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More than 1,000 migrants leave Budapest train station on foot for Austria: AFP


migrantMore than 1,000 migrants stranded for days at Budapest’s main train station left the building on Friday, intent on walking to the Austrian border, according to an AFP journalist on the scene.

The huge crowd included people in wheelchairs and on crutches, as well as parents carrying children on their shoulders, all prepared to march 175 kilometres (110 miles) to the border.

“We are very happy that something is happening at last, The next stop is Austria. The children are very tired, Hungary is very bad, we have to go somehow,” 23-year-old Osama from Syria told AFP.

The migrants were part of an estimated 2,000 people stuck in makeshift refugee camps at Keleti station, after railway authorities had blocked them from boarding trains to Austria and Germany because they lacked EU visas.

Police watched the silent migrants walk through the Hungarian capital but did not intervene, the AFP correspondent said, adding there was no sign of conflict at the moment.

The march was causing traffic jams on the main route into the city from the western Buda area.

It came as Hungarian lawmakers debated tough new anti-immigration measures on Friday afternoon, including criminalising illegal border crossing and vandalism to the new anti-immigrant razor-wire fence erected along the border with Serbia.

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1 Comment
  • Ojiyovwi

    Just look at them! A truest picture of a tregedy of a self-inflicted necessary exodus from the inferno they caused having swallowed hook line ans sinker the sweet promise to punish their leader by rejecting and picking a fight with their own kinsmen who refused to follow like sheep to slaghter. Now they are queing up to go to the friends they had thought they had, but who in truth were only in the regional politics in the hope of rich pickings for reconstruction contracts when they have finished destroying all they had built through centuries of history. Tragic!

    Hope those Syrians still in their country or in neighbouring states
    will learn the lesson of an uncaring world out there. They were foolish
    enough to enback on the destruction of their own commnuities encouraged
    by the same people who are now putting up the shutters to keep them out
    wne the rains came metaphorically.

    So the tragedy continues! Human
    sacrifices in the alter of capitalism. When will the world realise that
    those who preach democracy for everyone else except their squalid
    system representative political systems will have you delieve that
    violent overthrow of your leadership is your right and your only valid
    humanright. These worshippers of moneys have no qualms selling you arms
    to you after they have successfully persuaded you that you can have it
    all. You then proceed to use ‘you shiny sledge hammer’ to samsh the door
    of nemesis. In the confusion and fallout you are faced with a despirate
    dash to the door of the peddler of smooth evil, but allas the door is
    behind very high and greasy iron gates so you can’t get there and you
    and your children are left to starve and drown or die by the weapons
    they had sold you and you enemy.
    Learn your lessons? No you’re too
    stupid and too greedy to listen to anyone else but your own
    convinctions. I am not saying that you are entirely to blame, but you
    alone have to suffer the consequences of the your gollibility to sweet
    tongues of the peddlers of evil. These evil salesmen and saleswomen of
    democracy bevave like the plaguing rats who
    infect their victims and
    then run into their borrows untill they reurn to feed on the carcass of
    the gollible victims who have once listened with gaping mouth. The vile
    insurrection is then led by those who have second homes and relatives
    abroad. The result is often ignored tragedy. But the peddlers of evil
    democracy had not banked on the developing multimedia.

    In the last couple of days, the newspapers have been full of images of tragedies none more serious than that of a lifeless
    old child washed upon a Turkish beach apparently on their way to Canada
    to joing a relative. If the parents of this child had not had a
    relative abroad, they probably would have been safe but poor in Jordan
    or elsewhere but at sea going NO WHERE. The shame belongs to those who
    turned Syria into a despirate war zone by declaring that Assad could not

    be allowed to work out his country’s problems. These judge and jury
    nations who harbour their own death squards for their own undesirable
    citizens are DEMOCRATIC so have nothing to fear except their own

    I have news for you hypocretes. You will eventually be
    consumed by your own guilt and culpabilityn i8n the evil you caused in
    Libya even as Ghadaffi appeased you with compensations you never
    deserved in the vain effort to stop your persecution of him for being
    good for most of his people. Hypocretes never have anything to be happy
    about. The irony is that in the resulting chaos, you can no longer sell
    your evil firelifes as there are no one at the war zones to buy your
    weapons. Hypocretes will never feed on their ill-gotten gains with peace
    of mind. They will be hunted by their own conciences to their ends.