Sunday, 27th November 2022
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The Gazette (Nigeria) mentors youths on the power of the internet in news media

The Gazette (Nigeria) to provide critical skills for online publishing and social media analysis.

The Gazette (Nigeria) to provide critical skills for online publishing and social media analysis.
The Gazette (Nigeria), known for setting a new standard in Nigerian professional journalism, is on course to set a new standard in journalism mentorship. More than one hundred youths will be trained by the Gazette (Nigeria) in online publishing and determining the credibility of social media in both news gathering and dissemination.
Research has shown that as much as 70% of online news consumption is through social media. This trend of social media based news consumption appears to only be increasing over time and has created a myriad of problems with consumers and future journalists not understanding the difference between gross speculation and a verifiable source. The Gazette (Nigeria) is in a unique position to understand the many issues surrounding online news media consumption because of its relative youth and its decision to publish primarily through digital formats.

“For good or ill the internet has had a profound impact on our industry,” says Editor-in-Chief  Michael V. Bolgent, “we believe that it is more important than ever that those coming up have a clear understanding of online publishing and how social media affects the credibility, the gathering, and the dissemination of news media.”
With its indisputable reputation for excellence and its many awards in reporting, The Gazette (Nigeria) is well positioned to handle the daunting task of guiding and mentoring youths in an age where news and information can be sourced from all parts of the internet and its reliability difficult to ascertain.

About The Gazette (Nigeria) The Gazette (Nigeria) is an online newspaper originally founded in 2019 as part of Ninchi Services Limited. While offering a clear international viewpoint The Gazette Nigeria is primarily dedicated to serving the Nigerian and African community. To date The Gazette Nigeria has garnered more than a million page views and has set a new standard in Nigeria for professional journalism having won numerous awards for design, reporting, photography, and video work while its indisputable reputation for excellence has created an appeal among business leaders and policy makers.

The Gazette (Nigeria)’s decision to keep the majority of its site free and accessible has allowed it to reach an influential, English-speaking audience and the delivery of analytical commentary, quality content and in depth analysis have allowed that audience to grow.  In March 2020 The Gazette (Nigeria) relaunched and is currently independent from its founding organization, Ninchi Services Limited to The Gazette Digital Media. The Gazette Nigeria is considered the destination to understand Nigeria and its relationship with world today.