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Hillary Clinton: The Guardian person of the year 2016

By Debo Adesina   |   01 January 2017   |   4:17 am
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton . / AFP PHOTO / Brendan Smialowski

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton . / AFP PHOTO / Brendan Smialowski

Love trumps hate. Good trumps evil. Light trumps darkness. Knowledge trumps ignorance. And hope will always trump despair. When Donald J Trump, the narcissistic real estate businessman, beat Hillary Rodham Clinton, former first lady and secretary of state to the presidency of the United States of America in the 2016 elections, a lie was practically put to almost all of those assertions.

With uncommon dignity, she ran a campaign of ideas for the future. But her opponent was and is a misogynist, a demagogue whose own ideas, to the extent that he had any, were warped, racist and downright insulting of our collective humanity. The appeal of Trump’s campaign to the American electorate is still a phenomenon under scrutiny but it is enough to say he found listening ears in a people who, in despair, chose to accept his retail of fear instead of Clinton’s message of hope. So, Trump trumps Clinton. But America is the loser. She lost to a man whose definition of the truth is its exact opposite, one whose skyscraper of empty promises on the way to that electoral victory dwarfed the flagship of his real estate holding.

Hillary Clinton had auditioned for the job of President of the United States of America all her adult life, beginning with voluntary work for women and children even as an undergraduate student. She was not the first female Secretary of State. That honour belongs to Madeline Albright, whom her husband, the eternally charming William Jefferson Clinton appointed.

Donald Trump has, however, successfully insulted his way to the White House and denied the world the joy of the first woman, the first First Lady and perhaps the best person for the job in the Oval Office. Certainly, every rational being’s idea of what a mother, a sister, a wife, a partner, a daughter should be, the idea of Hillary Clinton as leader of the free world truly engaged the imagination and that missed reality is so excruciatingly painful to bear without daily wondering what might have been.

Cerebral, hardworking and hugely versed in the workings of government, not many people were as prepared to lead America as she was. Dignified in carriage, humble in spite of her great guts, thoughtful and very wise, she was the inevitable philosopher-queen. Her tenacity in public and in private lives is the stuff of legends. She withstood haranguing by the leading lights of the opposition party who did their best to cast her as corrupt and dishonest. She endured the humiliation of a troubled marriage and steeled her heart to save it. In the campaigns, she was held to standards sometimes humanly, but certainly manly impossible to meet. She not only discharged herself creditably, she captured the imagination of the world. That she lost to a man who is as comprehensive in his ignorance as he is relentless in his arrogance to put it on display underlines a certain rot in the heart of their society.

With her life-long fight for women, children and families, with her incredibly brilliant run for the American presidency, Hillary Clinton sent a message of hope and dignity to the world, especially to the girl-child, from China to Chibok, that there is no limit to the heights she can reach; that the world pollutes its joy, tames its own flight and shackles its progress by keeping girls or women in poverty or in captivity; that the world can be made more wholesome in happiness by women in leadership.

Baskets on their heads or babies on their backs, the crushing burden women carry with so much stoicism is the hallmark of their natural leadership. It is no accident that the McKenzie Institute has come up with the finding that 26% of today’s global GDP, meaning more than 24trillion dollars, could be added to the world economy by 2025 if women played exactly the same role as men in leadership and in the economy around the world.
With her life of service, Clinton shines with glittering accomplishments that the 2016 electoral loss cannot darken.

For making history as the first woman to get that close to the American presidency, for standing out among men and women, for standing up for her beliefs and standing against the dark forces of discrimination and oppression, for being a banner of hope to all women of all races or colour around the world and an inspirational force for the girl-child, Hillary Rodham Clinton is The Guardian’s PERSON OF THE YEAR 2016.

A woman of great grace, her story of trials and triumphs is told by Dr Tony Okeregbe, a member of our Editorial Board.
— Debo Adesina

  • Christopher Adodo

    Good for her, but get over it. Her campaign was full with frailty, and war mongering.

    • BBStevens

      “Frailty and war mongering” – what are you talking about?

      • Nora

        Don’t waste your time on haters 😉

        • alice awesome

          I want to congratulate you on a successful lobotomy, sht for brains! Well done!

          • Ruby

            You had what done?

      • Kevin N

        OMG. You really don’t see it, do you?

      • Brightmeadows

        Haven’t you been paying attention? She and her foreign policy shenanigans gave us the Arab Spring… chaos in Syria, chaos and murder in Libya… good grief! And now the sabre rattling against Russia was supposed to be HER job!

        • Sko Hayes

          The Arab spring- people fighting for freedom from an oppressive government, is that suppose to be a bad thing?

          • alice awesome

            YES! Because it was fomented by SOROS, you POS!!!

          • Ruby

            So freedom for others is bad? Do you feel you deserve your freedom?

    • iwe paul

      You must be as sick as Trump if its only that you could pick up from this write-up. Gush!!!!

      • alice awesome

        This “write-up” is a load of steaming caca. It’s really, really laughable what they wrote.

    • Rosemary Sheridan

      You’re lying. Please stop lying.

  • geoleo

    puke on this Hillary review

  • IMconcerned

    What a load of garbage …. obviously, from the obvious results and subsequent success of the pre-inauguration period, you are totally wrong in your assessment. To live a happier life – get over it !

  • Christopher Adodo

    She is hulkish. During 2008
    campaign, she promised to obilerate Iran.
    And as Secretary of State, Libya was bombed, and an elected government was removed from office, in Ukraine.
    In 2016, she promised to explored the possibility of creating a no fly zone in Syria. Certainly, l don’t know how she would have done it without the risk of war with Russia.
    Infact, she contributed to foreign policy failures of Mr. Obama. However, the 2016 election was between two evils, and it happened one won.

    • Brightmeadows

      She is a remorseless “killer”.

  • BC

    Oh i see? Everyone who didn’t want Hillary as president was sexist, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic, you name it.

    Your article is pukeworthy in its nothing-but-praise approach to this deeply flawed candidate. This article makes me backlash more and cements me further against political correctness and mismanagement of globalisation.

    • Nora

      Why did you read it? Why even click on it, if Sec. Clinton makes you so sick and is so flawed, why do you want to continue reading about her? I get it ~ you’re only interested in hating on her, proving the point of the article itself. Not everyone who didn’t vote for Hillary is a sexist, racist, homophobic, Islamaphobic, xenophobic POS, but most are. You fear her brilliance, her intelligence. Just go puke you guts out. You’ll feel so much better.

      • BC

        I clicked and read to see if the left wing Guardian would criticise how she cheated Bernie Sanders in debate (with the help of Brazille) and in general (with the help of Wasserman-Schultz). Because let’s face it, Hillary Clinton can easily be critiqued from a left wing perspective.

        I wanted to see if The Guardian would have any respect and dignity to give a balanced assessment including the treatment of Sanders and how that may have impacted lower than expected voter turn out for her by young idealistic millenials who had supported him.

        But no. Instead of that nothing but identity politics and praise. Noting of course the obsession with identity politics (which Obama never indulged in his election and reelection) is another reason why she lost. Including losing white working class women.

      • Kirk McGuire

        Nora think you’ll be puking for at least the next four years. Own it you Gruberite snowflake!

      • James Roessner

        I think it’s hilarious how you take the logic of “not all are, but most are” for trump supporters. When that’s Trumps exact logic for his alleged “islamophobia”; not all are terrorist but most are. I truly do love hearing the minds of all the sheltered snowflakes; it fascinates me how close minded some people are.

        • Ruby

          Well, I think its all of them if that makes you feel any better.

          • eleanorrubymoon

            Nothing you say, Ruby, makes anyone feel better. Well, just the people who thought they were retarded. They feel better.

          • Cindi T

            “retarded”? You’re showing your fat azz, troll.

      • eleanorrubymoon

        Because you cannot be informed if you read only stuff you like, Nora. Informed and curious minds read all kinds of opinions and articles. I just don’t read authors I agree with. If that were the case, I would be ignorant and homogenous in all my thinking. I believe Hillary is a sexist, racist, homophobic, Islamaphobic, xenophobic POS but I still want to read about what she does. Because your mind can only handle what it likes and believes in, does not mean expansive, curious, intelligent minds must work the way yours does.

    • gsdperson

      Not all DT followers. Most. And while you are quick to point out Clinton and DNC problems that had been magnified by the GOP and media, you will continue to ignore the many alarming characteristics of your own candidate, party, and electorate. Not surprising. I’ve noticed you all do love to hate, and share your hatred, even if spawned by lies, and false information. As Nora asked, crawl back into the forest, gutter or where ever you crawled out from. And while you are, please pray that your fool doesn’t get us all wiped out in the too many years to come.

      • BC

        No. TIME named Trump their person of the year. The difference between that and The Guardian picking Hillary is that TIME didn’t hesitate to point out what they saw as Trump’s flaws. Can’t you see the difference.

    • Cindi T

      Troll…wow, don’t you little creeps have anything better to do? Here you are, trolling good opinion pieces from a reputable & stellar news source. Go back to Breitbart where you belong with all the other fat, disgusting dumpie-trumpies. Sad, how you and the other creeps get your jollies by being disgusting, smelly and nasty. I guess, even with others of your ilk, its lonely out there. Pity.

      • BC

        No. Not everyone who disagrees with you is a “troll”.

        And secondly, no, I do not agree with your suggestion that I go sit in an ideological bubble while you sit in yours. You say the Guardian is very articulate etc etc but then suggest I don’t read it. No. I will continue to read widely, including The Guardian. As well as a wide range of other sources from TIME, BBC, CNN, The Economist, WSJ, CBC, The Australian, The Sydney Morning Herald, ABC, SBS, LA Times, NYT, WaPo, the New York Post, The Washington Times, France24, Al Jazeera, Euronews, Deutschewelle. And yes Breitbart, Express. The Telegraph and Fox News as well. But also The Local, Montreal Gazette, Balkan Insight. Kathirmerini, Daily Sabai, RT, Xinua, USA Today, Ukraine Today, the Belarus Digest, Le Monde and Figaro (where my French friends send me English translations), Romania Insider, Radio Poland, RFE/RL, Macleans, HuffPo, among many others.

  • disgusted_union_member

    and this is why the media is not believed anymore. opinion pieces put out as news.

    • James Roessner

      Yea I think this could be considered a well written news article if it wasn’t so visibly one sided. It’s such a shame this clearly talented author chose to write an opinionated personal piece vs something informational and educational.

      • eleanorrubymoon

        This is hardly a news article. It is a biased, non-factual, piece of writing that provides absolutely no back up of any of its claims. There is not one substantiation of any claim made in this fawning piece. It is embarrassing in its overflowing of sycophancy.

  • Dakota5280

    When the fact-free, irrational phenomenon of Clinton Derangement Syndrome has passed, I think historians’ judgement of HRC will closely parallel your essay.
    In the meantime, we’ll have to figure out how to survive fake news, continuing Russian obstruction, an incompetent and destructive presidency and the rage of Trump voters as they gradually realize that they were duped.

  • Emma

    The media attention played a part in her demise. But not the negative media attention. The positive media attention too. Journalists writing opinion-piece articles as fact. The collusion. They don’t even try to hide their bias anymore. I have really lost trust in the media.

  • David Ajibola

    Shame on guardian newspaper, Hillary Clinton is not the first woman to give hope to the women of the world, America is not the world, many women have gone ahead of her to give hope to women of the world, women like Indira Gandhi of India, and I but you must have easily forgotten Margret Thatcher of United Kingdom and what about next door neighbour Ellen Johnson of Liberia. You these Liberal writers should just forget it, 62 million Americans which I thanked GOD to be one of them voted Donald J. Trump as our President, you can call him any name or call us the deplorables, hear this if I can live and survive under OBAMA you will live and survival under President Donald J. Trump. GOD bless us that voted for him and may GOD continue to bless the United State of America. Listen to your out gone President Obama and stop whining. Ajibola.

    • Larry M

      The Guardian is not claiming she is “the first woman to give hope to the women of the world.’ She is their “person of the year” for 2016, when she was arguably more active and influential than the illustrious Gandhi, Thatcher and Johnson.

      • Just Tea

        arguing with a troll is a waste of time but thanks for telling the truth we have to realize they did not spend their money in TV ads but paid bloggers.

  • irishnorm

    You’re kidding , right? Uncommon dignity? Was that a dignified remark aimed at “the deplorables”, the handling of the Benghazi incident, the response to the email fiasco? Ha!

    • gsdperson

      Haha! ROFL!!!!! Oh my! Too funny!! LOL!!!HAHAHAHAHA!! Seriously?????? This woman made one, one remark, spoken descriptively, of some of his followers…..whilst he blared and tweeted innumerable disgusting, always undignified, ignorant remarks, and you dare to criticize??? SMH. Continue to immerse yourself in ignorance.

  • Brightmeadows

    Hillary and Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation: the epitome of corruption.

    • Donna Vello

      That was fake news…the Clinton Foundation stands high on the list from Charity Watch, the charity watchdog that we all should check when making donations. yup..words were spoken that there was corruption, but just like the sky doesn’t turn purple because I say it’s purple, doesn’t make it true. Just like any other foundation or nonprofit, fundraisers are held and the wealthiest people are invited to raise money for a cause, whatever the cause is. It’s was a lie that became people’s truth…please research the incredible work that the Foundation does…and here is the link to Charity Watch.

    • Suzanne Lummis

      That is flat out false. Flat. Out. And you will not find any credible, reliable source to back up your claim. (You Will find some right-wing think-tank, Breitbart style propaganda, but no credible source.) There are things to be said about the failure of the Clinton Foundation in Haiti — the failure of nearly every organization from around the world that charged to help in Haiti without proper understanding of the problems and the landscape, but there was no graft, no corruption on the part of the Clinton foundation. And those knowledgeable people who were in Haiti, before and during and after the quake, know this. Don’t ever, ever repeat lies. It’s wrong. It’s immoral. And it’s destructive.

  • tedpeters

    Of course,,, a living breathing Lady Macbeth!

    • Just Tea

      sounds like you don’t know much about the lady at all.

      • alice awesome

        We know everything about her scandals. You are just paid to lie. Sad!

        • Ruby

          Of course do. I bet you watch Faux News. You’ve been GOP’d.

  • Laurence Daley

    Perhaps this can be followed by a piece on the Duke Medina Sidonia and his conquest of Elizabethan England

  • Laurence Daley

    Perhaps the Lady Macbeth analogy is appropriate … My murders will never come back to threaten me until the forest
    (see below)

    ‘…Macbeth will never be defeated until Birnam Wood marches …’

    Hillary should have feared MacTrump….

  • Laurence Daley

    Sorry, I should have realized that this article is satire

    Please accept my most abject apologies

  • dmhill


  • Kirk McGuire

    So this “publication?”has really gone big for participation trophy! Lose big and you’re realllly special, HA HA HA LOSERS.

  • chartliner

    As Economist Martin Armstrong wrote, Hillary Clinton was the most corrupt person to ever dare run for the presidency. Mrs. Clinton and her husband have enriched themselves at the public trough for decades, bought and paid for by the wealthy and corrupt. Good riddance.

  • gerryq

    I thought nobody could top “She was Light”. But you did it!

  • Marianne Flanagan

    What a glowing tribute. Unfortunately it left out the reasons the rest of us didn’t see her through those rose colored glasses. Like raising pay to play to new heights while Sec. of State, or using a private email server that could have compromised national security. Let us not forget the three disastrous regime changes that destroyed three countries, and the fourth one she had her eye on. Let us not forget her fervor for fracking and the TPP, and the no fly zone she had set her sights on.She may have had the glittering resume for the job, but certainly not the judgement. Hardly attributes of a person of the year.

  • Jim. D.

    She LOST. Get over it, you lefty scum.

  • Gnome saying?

    Just pause for a moment to think how truly awful, I mean genuinely abominable, Hillary was to have lost against a man such as Trump.

  • Rosemary Sheridan

    Thank you, this is nice to read. As many of these comments show, the irrational hatred this woman has endured for decades, without losing her will to work positively, even for the people who irrationally hate her, still persists. But so does the admiration of those of us who see her clearly.

    • alice awesome

      You must like pizza, I take it? No other possible excuse for your $hilling unless you are still being paid by David Brock, the ex-lover of the #Pizzagate owner of Comet Ping-Pong. She has perverts surrounding her and you are known by the company you keep. This is who you admire? Sucks to be you.

      • Dizzyofmay

        Well, that’s another 50 cents for you.

        • alice awesome

          What?! I am not on the hoe stroll eating out your mama!

          • Jeani

            FLAGGED. You are disgusting!

          • eleanorrubymoon

            But I already told YOU, Jeani, that YOU are reprehensible. So where do you get off flagging another User who recognizes the same in you? LOLOL

          • Ruby

            Soon you’ll start talking in third person.

          • eleanorrubymoon

            What an absurd and irrelevant thing to say.

          • Cindi T

            Good, Jeani – I have flagged the disgusting troll, too 🙂

    • Rosemary Sheridan

      You’re not a woman, you’re not a legitimate human being. You’re a troll. Shhhh, you silly troll.

      • eleanorrubymoon

        This, I love. I want to frame it. I would if you meant anything to me.


        • Ruby

          She talks beautifully about you. I see why you would frame it.

          • eleanorrubymoon

            Ruby. Right, read it again. And again. Read it as many times as you need before you understand my comment. And before you condescendingly make a fool of yourself again. Although, really, your comment is highly amusing. She, Rosemary Sheridan, is so accurate, while you, Ruby, are making comments based on hatred and a rich desire to further divide the country.

          • Cindi T

            You’re the fool, troll. Get back under the bridge and into the slime, from whence you came.

          • eleanorrubymoon


          • eleanorrubymoon

            None so blind as those who will not see.

      • eleanorrubymoon

        No-one noticed but old Rosemary Sheridan just told herself that she’s not a “legitimate human being”, that she’s a “troll” and then a “silly troll”. It’s hilarious but what’s even more hilarious is that none of you are sharp enough to have noticed. You’re all so busy spitting bile all around the place you can’t even notice when Rosemary Sheridan goes Level 1 ballistic at herself. HAHAHAHAHA

        • Rosemary Sheridan

          No one noticed because you deleted comments to make it look like I was talking to myself. You’re a troll. And a liar. And a very sad person. Please stop, for your own good. Behaving like you do isn’t healthy.

    • Craig Peter the Deplorablest

      Nothing irrational about it. She’s a lying, corrupt, hateful harridan, and she deserves nothing less than all the contempt decent people can muster. This article was eight paragraphs of unmitigated tripe and unwarranted praise, and didn’t list a single accomplishment. Why? Because she doesn’t have any. But yes, she’s soooooo qualified.

  • Split

    I would suggest to the gender warriors that if they are so obsessed with a first woman US president, they choose someone who doesn’t try to ride on the coattails of her husband. Given all the money she had, the media support and the demographical tailwinds, she had to be a really, really bad candidate to lose to a Trump. Regrettably her political skills were not proportionate to her blind ambition. At least she’ll have more time now to study for the DC bar exam she flunked.

  • gsdperson

    Kudos! Throughout all the nasty battle, she handled herself with aplomb, continuing to best him in debates and knowledge. I am proud to have voted for her, and worked for her. And i will continue to hope this country survives this misbegotten presidency.

    • alice awesome

      Yup, I thought so–a $hillary operative. You people have destroyed the Democratic Party and cheated Bernie (and those who supported him) of the nomination. Eff u.

      • gsdperson

        Wow. So perceptive. As to Bernie and his diehard fans- I have no words. Bernie is great, but inexperience of his naive supporters were his downfall.

    • Hugo Fitch

      You’ll be campaigning for Trump in four years if you can get over your cognitive dissonance by then.

      • gsdperson

        Doubtful. The man-boy has a second grade vocabulary and absolutely no attention span. And his mental health is a whole other issue. I always said we should just give him a crown and let him pretend to rule. Just keep all electronic communication devices away from him.

        • James Roessner

          He actually doesn’t like electronic devices too much besides twitter. He understands how easy hacking is on the internet and how vulnerable it would make him. He’s a smart man who learned from past failures, like Hilary’s email fiasco. Isn’t that all a president is? Someone who has this title or “crown” with no real overruling power because of our checks and balances we have in place.

        • Igor Levitsky

          Hahaha, you’re really funny! Your idol’s clueless campaign was run by genius whose email access password was actually the word “password” and even this was given away in the lame phishing attempt LMAO Trump is much, much smarter person who either don’t hire such incompetent people or gets rid of them fast and plays the media like a fiddle

  • Ramsay

    Yes…there are thousands of writers out there = who spent weeks and months writing what they hoped would be their “pulitzer”. The type-setters had everything in place for the Nov. 9th issue…The talking heads on all the live election result shows had fantastic words of prose and poetry in their pockets…and anxiously waited for their cue to break them out and steal the show.

    But the cue never came…all those perfected phrases about shattering the glass ceiling never saw the light of day…the cleverly worded history and priase for the Clinton family had to be scrapped…and the type-setters had to scrape all those letters back into the bucket…

    Well…some of those writers feel their efforts should not go to waste…and have edited their original pieces so that at least some of their “poetry” gets out…This writer simply replaced the winning part and the breaking of the glass ceiling portions of his Clinton drool = with Trump-bashing…and left the rest of the Clinton-gushing in place.
    Easy money = yep…Pulitzer = no such thing anymore…

    But at least Hillary now has her participation trophy = person of the year = from Nigeria = the birthplace of phishing emails… Mwahaha

  • blc49

    Thank you Guardian for this tribute to the woman who got 3 million more votes and should be president.

    • alice awesome

      LOL!!! You should get your meds adjusted!!! $hillary CHEATED in the primaries! She HAD no right to be there and she cost the democrats the Presidency because Bernie would have won! So eff enablers of cheaters like you. She lost and she lost BIG LEAGUE. She had next to no one at most of her rallies and mailed it in like the lazy hack she is. Thank GOD that warmonger is not President! 😀 She didn’t even have the guts to meet with her supporters after her loss because she was stinking drunk AND a coward.

      • Dizzyofmay

        Do you know how to do anything besides belch?

        • alice awesome

          I know how to blow your daddy.

          • abbyness

            Ooooohhh, witty. Among single-celled organisms, you’re the laureate.

          • Jeani

            Deplorable, classless, Trump supporter with no morals or brains.

          • eleanorrubymoon

            Jeani: for the umpteenth time, YOU CAN DISLIKE HILLARY ENORMOUSLY AND STILL NOT LIKE OR SUPPORT TRUMP. It’s a reflection of your limited intelligence that you cannot see this. You appear to be the deplorable, classless, inflexible twit with no morals or brains. Self-awareness is everything. EVERYTHING.

          • eleanorrubymoon

            She’s not a Trump supporter. She’s a Bernie supporter. There seems to be a thing where if you don’t support Hillary then you must support Trump. This is a fallacy. I don’t support either.

          • Davis Foulger

            And that seems to be the extent of your knowledge of the real world. At least it’s hard to get pregnant that way.

          • Michelle Cory

            what kind of pig woman are you

          • eleanorrubymoon

            Ah, another Hillary supporter who also has no deep thinking abilities, no discernment, no integrity, no honesty, and certainly no niceness about her. “WHAT KIND OF PIG WOMAN ARE YOU”. Hillary would be so proud of you. You represent the typical Hillary supporter. An empty headed, rude, ignorant, blindly stupid, woman.

          • Ruby

            When people insult others, they are usually talking about themselves.

          • eleanorrubymoon

            That may be your experience. Not mine.

          • Jakie

            No, Alice! You are wrong and you are not awesome, after all! The truth is that your flawed experience, fake story and devilish manifestation here is distastefully harmful to humanity. Your support for bigotry, racism, incompetence and ignorance only shows the low stuff you are made of. Stop basking in foolish fantasy!

          • eleanorrubymoon

            Jakie: I assume you are not speaking to me. Sure it’s a mistake.

          • Jakie

            Eleanor: My comments were directed at Alice.

          • CalvinballPro

            It’s hilarious how you mistakenly thought that was a winning zinger. SMH

      • Janice Wolfe

        Get off this page… go play on Trumps page where bigotry and hate envelop people like you to do their bidding.

        • eleanorrubymoon

          Oh Janice WOLFE. Such a small mind that can only see that if one does not support Hillary then one must support Trump. If you had another brain, it would be lonely.

          • Cindi T

            Troll much, slob? You’re a troll when you come onto a post supporting Hillary just looking for a fight. You’re disgusting.

          • Rocketanski

            Yeah, because lefties NEVER troll DT looking for a fight.

            (Wear it, b*tch, wear it.)

      • Maggie Lally

        Keep reading Trumps tweets darlin’ as you head into your own train wreck of a future. Try to learn how to distinguish fact from fiction, first, then move forward.

      • paul Marc

        Alice, you got it all wrong darling.

      • JC Parodi

        If anyone should get her Meds adjusted, it should be ms. Wonderful, I mean awesome.

      • Suzanne Lummis

        I wonder what you’ve got left after spewing out every last lie in your system. No Part of what you’ve said has any validity. That’s a really demented rant — indistinguishable from the maniacal ravings of the hardcore, obsessed Trump followers.

      • Carlyle Rogers

        Sickening comment but no surprise by a Berniac member of the alt-left. Yes she cheated so much that she won by 3 million votes…

      • Cindi T

        alice (not awesome): if anyone stinks, it is you, lowlife. You’re a liar, just like that bloviating, bloated pig you voted for. You are a mess.

      • King Beauregard

        Yeah, the slow kid always screams “YOU CHEATED!!!” every time he or she loses.

        Your complaint ultimately is that a lot of people could see through Bernie and his snake oil pitch. I wish you and yours would be honest about it for once: the only people you think had any business voting were the people who preferred Bernie. Which would coincidentally disqualify most blacks and Hispanics, but again, why let a little thing like basic human rights get in the way of progressive values?

        Hey alice awesome, are you going to start issuing death threats against me and my relatives now, like Bernie supporters did after Nevada? Good god you and yours are the worst human beings in America; not even the Trump supporters were into death threats the way Bernie’s faithful were.

  • PatrioticPeter

    Yet, another war-mongering politician gets perceived as the only hope to unite the world. Also, she does not stand for what she said during this campaign trail. Clinton changes her tone to match what the audience wants. If we are looking at women, I would hand it to Germany’s Merkel or Mrs. Obama.

    There is a serious problem with a candidate – the potential first woman to be President – when she can’t beat Donald Trump.

    • Diabeartes


      • PatrioticPeter

        Then why isnt she the President? You should learn a little more about the electoral college because caps lock does not make your statement come true. She had more electors flee from her camp than Trump did from his, which is just another indication of her unpopularity among Americans.

        Stop making excuses. I dont like it either, but it is what it is.

        • Wild Blogger

          Why so defensive?

          • alice awesome

            Because we don’t like paid liars like you. Don’t you ever do anything helpful for others? Is everything about money to you?

      • alice awesome

        Only by busing in illegal aliens to vote many times over, rigging Diebold machines and allowing dead people to vote. She was all smoke and mirrors. She and Bill’s rallies looked more like funerals. Bernie and Trump had YUGE rallies. Eff off, shillbot.

  • Diabeartes

    The basket of deplorables will get what they deserve, and deserve what they get. The nincompoops, illiterate Deliverance-loving idiots who got taken in hook line and sinker by this conning, scamming, tax-evading, lying, misogynistic, insulting, lying, disgusting POS will realize their mistake when he starts a nuclear war with some country. And look at all the BILLIONAIRE friends he has nominated. The Dems will stop at nothing this time to prevent and block his disgraceful, pathetic POS. And his wife who lied on her visa application to work in the US should be the first one deported..oh wait, she posed nude so all the porno-loving perverted Repugnicans won’t do that while they m**turbate. Effin disgusting despicable deplorables.

  • Just Tea

    Do wish there was a better picture but thank you for the nomination. Be prepared for a lot of negative comments, the other side can not say one thing nice about Hillary, they attack her with a vengeance and totally disrespect those of us who love her or even like her.

    • eleanorrubymoon


    • Ruby

      They fear her.

      • James Roessner

        Yeah I think that’s why she didn’t win.

    • Suzanne Lummis

      Yes, why that picture? The photo’s confusing actually — it certainly confuses me. It doesn’t at all go with the article. It looks like the sort of shot that generally accompanies Pro-Trump alt-right type articles.

  • David Prentice

    Despite this absurd encomium, history will not be kind to Hillary Clinton. In her final act of comical ineptitude, she managed to flush $1.2 billion, the reputations of all mainstream media outlets, 99 per cent of political pundits – including the late, great Nate Silver – and herself, down the pan. Bravo!

  • RRuin

    Thank you Guardian for praising and honoring Hillary Clinton. I can feel nothing but shame that so many voted for her unfit adversary. And I can feel pride in voting for her and in the fact that more Americans chose her over a man whose name I will not repeat. Who will hold the highest office because of our archaic electoral system. And who will drag my country into the dirt.

  • Mammam1a

    At first glance I thought this item linked on my Facebook page was from the British publication with a similar name. I was surprised that it was such a puff piece, until I realized that it’s a Nigerian publication. Probably trying to increase its visibility among U.S. progressives.

    • alice awesome

      The funny thing that Nigeria is synonomous with SCAMMERS! LOL!!! 😀

    • Ruby

      Sorry hon. Democrats don’t click on fake news. Only repugs do.

      • Mammam1a

        What’s your point? No fake news here, just a gushing piece on Hillary Clinton from a Nigerian source.

  • alice awesome

    This is the biggest load of loose, steaming caca I ever read. Your paper is an utter joke to post this pack of lies.

  • Jeani

    She deserves this great honor, Hillary is awesome, and should be our President!!

  • Sandy

    Thank You For Giving It To The Truly Deserving Woman, Hillary Clinton, Instead of trump. Once Again Thank You For Your Honest.

  • Di Shi

    I voted for her, and thought I would wake up the next day to her victory. Thank you for this beautiful tribute to a woman that still inspires me and so many women.

  • JoAnn Leichliter

    This is satire, right?

  • NOMOBO ✓Deplorable Curmudgeon

    When did the Guardian become the Onion? Because this is certainly the funniest, most outrageous and fact free article I have read in a long time. Great satire!

  • Michelle Cory

    How are we supposed to live with hope unless we sit in our own little imaginary corner

  • Maggie Lally

    Thank you for recognizing what most Americans do about Hillary Clinton. Only in America can a person win a popular election by over 2% of the vote and be denied their rightful place. If the United States has lost some credibility worldwide, it is completely justified.

  • eleanorrubymoon

    Please describe in convincing detail, this work that HRC is supposed to have done. Please describe how, in Arkansas, when she was working at a law firm and her client was the Children’s Defense Fund, that was something extraordinary on her part. The Children’s Defense Fund was one of her clients, that is all. They were a client on her client roster and she represented them as she did all her other clients. LOL Their name happened to be The Children’s Defense Fund (or whatever it exactly was named) and she has convinced people that she did extraordinary work for women and children when all she did was represent them as a client, no more or less than she did any other client during her term at that law firm. So please describe in detail all this exceptional work HRC did, both then and throughout her career, WHICH WAS MORE THAN JUST THESE ORDINARY SPEECHES SHE MADE TO THE UN and all the other places she spoke. She spoke to FRIENDS OF SYRIA many times but she actually did buggar all to help them. So, if Hillary’s acolyte, Debo Adesina, can just get past her idolatry of Mrs Clinton for five minutes, perhaps she can convince us that her idol and muse is more than just a lying, cheating, self-interested, not so bright, loser. But not by being a sycophant.

    • eleanorrubymoon

      I see nobody can answer my question. All hot air and emotion and no actual facts. HIllary lovers know nothing about her, in fact. Nothing. It’s hilarious. You’re all head over heels about her and you know zip about her.

      I laugh in your general direction.

  • joe

    and this is why no one respects the guardian anymore. have fun living in your constantly dwindling echo chamber.

  • Suzanne Lummis

    Thank you Guardian, and writer of this piece, for the warm and full-hearted tribute to Hillary Clinton. Many of us were disappointed — in fact probably something over 52% of the electorate — that Trump took Person of the Year in Time, though I suppose this was inevitable. Good to see The Guardian honor not just material and worldly success but brains, quality and character. Hillary Clinton should be proud because she fought on the side of the right and the good. And, to be sure, we’re now well aware that there is “a certain rot in the heart of (U.S.) society”. A couple or more of the posters below demonstrate — quite explicitly — the nature of that rottenness.

  • u-r-vermin ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ

    disgusting – surely naming a murdering lying corrupt devil for POTY 2016 is CLICK BAIT

  • eleanorrubymoon

    That you allow the filth from some of these posters, such as Cindi T, whose mouth is a gutter of bile, and who has no respect for her fellow humans, means I will not be visiting your site again, but I will be making my feelings known about the integrity of your site. Cindi T is not normal but you should be. You probably should read all her posts. They are beneath the dignity of humans. And that you allow it, means you are no better.

  • Barbara Bell

    Thank you!

  • Steve Edigbe

    I called all this just a complete nonsense and outright disgusting write up that does not highlighted any achievement. Don’t forget, she robbed Bernie to get the nomination ticket. What a uselessness idea to praise a professional liar that cost American 4 good lives of dedicated citizen.

  • Oti Oteri

    Very interesting comments below. Just shows that this matter is truly still very sore to those who lost.

    The truth is the agenda of the left lost – Hilary represented that.
    It never ceases to amaze me though how the columnists writing for this paper are so fixated with that agenda.

    Makes you wonder if these people even expose themselves, let alone understand the positions of the other side

  • Nurt

    She is personally blame for the mess we are in. her arrogance and self entitlement no no bounds. She should never have run. Bernie would have taken us past the finish line. She was useless.

  • MadMagyar

    I just love the Guardian’s satire pieces.

  • Billy Mullins

    “uncommon dignity”????
    “campaign of ideas for the future”?????????

    I am forced to wonder if Mr/Ms Adesina watched the same campaign I did. Is that how it looked to you folks on the east side of the Atlantic? Really??? Because that is NOT AT ALL the way it looked from here, deep in the heart of Texas. But perhaps my perspective was distorted due to my being one of those “deplorables” Hildamort talked about. I watched as she mounted the most underhanded, unprincipled campaign I have watched since I was in the Colts For Goldwater in the 8th grade of what we colonials call “public school”. If “Landslide Lyndon” (Johnson) were alive he would have paid homage to a truly despicable campaign.

    Thanks to Mr Assange and the good folks at Wikileaks, we were privy to just how the Clinton Campaign sank in its – ultimately LOSING – campaign. Enough came out to unseat the chair of the Democrat National Committee. We learned how Hildabeast was given the questions of the debate (s?) beforehand. We saw all the double dealing; the paid disruptors of Trump rallys and so much more. We watched as Shrillary drew hundreds to rallys when Trump was drawing THOUSANDS and even TENS OF THOUSANDS. We watched the utterly partisan national media do everything in their power to villify and defeat Mr Trump. We watched poll after poll manipulated to make it look like Hildabeast was a shoe-in. We watched the President of the United States, in direct contravention of all precedent and decorum, involve himself in the race to elect his successor. We watched that same POTUS actually INVITE illegal aliens and non-citizens to vote in the election. Oh, and Hildamort’s popular margin was in the neighborhood of 2 million. When you take into consideration a conservative estimate of 4 million non-citizen votes and easily 3 million fraudulent votes – ALL for HRC – Trump likely had a popular vote margin of upwards of 5 million votes.

    Look. It’s your paper. You are entirely within your rights to name anyone you wish as “Person of the Year”. Heck! Eight years ago we were treated to the spectacle of the Nobel Commission awarding the Peace Prize to a man who, as yet, had done NOTHING! But make no mistake. If Ms Clinton had somehow, by hook or by crook, managed to win, the US would have been in a full-on civil war before the end of her first term. And remember, unlike you folks, we have retained the wherewithal to actually make a go of it. A mere 3% of the gun owners (a similar percentage to that which won our independence 240 odd years ago) would constitute over 3 to 1 odds versus the entire Department of Defense and a good 30 to 1 odds against the pointy end of the spear.

    I, for one, would like to know what Mr/Ms Adesina has been toking because it looks like primo s**t!

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