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Top Burundi general announces overthrow of president


President Pierre Nkurunziza

President Pierre Nkurunziza

A top Burundian general on Wednesday announced the overthrow of President Pierre Nkurunziza, following weeks of violent protests against the president’s bid to stand for a third term.

“President Pierre Nkurunziza is removed from office, the government is dissolved,” General Godefroid Niyombare said in a radio broadcast.

The broadcast by Niyombare — a highly respected figure who was sacked from his position as the central African nation’s powerful chief of intelligence in February — came hours after Nkurunziza left the country for neighbouring Tanzania.

He was travelling to attend talks with regional leaders on ending his country’s crisis.

“All people are asked to respect the lives and property of others,” Niyombare added.

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  • TMZ

    I am stunch independent democrat. But when the use of force necessary ( coup detat) to remove those sit-tight, self-imposed leaders in Africa or anywhere else for that matter to subvert the democratic will of the people, I fully support it. Some may disagree but you can look at it in anyway feasible, it has not removed the Mugabes, Paul Biyas,Yoweri Musevenis and so many other dictators in Africa, middle east etc. So, any form of democracy that does not promote the basic tenets of democratic values should be removed from office however necessary.

    • akpo

      Indeed democracy is the peoples government.Legally,the man was right to seek for another term but morally,he was
      wrong.His first term was a gift of settlement arising from diplomatic bargain not through election.After the expiration
      of that tenure,he participated in a general election and won.Pronto that term was gulped without nothing probably to
      show for it.Comforting himself that he still has a legitimate four years to go,he told his people of his desire to continue
      to serve them.The people objected to his wish.He went to court and the case was decided in his favour.The masses
      insisted that they have had enough of him and demonstrations followed.

      On moral ground,this was where he supposed to have thrown in the towel seeing that the sovereigns no longer need his service.Instead,he prefer to “spill his peoples blood for his political ambition”–apology GEJ. Imagine somebody who wants to go for an election and the electorates are protesting against his candidacy; from where does he think he can get enough votes to retain his office?–except by an unfair means.

      As a result of what happened in Burundi and Egypt where popular uprisings were met with brute force from state coercive power,a provision should be made in the constitution to allow the military to help the people remove the sitting president and conduct election within four months without ANY of the military personnel resigning to contest
      for that particular election.If the military could not conduct election within the stipulated time,they should constitute
      a care taker body and hand over to them.Such group must conduct election within six months.No member who served in the preceding military regime even when he retires is eligible to contest in such election.Life is dynamic.

      However, before the military comes in, it must be palpable to the people and the world that genuine intervention was needed;such as prolong protest leading to hardship( not hired one million man match)as well as brutal use
      of force against the people.Any sitting president who cannot resolve a prolong protest against his government has lost his legitimacy to power.

  • sabiko

    African Leaders majority of never leave the stage until they are force to do so, and to me this totally selfish now good for him, when people say they don’t want you and you are forcing yourself on them, that is the kind of treatment you get. My people proverb say( Ajapa when are you coming back from your inlaw house, the question him and he answered, until I am put to shame).