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Support for Lawan not ploy to join APC, say Morro, Ubah


Ahmad Lawan

Senators-elect Abba Morro and Ifeanyi Ubah, have described as a ruse attempts to define their decision to support for Senator Ahmed Lawan as part of steps to their eventual defection to All Progressives Congress (APC), stressing that their stance was predicated by national interest.

Morro, who was elected to represent Benue South senatorial district, insists that he remains a PDP senator-elect, adding that the former Senate leader has an impressive resume.

Speaking when Lawan unveiled his agenda for the 9th senate yesterday, the former minister of interior said the Senate Presidential hopeful has a very beautiful resume, as the longest serving legislator and the leader of the senate.


He said: “So when you juxtapose that experience and exposure vis-à-vis the vision that is required of Nigeria, you will come to the understanding that he is the best candidate for this job. I can assure you that the PDP as an organised body will definitely make a statement and take a position on the issue.”

When asked what he will do if PDP directs senators-elect to vote for another candidate other than Lawan, he said they would cross the bridge when they get to the river, adding, “Quite frankly I am here because right from my days as chairman of a Local Government I had copied from the State of Tennessee in United States theme that simply stated, ‘making the system work for all.

“So I found some attraction and a mixture of chemistry here when I have discovered that Senator Lawal has a theme: A system that works for all’ because there is no doubt about it that this country at this moment in time is highly polarized on the lines of ethnicity, religion and politics.

“So if I have a person, a leader, that can bring all of us together for the benefit of Nigeria, which is the reason why we are in public service in the first place, I think I should support that person.”

On his part, the lone senator-elect on the platform of Young Progressives Party (YPP) Ifeanyi Ubah, described insinuations about his defection plans as an illusion, stressing that he was not prepared to dump YPP for APC despite his unwavering support for Lawan for the senate presidency.


Ubah, who was reacting to suggestions by the House of Representatives member representing Surulere 1 Federal Constituency, Femi Gbajiabiamila, that suggestions that he would probably be a senator of the APC very soon.

The YPP senator-elect said his intention is to build YPP that has given him national coverage and recognition, adding: “I remain a bona-fide YPP senator, a pioneer YPP senator for that matter and I will remain a pioneer YPP senator.

“I have always been a member of Ahmed Lawan for Senate President from day 1, the very first day the idea was initiated, so I have never had any reason to change my position.”

He described Lawan as the most experienced with competence, adding that he has been an opposition legislator that now belongs to the ruling party, noting that having been on both sides, he can balance any situation that might arise.

“Any day you hear that I dump YPP, then know that I am not worth my name as Ifeanyi Ubah. I sincerely believe in building, I don’t belong to those that come to eat and run away,” Ubah reiterated, remarking that what Nigerians want as the 9th senate reconvenes on Tuesday is a rancor-free legislature.

His words: “That is why YPP is having a position to whom it is supporting, who at least will give us that value that we are seeking for. Nigerians should watch the performance of YPP in the 9th senate. A journey of a million mile starts with a step and I believe that 9th Senate would be a very good platform for us to demonstrate what YPP really means for Nigerians.”


As to whether he was supporting Lawan to help defray court cases against him, the oil magnate stated: “From day one I had always had my position having consulted with my party. We looked at his pedigree, he was the senate leader in the 8th senate and politics is about risk. “After looming at his resume I found that he is the right person we have to support for the job because even if he never makes it, God forbid, I will still work with him as the leader of the senate.

“I am a single YPP senator so I need to form alliance in the senate and that is all what politics is about just as it is in American politics.”

He said he is very proud to be a pioneer YPP senator in the second year of the party, disclosing that although he had been in the party from day one, he didn’t come out boldly but supported the party morally and otherwise.

“Today we are making things happen, you can see the synergy, you can see the strategy, how many political parties out of the array of over 80 parties are holding a stakeholders strategic meeting just few months after election.

“Everybody is here, the vice presidential candidate, all the chairmen from every state are here. That shows that we have a very big package for Nigerians.”

He said what he has been searching for politically, YPP has given it to him so what on earth will make him leave for another party?

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