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Nigerians in diaspora endorse Makinde for second term

By Guardian Nigeria
26 February 2023   |   2:51 pm
The Omituntun Initiative in the Diaspora (OID), a group of Nigerian professionals, has thrown its weight behind the re-election of Oyo State governor, Seyi Makinde for second term.

The Omituntun Initiative in the Diaspora (OID), a group of Nigerian professionals, has thrown its weight behind the re-election of Oyo State governor, Seyi Makinde for second term.

The group, which consists of Nigerians from America, United Kingdom, France, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, China, Malaysia, Brazil, Republic of Ireland, Germany, Israel, Hungary, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Botswana, Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa, among others, have rated Makinde as the best governor in the history of Oyo State.

According to the group, following an outstanding record of achievements and the execution of excellent trailblazing projects in all sectors, his declaration to run for a second term in office deserves massive votes from the good people of Oyo State, to continue the re-engineering programmes for the socio-political and economic stability of the state as a pacesetter.

This was contained in a press release signed by the group’s spokesman, Barrister Ayotomiwa Adebayo, which stated that Nigerians in the diaspora are proud of Makinde as a dynamic and creative leader whose administration has had success and record-breaking performances in Oyo State, especially in the areas of education, health, infrastructure, security, and economy expansion (through Agribusiness).

The group also stressed that the governor has also committed to actionable climate change policies to mitigate negative environmental impacts on sustainable socio-economic development. The above-mentioned areas of development focus of his administration have helped to significantly generate jobs, provide food security and safety, increase prosperity, and reduce the vulnerability of youths and the aging population.

“Over 44 months of being at the helm of affairs, Makinde has changed the status quo of governance, fostered unity, and rekindled hope for the possibility of a better future. In fact, Oyo State is now experiencing unprecedented economic growth and a generational shift from poor leadership and bad governance to good governance. These laudable achievements lend credence to the viability of Omituntun 2.0 – a sustainable socio-economic development and growth agenda for his second term tenure,” the release stated.

Adebayo emphasised that never again shall the good people of Oyo State, including professional bodies, unionists, pensioners, civil servants, teachers, students, farmers, artisans, youths, traders, among others, allow greedy political godfathers and their accomplices, who are puppets, to come to power in 2023. The consequences of their looting and misrule have resulted in unprecedented hardship, and the impacts are still fresh in the memories of the people.

He further stated that Makinde is a very tolerant, prudent, honest, and thoughtful leader who has demonstrated the spirit of fairness, equity, and justice toward the citizens of Oyo State irrespective of their religion, ethnicity, and political affiliation.

The spokesperson said based on the group’s 99.9 per cent performance scorecard of Makinde’s administration, the OID Convener, Mr. Moses Eledan, has directed all its members and well-meaning citizens, including the youth ambassadors’ wing and GSM Network globally, to work actively and selflessly to ensure that he is re-elected for the continuation of the laudable projects and policies he started.

Eledan further stressed that “the governor has made Oyo State a place where a child of nobody can become somebody without knowing anybody and indeed his re-election victory as a servant leader will surely inspire new generational leadership and bring more tremendous developmental milestones for the state.

“Finally, as Makinde has restored people’s trust in good governance and leadership, we urge all citizens to vote massively for him and his endorsed candidates,” the spokesperson added.

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