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Southeast senators boycott Buhari’s town hall parley


 Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe

Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe

Senators from the Southeast geo-political zone have declared that they would not attend the economic and security summit President Muhammadu Buhari is organising in Enugu today.

The Chairman of the caucus, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe yesterday cited lack of adequate consultation as the reason for the boycott.

Abaribe however, admitted that though there was an attempt to consult the caucus prior to the meeting, it was not adequate.

“The South East Senate Caucus will not be attending the town hall meeting having not been adequately consulted. It is the view of the caucus that what the south east needs is development and not any other issue like security.

“Southeast has been utterly neglected and marginalised over time especially with regard to factors that stimulate development. There is also the issue of the place of Ndigbo in the present administration.

“So if we are to hold a town hall meeting, the agenda must be restricted to purely development of the region. The agenda must be articulated to address the issues as highlighted. This has not been done. That is where the issue of lack of adequate consultation comes in,” he said.

Abaribe further advised that whatever should be done must be in the overall interest of the south east region.

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  • Mizch

    One good step. Sustain it.

  • duwdu

    Your loss, I’m afraid. Or, you and your senator colleagues should just abscond from the senate altogether – and forfeit your huge, unmerited salaries, pecks, and other essentially stolen spoils of “office.”

  • AZZO

    And who do you think you are to be so officially invited? You are all very and truly stupid south east senators, the bunch of you, really stupid, constituency project thieves that you all are. You can imagine the level of your insensitivity to the plight of your constituents. The president as we all know has never paid any visit to any region in the south despite repeated cries of marginalisation of the region by his government, now he initiates a move to do so and irresponsible lots like yourselves in the senate are expecting to be specially invited. You are all really irritating. If members of your constituents have any sense left in their heads they should begin a recall of your representation in the senate. Let me tell you the reason why you will not be attending to the hall meeting, it is because you have nothing to show for your constituency projects monies you have stolen and diverted to your private pockets. You fear that Buhari will be wanting to see these projects. Thieves. This is irritatingly irresponsible.

  • Egbuhuzor Chinomso Collins

    Later, same you will say you are marginalised.

  • Mohd Sageer

    All stupid Igbos think alike…. They think they are so important forgeting that they are only 5 tiny states out of 36 states of the federation. and contribute nothing to the development of this country…. Parasites everywhere in Nigeria.