed; the motives behind the story are suspicious.

His words, “The story alleges, for example, that the Presidency spent N2trillion on elections and embarked on a money-sharing spree to party members, support groups and state officials.

The authors of the story and their self-appointed megaphones further insinuate that public funds were deployed in this regard. Their allegation of theft of public funds is extremely malicious.

“How much is the budget of the Federal Government of Nigeria? The annual budget of the Federal Government is a little over N4 trillion. The story is practically suggesting that half of the federal budget was spent on elections. This kind of reckless insinuation is meant to incite the public and instigate national crisis.

“With FAAC having to do everything possible every month to ensure disbursements and with the Federal Government heavily committed to the war against terror in the North East, where is the alleged N2 trillion from the Federal purse? President Jonathan and the People’s Democratic Party conducted the 2015 elections in strict accordance with the rule of law. The suggestion of any unlawful conduct cannot be sustained under any circumstances.”

He added that the President had done his best to protect and strengthen democracy and promote peace, saying that Jonathan deserves all the accolades that he has received from both Nigerians and the international community for this.

He noted that, “Certain persons and interest groups may not be happy that his profile has further risen and that his legacy is assured; but they do their country gross disservice when they act so unpatriotically.

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  • Idris Ademola

    Reuben Abati – the erstwhile chairman of the editorial board of the Nigerian newspaper The Guardian from 2001 to 2011 – and publishers of The Guardian in Nigeria have had a long running battle against Gen. Buhari (rtd). You guys have to ungracefully retract a publication you made about him being boko haram sponsor in 2013. Let’s wait and see how you will continue in this new dispensation as the opposition (PDP) mouthpiece. At least Reuben Abati may return as one of the editors. A huge disappointment you are, Dr. Reuban Abati. Vituperations after this?

  • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

    Mr. Abati, I am assuming you can account for the origin of the Dollars President Jonathan allegedly distributed in Lagos.
    …or the large amounts found at Diezeni’s abode, or the funds used to procure PDP rice which madam Jonathan was ‘sharing’
    all over the place.
    I am also assuming that you know that bribery such as was displayed by Jonathan and his cohorts in the presidential election is against the law. It is even worse when you use state funds to try to buy an election.

    The questions I put to you are rhetorical in nature so don’t bother answering.. Save your answer for the committee that will investigate all of you pretty soon.
    While I am very glad that you understand the issue as “theft of public funds”, I am dazed and confused as to why you feel the national budget of N4 trillion prevents the theft of N2 trillion. Is this a law somewhere?

    Look at the loot recovered from just one of Abacha’s account. $480 million dollars which translates (today) to N86 Billion!

    Thieves do not look at budgets. You and your people have been using that irrational line of word-play for too long.
    Try to recall what Jonathan said about the missing $20 billion ….it is exactly the same thing you are saying now, which tells me that this is a rehearsed line. Continue rehearsing yourself into prison. One way or the other, Nigeria will recover the loot you have acquired

  • benny agafa


  • Worried Mother

    Tell us where the 4 trillion went then because there is nothing on ground to show where that money went. Stupid liar