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‘Ondo PDP crisis over celebrated’



 Adetokunbo Modupe is the Coordinator of the Goodluck/Sambo Campaign Organization in Ondo State where the state governor, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko promises to deliver one million votes for the president’s re-election efforts. Speaking with NIYI BELLO in Akure, the young entrepreneur drafted “by providence into politics” bares his mind on politics and governance. Excerpts:

ON election postponement and Ondo PDP crisis

THE postponement of the general election is of no advantage to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) but a welcome development to millions of Nigerians who are yet to collect their Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs). Also, considering the security challenges in the country as espoused by the security agencies, we have no choice but to accept the postponement in good faith. We accept the postponement because the new dates fall within the provisions of the electoral law. For us in the PDP, we are prepared even if the election is slated for tomorrow. The crisis in Ondo PDP is over celebrated. It is true that when the ruling party (Labour Party) under the leadership of our amiable governor, Dr Olusegun Mimiko collapsed into the PDP, certain forces felt threatened and decided to frustrate the integration of the old and the new members and they have consistently undermine the progress of the party but now majority of our people have seen the need for us to work together under the leadership of the governor who has brought a lot of values into the new mega PDP as we now have it in Ondo State. So, there might be few people trying to fan the ember of discord in the party. It is no longer effective as the party is now marching forward to victory in the coming election.

  On delivering the promised one million votes for Jonathan.

The party is capable of delivering one million votes to Mr. President and if you consider the current development arising from the strategic and effective mobilisation of the people of Ondo state by Governor Olusegun Mimiko, you will agree with me that one million votes is not a tall order.

  Managing crisis created by appointment as Jonathan/Sambo election coordinator in Ondo

Well, people with certain expectations and ambitions may see my appointment as a threat to their calculations, but it is important that they look at the situation realistically. The governor is the leader of the party in the state and he must be given the benefit of doubt in his judgement and actions. He is working very hard to deliver the southwest for the President and he could not have nominated anybody with less than 100% commitment and loyalty to help coordinate the campaign activities in the state. Someone he can trust, someone he can relate with without reservation and misinterpretations of his intentions. I feel privileged to have been considered qualified for this assignment. Let nobody be deceived, the governor is the overall coordinator of the presidential campaign project in Ondo State as the leader of the party. People who are complaining about my appointment and have refused to work are anti- Jonathan electoral success. If they truly want the Jonathan project to succeed they should cooperate with the Governor and let’s work together to win big for Mr. President instead of asking their supporters to go to the opposition party while pretending to remain in the PDP.

 Managing effects of defection of PDP members

Yes it is true that some of the so called leaders have asked their supporters to go to the opposition while they remain in the PDP pretending to be supporting the President. But it is an exaggeration that those who have left for the opposition have enough support base to cause serious problem. You must understand that the massive support base of the governor has been moved to the PDP and together with majority of the old PDP members; the party will win the next election in a big way in Ondo State. You also have to recognise the fact that quite a number of the remnant of the opposition party have also been decamping to the PDP. So if you aggregate those who have come into the PDP and the few political featherweights that have left the party, you will agree with me that PDP will win big in Ondo State.

  How to have issue-based campaigns

I guess you are aware that it is the opposition that started this campaign of calumny against the president. The APC especially is known for its lack of respect for the office and person of Mr President so much so that their leaders have been making so many provocative and derogative statements against the office and the person of the President. It is those who believe that minority southerners does not deserve to rule this country for a constitutional two terms that have embarked on mudslinging, blackmail and religious colouration and exploitations. The PDP presidential campaign strategy is well focused on his outstanding achievements in infrastructural development, institutional and systemic elimination of corruption, the growth of economy, revamping of our railway system, huge investment in education, aviation etc. But the opposition, perhaps for lack of better programmes has focused on the person and office of the President by calling him all sort of names. And because some persons in the opposition have substantial investment in the media, it appears they are succeeding in misinforming some people with their adverse communication against the President. Thankfully, social media politician or commentators will not determine the outcome of this election. It is the people at the grassroots who have been positively affected by President Jonathan government that will determine the outcome.

 Combining politics with business and future plans

My businesses are well structured to run with or without me. Politics on the other side is about the people, their expectations and leadership. As a perception management specialist, I understand my people’s emotions, expectations and what makes them happy. The people’s expectations are not so complicated. They always want your attention and your listening ear. Well, people are free to make calculations or conjectures. My focus for now is to give my best on this assignment and ensure we deliver massive votes for President Jonathan and all our candidates in Ondo State. I will not be distracted by futuristic permutations or innuendos. Tomorrow does not belong to the people making all these calculations but God. This is an opportunity for me to contribute my own quota. Whatever, the future holds; we have no power to know.

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