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Only a restructured nigeria will help regain lost glory — Makinde

By Rotimi Agboluaje, Ibadan
03 October 2021   |   4:01 am
Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State yesterday declared that only a restructured Nigeria will help the nation regain her past glory.

Pledges His Govt Will Continue To Promote, Encourage Talented Youths
Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State yesterday declared that only a restructured Nigeria will help the nation regain her past glory.

Makinde, who was speaking at the unveiling of a homegrown digital television outfit,  SATVIEW Network, stated that it was unbelievable that Nigeria, which had the first television station in Africa, now has to rely on foreign television networks for Nigerians to watch clear signals.

He stated that his administration will continue to identify, encourage and support talented and  creative-minded youths to grow businesses in the state.

A statement by the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Mr. Taiwo Adisa, quoted Governor Makinde as saying that the push for a restructured Nigeria is aimed at making it regain the series of firsts recorded by the first generation leaders.

He said: “So, I came here today to let our people know that all is not lost. We are pushing for a restructured country because when we achieved all of these firsts, the country was not overcentralised at that time. We believe that when we push through the agenda to restructure the country, we will be in a better position for people to unleash their talents, not just  the local economy, but also to place us where we really belong in the comity of nations right across Africa.”

Speaking at the launch of the digital broadcast channel, held at the SATVIEW Network headquarters, Ring Road, Ibadan, the governor said that he would continue to tap into the potential of the talented ones and give them necessary support to thrive in their chosen fields.

The governor stated: “So, the SATView Network is not the first network to bring programme to our people but what is unique about this offering is, once you buy the decoder, you are not going to pay any money. That is the difference. Oyo State, Ibadan precisely, hosted the first TV station in Africa. Almost all of us here have DStv at home and the money we are paying to DStv is going directly to South Africa because that is where the parent home is.

“We missed the road but we believe that, with the talents that we have, if we nurture them, we can get our position back as truly the first in Africa.”

He eulogized the contributions of coalition party members in the build-up to his election in 2019, adding that Chairman, Teaching Service Commission, TESCOM, Pastor Akin Alamu, and his colleagues in the Alliance for Democracy (AD) stood out.

He  also said that since Alamu  was chosen as TESCOM chairman, he has had no reason to second-guess his duties.

He said: “I saw a replica of myself coming up in SATVIEW NETWORK. I started my private business at 29 and it is still in existence today. So, I want to encourage the management and other members of staff that this may be a small beginning but you can change the world with it.

“I came here to, first of all, validate my position that there are several young talents within us that we need to encourage. They may be doing their things in the smallest of our villages, I will go there, seek them out and support them.”

He commended Pastor Alamu for withstanding harassment and intimidation during the 2019 election, adding that though “voters were threatened not to vote for the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) at the man’s polling unit, he withstood the challenge and voted his conscience.

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